cannabis display

Cannabis display

Display Case with glass top and front with shelves for displaying product. Product can also be stored and accessed via pull-out storage bins on rear side. Can be free standing or integrated into countertop displays, wall displays etc.

Display multiple products in top glass section and in front glass section with shelves.

Rear pull-out door features storage bins for product.

LED lights incorporated into frame.


Display Table with smell pods for sampling product and framed glass top middle section. Various finish options available. For more information contact us.


The J13 Display Case combines form and functionality to create a unique, eye-catching display. Display case features two-sided glass top with locking U-Frame drop down doors.


Countertop Displays

Countertop displays with storage options including drawers, doors and bins. The Four20 Display Case can be used as a counter/P.O.S. Station with register stands in between each display. Customer facing side options can include glass tops and front with shelving. Laminate sides and front with HPL kick.

Extra Vision Display Cases

Premium tempered glass display cases with LED lighting seamlessly incorporated into the frame. Features three tiered levels of glass shelves. Multiple door options available including: glass, mirrored and paneled.

Acrylic Displays

Highly customizable acrylic displays allow you to add more retail options for your customers at checkout or on top of existing displays. Perfect for placements in C-Stores, Sporting Goods Stores and Dispensaries.

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Custom High-Quality Cannabis Display Cases That Can Be Shipped In As Few As 4 Weeks. Made In The U.S.A.!

Aroma Orb™ Cannabis Display Jar

A sight and smell display jar for cannabis flowers made specifically for cannabis shops and dispensaries in accordance with Canadian regulations. The Aroma Orb™ was developed by Eddie’s with input from industry experts resulting in a superior marijuana display jar that complements the aesthetics of any cannabis retail environment.

The Aroma Orb™ features a hassle-free smell port conveniently positioned on the side as well as a large magnifier on top. These features allow for enhanced sensory opportunities to evaluate and compare different cannabis strains without direct contact.

  • 5X magnifying lens (37mm diameter)
  • 75mm diameter orb constructed of medical-grade plastic for clear unobstructed viewing.
  • 72mm overall height
  • 24mm long flower pin
  • Embedded flexible aroma port smell plug that won’t fall out and get lost.
  • Hidden security features in base to prevent unauthorized access. No unsightly anti-tamper security seals required.
  • Fast loading and reloading of cannabis samples.
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Security tether ready.

The Aroma Orb™ cannabis sniff jar is available for purchase in Canada and ships domestically within Canada only. There are no hidden import duties or currency exchange rates to consider.

Aroma Orb is a trademark owned by Eddie’s Hang-Up Display Ltd.
Patent Pending

Need help setting up your dispensary or store? Download our Retail Guide for Cannabis Dispensaries and Stores.

A sight and smell sensory display for cannabis flowers made specifically for cannabis retailers and dispensaries in accordance with Canadian regulations. Exclusively available from Eddie's Hang-Up Display Ltd. Call 1-877-433-3437 or visit