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One of the best portable batteries on the market All-glass pathway for superb vapour quality Fast heating time Easy to use. Not quite pocket friendly Not particularly discreet. Whilst older than the Arizer ArGo and Air 2, the Solo 2 is undoubtedly the pioneer in what makes these vaporizers so impressive. Hailed for its impressive battery life despite being a portable vape, the Solo 2’s ease of use makes it a great choice for beginners – yet also ideal for seasoned vaping enthusiasts due to its supreme vapour quality and excellent features. Sleek in design and built to last, the Arizer Solo 2 is almost certain to stand the test of time for many years after purchase.

Whether you’re totally inexperienced or a vaping pro, the Solo 2’s simple operation will make an asset to virtually any session. After all, who wants to be messing around with complex control panels and instructions? Simply select your chosen glass mouthpiece, place the bottom end into your herbs of choice, then secure into the device’s herb chamber. Simple and hassle-free, the loading process of the Arizer Solo 2 is considered one of the easiest out there. Complete with minimalistic buttons for switching on & off as well as altering temperature in 10 or 1 degree increments dependent on preference, there’s no confusing panels or multiple buttons to navigate here. A stand-out feature for all of Arizer’s vapes, the Solo 2 features top-quality borosilicate glass mouthpieces.

Fully resistant to heat and crafted to keep your vapour cool and crisp at all times, the use of glass in the Solo 2’s design ensures flavourful, great-tasting vapour regardless of technique or experience. Better still, its hybrid heating system guarantees maximum extraction and thorough heating of your herbs. Resulting in smooth vapour clouds with every draw, excellent taste is something you’re sure to experience with this vape – especially at lower temperatures. Draw resistance is also pretty dependent on the actual packing technique of your herbs. If finely ground and packed loosely you’ll likely experience very little draw resistance – perfect for those who haven’t quite perfected their technique yet. Perhaps one of the most renowned selling points of the Arizer Solo 2 is its hugely impressive battery life. Able to withstand a huge 3 hours of continuous vaping from a single charge, this vaporizer is perfect for being taken away from home and used when out and about. Allowing you to enjoy multiple sessions without being restricted by charging times or switching-out batteries, the Solo 2 is a must-have for those who value battery longevity as a top priority. And if that wasn’t enough, the Solo 2 features innovative pass-through technology. So, if you’re not fully prepared and find your battery unexpectedly runs out mid-way through a session, you can still continue to use this vape during the 90 minute charging process! Offering far more longevity than the Air 2, the Solo 2 provides one of the best battery lives across the market of portable vaporizers. Whilst undoubtedly considered a portable vape due to its reliance on batteries for power, the Arizer Solo 2 isn’t the smallest option out there. Unlikely to fit comfortably in a regular-sized pocket, this vape isn’t particularly discreet either due to its long glass mouthpieces. However, provided you’re happy to carry your Solo 2 in a purse or bag, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. When held in your hand ready to be used, the Solo 2 feels incredibly sturdy and reliable – no cheap manufacturing here! And whilst its design may not be the most exciting option out there, the easy usability and solid feel of the device as a whole certainly makes up for it. A distinctive powerhouse in the world of portable vaping, the Arizer Solo 2 is the perfect choice if you’re looking for top-quality vapour and long-lasting battery life. Simple to use and featuring one of the easiest filling processes in the business, the Solo 2 is ideal for at-home use or to be used on-the-go due to its portable nature. Whilst not particularly discreet and needing to be approached with at least some degree of caution when out in public, the superb vapour quality and powerful battery more than makes up for it. The Solo 2 is a portable hybrid vaporizer made by Arizer vaporizers. This is the third portable vaporizer made by Arizer with the first being the OG Solo and the second being the Air. They also have the Air 2 and the Extreme-Q desktop vaporizer. The Solo models are not necessarily known for ultimate portability but rather very impressive battery life and great vapor quality. I’ve been averaging close to three hours of battery life on a full charge with the Solo 2 which is absolutely insane! That’s literally 15-20 sessions without needing to charge the battery.

It heats up in less than 20 seconds, comes with an on vape digital display and offers a full temp spectrum. The only downsides are the overall size and weight of the unit.

It is pocketable but I’m not a big fan of carrying around a glass stem with me on the go especially if I’m out mountain biking or skiing.


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