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Our silicone mold creates an all ice chamber that cools smoke to an astonishing -3 degrees Celsius. FUNCTIONAL: Designed by computer hardware engineers, Eyce 2.0 is much more than a novelty, it is a functional revolution. LEGIT: Eyce combines the benefits of glass, silicone, and plastic, to invent an original way to smoke.

Our technology has been available to consumers for over 4 years. Heavy Duty Platinum-Cured Silicone Mold Core Pin Stand with built in finger grip Mouth Piece Air Tight Grommet Diffused Down Stem Silicone Plug Detailed 6 Page User Manual Compatible with any 9mm or 10mm slide (slide not included) Reviews Shipping Returns and Warranty. EYCE features rapid order processing with same day shipping for orders placed Monday – Friday before 2:30pm EST ( 1:00pm for orders shipping to Canada). All packages are discrete, unmarked, and delivered from Eyce LLC fulfillment centers. We ship using FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post carriers. You will be prompted at check out to choose the carrier and service that best suits your shipping needs. International shipping varies depending on location.

Want to know the easiest way to roll perfect joints time after time? Here is our easy to follow guide on how to roll a good joint. There are many marijuana products on the market these days – including edibles , tinctures , topicals , and vapable oils – but the most popular way to use cannabis remains smoking the dried flowers. When you inhale your marijuana, like when smoking a joint, the active compounds within the plant are absorbed very quickly through the lungs to provide near instant effects. Many consumers prefer to do this by rolling their own cannabis cigarettes, known as joints. With this comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to roll a joint and a just little practice, you can roll perfect joints every time. While all you ever really need to roll a joint is a few buds of marijuana and a rolling paper, with a few extra supplies, you can craft top-notch joints for a more pleasurable smoking experience. Dried Cannabis Flower : This will be the material used in your joint. Grinder : While optional, a grinder will ensure a more even burn for your joint and will make the joint easier to roll. Joint Paper : Available in a number of sizes and materials like hemp and unbleached paper. Card Stock : Used to create the “crutch” or mouthpiece for your joint. Pen : Or a similarly shaped object to help you pack the joint. Here is the simple six-step process for the easiest way how to roll a joint: Break up your marijuana flower with a grinder or by using your fingers. Make a crutch (filter or tip) for your joint from a piece of thin card stock paper. Place your freshly ground marijuana flower in the joint paper. Light the tip of your joint, turning it over in the flame. If you’re a complete beginner to smoking a joint and are looking for a bit more guidance, keep reading for a more detailed explanation of each step for how to roll a joint. Keep in mind that learning how to roll a great joint can be frustrating and is likely to take a bit of practice to hone your craft. Follow this easy six-step guide, and you’ll be properly rolling joints in no time. First, you will want to break up your dried cannabis flower. This can be done with your fingers, with scissors, or with a grinder. Using a grinder more evenly breaks up your marijuana, which will help your joint burn more evenly and consistently. For many cannabis consumers who smoke joints, grinders are considered a straightforward yet crucial tool. How much cannabis should you break up for your joint?

A study published in 2016 concluded that the average joint is 0.32 grams .

This number has been contested by some in the cannabis community, and it may not mean much to you personally. When deciding how much marijuana to add to your joint, take into consideration your own tolerance for cannabis and the level of effects you are looking to achieve. Joint rolling papers come in a variety of sizes, giving you the freedom to roll the joint size you prefer. Also known as a filter, a crutch is essentially a mouthpiece for your joint. While a crutch isn’t necessarily essential, it reinforces a joint’s mouthpiece and makes it easier to hold.


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