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If a dime falls into your joint then you have an 18mm joint. This is the quickest and easiest way to measure your bong joint size. For almost all bongs and dab rigs you only need to worry about two sizes: 14mm and 18mm.

The image below shows you what your joint or bowl will look like compared to a dime. As you can see below the dime falls into the 18mm joint and sits on top of the 14mm joint. Using a dime is the easiest way to measure your bong joint and determine what size your bong joint is. The image above also helps you determine the bowl size using a dime. A 14mm male bowl piece is about 3/4 of the size of a dime whereas an 18mm male bowl piece is almost the entire size of a dime. To summarize: whatever gender joint you have, it will use the opposite gender and same sizes for its parts, bowls and accessories. If you make a mistake when buying a bong part you can always buy an adapter to make it work. Adapters are small glass pieces that can change the joint size and gender of your bong or dab rigs.

Although, we know after you finish reading this bong joint size guide you will never make that mistake! As we dive into November, straight into the winter months, you might be wondering if it’s time to switch up your favorite smoking method. Maybe you’re just looking for something smoother or perhaps the rain has already given you a hard time when you’ve tried to light up a joint in the cold weather. Sometimes even huddling under a tree isn’t enough when you’re trying to get that spark. That surely doesn’t mean to give up on seeing Mary Jane, it just means it’s time to switch it up with a bong in your size. When it comes to smoking weed, most of the times it’s not a one-size fits all. Beginners might be better off sticking with pipes and joints before deciding to buy a bong, but hey, sometimes you just have to go for it. And if you’ve already been thinking about buying a bong you probably already have a list of questions by your side, most of them revolving around, “what bong should I buy?” In this post we’ll go over different bong sizes and everything you need to know before sparking up indoors with your own bong, including what bong you should buy as a beginner stoner, intermediate toker, or advanced cannaseur. So, if you want something larger that packs a bigger punch or want a smaller bong for controlled hits keep on reading because this guide is for you. If you’re caught up with the previous bong posts keep on reading. If not first check out The Best Bongs and Water Pipes of 2019: Buyer’s Guide. Here’s a quick list of benefits for smoking with a bong: 1. There’s a reason your bong uses water and that’s to filter and cool your smoke. Bongs reduce the number of carcinogens you inhale and help provide smooth hits for less irritation. You’ll love the cooling sensation that enters your throat and lungs! Regardless of the size, smoking out of a bong will give you heavier and more intense hits. But if you want bigger hits, then a bigger bong is for you. Unlike joints and blunts, with bongs all you need is some water and some bud to keep on ripping. Whether you’re at the beach or staying in, the hits will keep on keeping on! For a more detailed look into why you need a bong, check out Why It’s Time to Invest in a Bong! If you’ve just started smoking and don’t have the tolerance for monster-sized hits, you’re going to want to buy a bong on the smaller size. Now don’t worry you won’t be losing any of the bong benefits because many still come with percolators and other cool add-ons. Here’s a great 6” hourglass shower head mini bong for smooth and cool hits that are always the perfect size. And being a bong under $50 not only saves your more money in your pocket, but also delivers the perfect sized hits you’ll love every session! Welcome all those tokers who have been puffing for a while! You probably already have a bong but are looking to upgrade to a newer bong.

First bong you’ll want to check out is this 8” Beaker bong with thick borosilicate glass and an ice catcher for extra cooled hits. Honestly, the ice catcher will completely change you smoking experience but the beaker shape also allows for a decent sized hit for the tokers looking to get a mouth full. This glass masterpiece is also a bong under $50 so you don’t have to break the bank! Next is a bong that stands 8” tall but sure as hell packs a bunch because of its wide base design. Here’s a perfect example of “bigger bong, bigger hit” but in this case the wide base is what packs the punch. We’re also including the Grav Medium Straight Tube Bong because it has medium in it’s name.

Although, this sized bong (12”) can definitely be considered as a large-sized bong.


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