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Vape Pen Battery Charger

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Our universal 510 threaded vape pen charger will work with virtually any pen-style vape battery, including oil cartridge batteries.

Simply screw the charger into the top of your battery and plug it into any standard USB port such as your computer or wall adapter.

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510 Thread Vape Pen Battery Charger

Our universal vape pen battery charger is designed to fit any vape pen, commonly known as universal 510 threading.

Charging is necessary for all vape pen batteries, and the Universal Vape Pen charger is what you need to keep your vape pen going. This charger will help you charge almost any 510-threaded oil vape battery.

You can stock up on chargers to have charging abilities in multiple locations, or share one with a friend. Ultimately, these vape pen battery chargers can always come in handy.

Universal charger to charge almost any 510-threaded oil vape battery, including: Jupiter L6, CCell M3 & M3b Pro, Elm and Owl, Yocan, and Linx products.