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This indica strain produces dense buds with very strong “couchlock” effects. Plants tend to grow short with a very fast flowering time of about 8-9 weeks. It has a typical Indica growth pattern and this strain responds very well to training to increase yields! We just bent it over in the vegetative stage and it did everything else itself. This plant was a breeze to grow, and had seemingly had no problem even after several mistakes were made.

The only real training we did was bending this plant over in the vegetative stage to help keep it flat like a table. The plant stayed short and was only 1.5 feet tall at harvest. Despite the quick flowering time it produced 5.3 ounces all by itself! Pineapple Chunk (by Barneys Farm) A lot of the time when someone says a strain smells like a fruit, they mean that you’ll get small hints of that smell in the undertones. With Pineapple Chunk the buds actually smell sweet, and some really do smell quite a bit like pineapple! Although not the highest yielding, this strain produces buds that always get a surprising number of positive comments about the taste and smell, and the bud effects are very smooth. You will be able to start smelling the pineapple when the plant is still in the flowering stage, but the smell is most pronounced after the buds have been dried and cured. Hybrid (good mix of both indica and sativa traits) Blue Cheese (by Big Buddha Seeds) – Smells fruity, sweet and spicy, with hints of the powerful “cheese” smell. Incredibly strong smell in flowering may be overwhelming.

Powerful and stoney effect has been described as euphoric. Note by Nebula: This strain is forgiving (easy) to grow indoors and produces incredible yields. Naturally mold-resistant (which is partly why this strain is popular in humid climates like the UK). It is not as good outdoors because the powerful smell gives it away. Most plants grow short and stocky with lots of side branching, though certain plants tend to grow a bit taller. Here’s another example of a different Blue Cheese plant. It doesn’t smell exactly like blueberry or cheese, but the smell definitely has strong undertones of both! To me it’s the epitome of what people think of as a strong “cannabis” smell. Note by Nebula: This strain is easy to grow, very high yielding and produces dense and potent buds – we harvested 12.57 oz from just one Wonder Woman plant last time we grew this strain! Here’s a Wonder Woman cola from that grow – every single bud grew dense and chunky! Smells lemony, and certain plants will end up smelling just like a Lemonhead with a mix of citrus, sour and sweet. The potency is surprisingly strong, energetic and creative, perfect for daytime use. Doesn’t usually cause ‘couchlock’ so many people like this strain for daytime use. Here is an example of a room full of Super Lemon Haze plants. Liberty Haze (by Barneys Farm) – Liberty Haze is a potency juggernaut, and the only thing as strong as its potency is the diesel smell it produces. Note from Sirius – This strain is seriously a powerhouse in terms of both potency and smell. The smell is so strong that you probably shouldn’t open a jar of it with other people in your house. They are definitely going to notice when it smells like an 18 wheeler is filling up on gas in your home! Auto-flowering strains can be easier to grow in some ways, and both of these auto-flowering strains take less than 3 months from seed to you actually smoking bud! Auto Critical Jack (by Dinafem) – This autoflowering strain smells sweet and fruity, perhaps almost tropical. Sometimes buds will smell more like lemon or citrus. It is also very potent for an auto-flowering strain. Blue AutoMazar (by Dutch Passion) – A cross between two autoflowering strains from breeder Dutch Passion, this strain is as much about taste and smell as it is about potency. If you have ever wondered if it was possible to improve on the smell of your cannabis, then you are not alone.

There is an entire sector of the cannabis industry that is dedicated to just that. Whether you are seeking a way to scent the smoke after it’s been inhaled artificially or prefer to boost this characteristic while either growing marijuana, or just before you smoke it, we’ve got you covered. Here you will find three ways to enhance the smell of your cannabis at any stage of its life. How to strengthen the smell of the buds when you are growing marijuana. If you are seeking methods or ideas that might help you to improve on the scent of your cannabis plants while they are still being developed, then this section is perfect for you. Begin with a marijuana strain that produces a strong smell naturally. This is the easiest way to grow strong smelling plants that are already known for their ability to provide a scent that you might enjoy. There are hundreds of different types of supplements and nutrients on the market that is made specifically to improve the smell of cannabis plants artificially, but many of them remain unproven to make much of a difference.

What you need instead is the best base ingredients possible for a living soil as well as other living nutrients and supplements that will help the plant to thrive naturally. Since marijuana will produce higher amounts of terpenes as well as cannabinoids when the plants are fed well, this way is much safer than filling it with unknown products that may or may not work and could potentially cause adverse effects once ingested.


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