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The 10 Best Pre-Rolled Cones for Cannabis in 2021

What are the best pre-rolls and paper to roll up your marijuana with in 2021?

Top 10 Best Pre-Rolled Cones for Weed in 2021

We explore the most popular smoking cones for cannabis in 2020, going into 2021. The cone joint has been transformed by many companies. We organized a list of what we think are the current top 10 best pre rolled cones. The legalization and global acceptance of cannabis across the world has led to a rise of marijuana smokers, both young and old. Cannabis enthusiasts new to the world of smoking often struggle with the task of rolling their joints. Rolling requires both skill and patience. Fortunately, cannabis and cigar companies have noticed this little dilemma; and they have created the perfect solution, pre-rolled cones. So, in this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the top 10 best smoking cones for cannabis in 2021.

Different Types of Cone Joints Enter the Market.

Before you begin searching for the best cannabis cones, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the different types of varieties available on the market.

Cordia leaf: As a premium pre-rolled joint, cones crafted from the Cordia will be a lot more pricey than their hemp or rice-paper counterparts. Nevertheless, they’re worth every penny as they burn beautifully, leaving a smooth, cool, and clean smoke.

Rice-paper: Unlike regular smoking papers, cones joints with rice paper do not leave ash behind. These pre-rolled cones use a sugar-based gum and produce a sweet and slow burn.

Hemp rolls: Like rice-paper, hemp cones are thin and an excellent alternative for an eco-friendly smoker—cones made from hemp burn slow and evenly.

Wood pulp and flax: Many traditional rolling papers are made from wood pulp and flax. Although this type of pre-rolled cone has been around for a long time, it’s not likely to burn as slow as the Cordia or rice-based cones.

Benefits of Using Pre Rolled Cones

Pre-rolled cones have gained quite a reputation amongst the cannabis community.

Convenience: Hand-rolling a joint is not an easy task, and it can be quite time consuming if you don’t get it right the first time. Pre-rolled cones take away the hassle of rolling your joint. Simply grind, pack, and begin smoking.

Consistency: Packing your cannabis while avoiding it from spilling is tricky. With pre-rolled cones, you’ll be able to get a dense joint every time.

Quality: Companies such as King Palm create natural leaf rolls that produce a rich and smooth smoke. Their unique filter tips not only cool smoke down, but it also prevents the resinous oils from seeping through and staining teeth, fingers, and lips. Overall, premium pre-rolled cones can indeed enhance one’s smoking experience.

Top 10 Smoking Cones Recommended in 2020

The best pre-rolled cones of 2020 come in all different shapes and sizes. From King Palm’s world-class leaf rolls to new upcoming pre rolled cones, we’ll look over what’s winning cannabis connoisseurs in 2020.

10. Jware Organic Hemp Cones

A new and upcoming smoking cone option that has established a good reputation on Amazon. If you’re looking for an elegant cone, then Jware is what you’ll need. Jware crafts premium cones that are made from either white and unbleached wood or organic hemp. The company sources its organic materials from the Czech Republic, and each cone is carefully handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia.

Jware organic hemp cones, winning features:

Jware cones are notably durable, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally tearing your cone.

Organically sourced materials and eco-friendly.

Jware cones come in over 13 different sizes.

9. Elephant Rolling Paper

Elephant Rolling Papers gain a lot of their fans through social channels such as Instagram. They are a small company that mainly sells pre-rolled cones made from the husk of the palm fruit. The company brands themselves as eco-friendly for two reasons; no palm trees are cut to create their pre-rolled cones, and all their cones are colored using edible natural hemp-seed and soy-based oils.

Elephant Rolling Paper winning feature

Elephant rolls are made from palm husk, making them an eco-friendly cone joint option.

Easy to pack and smoke.

A unique and colorful style.

8. Natural Mystic

A brand focused on keeping the smoking ritual alive; Natural Mystic creates premium pre-rolled cones made of hemp paper and organic Arabic gum.

Natural Mystic winning features:

European grade high-quality hemp-based cones that are free from pesticides and artificial flavors.

All pre-rolled cones contain natural materials, including hemp paper and a single line of organic Arabic gum.

Vegan-friendly and non-GMO

Natural Mystic cones give users a clean and subtle smoke.

Organic hemp paper will ensure you get a slow and even burning cone.

7. Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Cone

Blazy Susan offers a range of accessories to compliment your cannabis experience. Packaged in pink, Blazy Susan brands themselves as a company that stands for gender equality and women empowerment, making them a favorite amongst cannabis users worldwide. Their pre-rolled cones are the ideal choice for newbies struggling to roll a joint themselves; the company uses wood pulp to make its smoking cones and rolling papers for cannabis. Both products are GMO-free and organic, so it’s ideal for the eco-friendly smoker. The Blazy Susan instagram account currently has just shy of under 50,000 followers.

Blazy Susan, winning features:

Blazy Susan cone joints burn slow and evenly so you can savor every puff.

The flavorless pre roll cones will not emit any of that harsh after-taste of burnt paper.

The company is 100% organic, Vegan-friendly, and non-GMO.

