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Before long, his cock began standing proudly up, ready for round two. I asked him, and slopped another little kiss onto his mouth. He just nodded, and stood up again – dragging me from the bed to kneel at his feet again.

This time there were no formalities, he just stepped forward and plunged his full length into my mouth. He began humping hard against me immediately, his thighs flexing, forcing the tip of his cock into the very deepest back of my throat with every thrust. He was fucking my mouth like a pussy, his balls slapping hard against my chin and a sheen of sweat appeared on his skin as he pounded hard against me. His breathing again to become deeper, almost gasping. That was all it took, I felt those balls retract and his hips bucked hard against my face as I milked his balls for a second time. His cock spewed a string of salty sperm across my tongue, and down into my throat. This was followed by several globs of thicker, hotter cum – each one was its own spermy eruption exploding in my mouth as he took me for his pleasure. This time, his ejaculation was maybe slightly less intense, but equally satisfying for him. I sucked him off many times after, in many different locations. Once in the park hidden from view by some bushes on a crisp winters evening.

The cold air making a huge contrast from the hot sperm that sloshed into my mouth and dripped down my chin. Another time in the fitting room at our local department store, while people went about their business just outside the door! 18 Crazy Blow Job Horror Stories From Twentysomething Women. Blow jobs can go one of two ways: They either make you feel like a Powerful Sex Goddess or they, well, suck (heh). asked 18 twentysomething women about their craziest blow job horror stories, and here are their totally shocking answers. "Okay, so one time I was hooking up with one of my friends from college after a frat party and he asked me to give him a BJ. I usually don't mind giving them, so like what the hell right? My one condition was that he just had to let me know when he was about to come. Long story short, yes he did tell me when he was about to come. "I was giving my ex-boyfriend head when his mom walked in to drop off laundry . Needless to say, it was an awkward evening." —Annie, 21. Everything was normal till he asked me to bite down on his dick. He then pushes on my head till I start to draw blood , at that point he is bleeding and I kick him out of my car. This is how I got blood on my back car seats that the professional car detailer could not get out. "Before I gave my first BJ ever I read some weird tip that guys love it if you pull out a single strand of your hair and wrap it around his dick below your mouth while you go down on him. So I was going down on a guy at a party and I wrapped a strand of hair around his boner — he jumped back and was like, 'WHAT was THAT?!' I was like, 'No idea,' and kept going. Turns out, guys do not love this tip." —Jessica, 27. "I'd been with my boyfriend for a few years, and in an effort to spice things up on New Year's I took a sip of champagne and held it in my mouth when I went down on him. He screamed, I spit the champagne out, and he got pretty flaccid after that. We laughed about it, but he said it felt like piranhas on his dick. Then when he finished and I swallowed, he told me that was amazing and I was really good at giving oral. I didn't know what to say so I just shot him the finger guns. "The other night, I literally 'bruised my esophagus' (thanks Kanye) during a blow job, and I've been unable to speak for 3 days now. "When my boyfriend and I started dating, I had never given a blow job before. Unintentionally, my eyes would start watering during them because it felt so weird.

"I was kneeling in front of my boyfriend going to town. He 'forgot' to tell me he was going to come, then ended up thrusting his pelvis so hard at me that his penis sprung out of my mouth right as he was finishing, shooting his come all over the floor and the walls. There was even a small splatter in my laundry basket that I didn't find until the next day." —Laura, 24. "When I gave a guy a blow job for the first time, he took his pants off and pushed my head down, which guys should NEVER do, and his junk smelled SO BAD. "Once I was giving a guy a blow job then I realized he and his 'little guy' fell asleep.

" Puked on the dick, sucked it all back up and finished the job." —Sami, 21. "One time I was giving a blow job and the guy kept assuring me he was close so I kept going, even though it was taking forever and I was getting really tired. Finally I got fed up and checked the time, and it turned out I had been at it for 3 hours.


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