carb cap dabber

Carb cap dabber

A dabber is indispensable if you want to smoke and make dabs or concentrates. When making, you can use the dabber to get the sticky stuff off the paper and put it in your storage container. Furthermore, you can also use the heat-resistant dabber to pick up dabs for putting in your dab bong/oil rig. It’s awkward to do this with your hands. Dabs will stick to your hands and result in you losing a lot. Moreover, the nails or banger are red-hot. Work safely with this Black Leaf Dabber.

Carb Cap Dabber

With this glass Carb Cap Dabber from the ‘Oil’ series from Black Leaf you can handle your concentrates more efficiently when smoking via a dab bong or oil rig. You use it by putting the hat (carb cap) on a dabbing nail or banger during smoking. After you have heated the banger or nail, you fill it with wax, shatter, rosin or another concentrate. Then take the dabber including carb cap and put it on the open end on top of the nail or banger.In this way, you stop the supply of air to your nail or banger. The result: the dabs which burns while you are not inhaling from the bong is retained. No valuable vapour is lost. By moving the carb cap back and forth while smoking you improve the ratio of air to smoke and the temperature of the smoke stays lower. That means you get the most out of what’s there! The carb cap has a diameter of 2.1 cm and can be used on almost any domeless dabbing nail or banger.

If you smoke without a carb cap, it has two disadvantages:

  • If you inhale via a banger or dabbing nail, the air stream is, as it were, untouched and the smoke which you breathe in consists for a large part of fresh air. Due to the high temperatures, the fresh air can make for a burnt taste. Using the carb cap, with its hole, the air supply is restricted. Your smoke contains less fresh air, making the smoke which you ultimately inhale cooler and fuller tasting. The ratio of smoke to fresh air is better. This makes it more pleasant for your throat and tastier for you.
  • When you smoke dabs via a dab bong or oil rig, you can’t smoke the quantity of dabs which you put in a nail or banger in one go. In the time you don’t inhale, a bit of the concentrate burns from your nail or banger and the vapour from that flies off. By placing the carb cap, the vapour simply cannot go anywhere. It all ends up in your lungs.

Specifications for Black Leaf’s glass Carb Cap Dabber:

  • Dabber including Carb Cap
  • Made from borosilicate glass (extremely heat-resistant)
  • Format: 10 cm
  • Dabber for working safely and professionally with dabs/concentrates
  • Carb Cap for smoking dabs/concentrates more efficiently
  • Diameter of Carb Cap: 2.1 cm
  • For use with almost all domeless dabbing nails and bangers
  • Ensures cool, smooth and tasty smoke

About Black Leaf

Black Leaf has been designing and producing smoking wares such as bongs, grinders, vaporizers and much more for over 20 years. The German company works closely with production partners around the world and is continuously designing new products to keep up with market trends in its own design bureau. In addition to its many innovations, Black Leaf’s variety of products in each segment makes it a unique brand for smoking wares. And all from its own production. Guaranteed quality, direct from the manufacturer.

Glass Dabber incl. Carb Cap from ‘Oil’ Black Leaf. Work professionally with dabs and smoke more efficiently thanks to the Carb Cap. Don’t lose valuable smoke any more!

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From art-themed custom worked boro glass dabbers, to highly functional titanium Flat Head, Ball Point, and Scoop options, The Dab Lab is sure to have the perfect dabber & carb cap combination for you. For more information check out or blog that explains which dabbers work best with the different types of dabs .

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