6. Juicy Jay Cones

Juicy Jay’s has undoubtedly won the hearts of many cannabis enthusiasts and for a good reason. The company creates one-of-a-kind flavored cones and rolling papers designed to complement your smoke’s natural flavor. Juicy Jay’s uses a triple-dip® flavor system to achieve its flavored wraps. Their cone joints come in a variety of flavors, so you’re never limited in choice.

Juicy Jay cones, winning features:

Juicy Jay’s make their natural skins from hemp and sugar gum. Their hemp wraps are organic, non-GMO, and vegan friendly.

The triple-dip system allows wraps to be evenly coated in flavor. The unique process ensures every cone joint you smoke remains delicious and aromatic.

5. Zig Zag Cones

Zig Zag decided to solve the newbie problem of rolling joints by taking their classic paper and pre-rolling them for their customers. A classic amongst smokers, the company crafts their cones from a blend of plant and tree fibers. The unbleached cones come in a range of sizes perfect for any occasion.

Zig Zag pre-rolled cones, winning features:

A slow and even burn right down to the nub.

Zig Zag cones come packed in a crush-proof box.

An enjoyable smoke for a fraction of the cost.

4. Elements Cones

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional Zig-Zag or hemp-based rolls, then Elements will be perfect for you. Elements create cones crafted from rice paper and sugar-gum. A feature unique to Element cones is that their paper is a lot thinner than traditional hemp and zig-zag rolls, which gives you a long and clean smoke.

Elements pre-rolled cones, winning features:

Their all-natural rice paper and sugar-based gum create a slow and sweet burn for users to enjoy.

A thin rice paper allows you to enjoy the natural flavors of your herbs.

It’s also a lot less messy, as rice paper cones leave no ash behind.

3. Cyclones Hemp Cones

Cyclones create some of the top smoking cones available on the market. The innovative company has a range of product lines to cater to every smoker’s needs. The Cyclone natural cones are perhaps their most popular product; it uses high-quality hemp paper and a triple dripping flavor system to give users a flavorsome experience.

Cyclone hemp cones, winning features:

A triple-drip flavor system that guarantees with every draw, you’ll receive a smoke full of flavor.

Their hemp cones are a great alternative to their tobacco-based wraps!

2. Vibes Hemp And Rice Cones

Vibes gained recognition for their collection of rolling papers and smoking cones. Cultivated and handcrafted in France, they make their notorious cones from unbleached hemp paper. Each cone comes fitted with a Vibes unbleached hemp paper filter tip.

Winning features of the Vibes Hemp cones:

The all-natural hemp paper results in a slow and even burn.

Ultra thin pre rolled paper option.

Has smoking cones that can hold up to 8 grams of cannabis. (This is their Cubano option)

Owned by the CEO of the Cookies Brand.

1. King Palm Natural Leaf Pre Rolled Cones

While all the other cone joints available for sale are putting flavor in their paper, King Palm brilliantly adds it to the filter. Experience flavored pre rolled cones without having to burn it. King Palm creates smoking cones made from leaves that belong to the Cordia borage plant. The natural leaf rolls use a well-compressed corn-husk filter that prevents resinous oils from leaking through and staining teeth. They also have flavored weed filter tips that can be used with joints and blunts.

A feature unique to King Palm filter tips is their cooling action; with every draw, the corn-husk tips cool the smoke before being inhaled. This natural filter can be bitten while smoking to further cool down the smoke. This unique cooling element will truly heighten your smoking experience.

King Palm’s has won the hearts of cannabis connoisseurs globally as their rolls are free from toxic glues and fertilizers. When packed correctly, a King Palm will burn slow and evenly, allowing you to make the most of your herbs. A feature unique to King Palm flavored rolls is their terpene-infused capsule. To activate the rich aromas of the terpene-infused flavor, you’ll need to squeeze and pop the capsule.

King Palm winning features:

King Palm rolls are free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, pesticides, and toxic glues.

Sustainability sourced from Southeast Asia.

Their corn-husk tips not only cool smoke but it also prevents resin from leaking through and staining teeth, lips, and fingertips.

The resilient Cordia leaf results in a cone with a slow and even burn.

Popular sizes include their half gram Rollie, gram cones, and king size cones which hold 2 grams.

Cannabis enthusiasts new to the world of smoking often struggle with the task of rolling their joints. Rolling requires both skill and patience….

How to roll a cone

Joints are among the most popular ways to partake in a bit of cannabis, and among the most obvious visual signifiers of cannabis use. Once portrayed as a wad of twisted toilet paper, the joint has become a sleek symbol of the modern weed consumer, and their conical cousins are not just a goofy avatar of cannabis past, cone joints are big business.

A joint is considered a cone when the tip is wider than the mouthpiece. This method of rolling is preferential for anyone invested in the aesthetics of smoking, as the cone joint is a counterculture icon. Most crappy joints are as smokeable as a perfect cone, but one “looks” the part while the other is simply utilitarian.

This is why people sharpen their rolling skills — being able to pull out a beautifully executed cone is membership in the cult of stoner personality. It’s a rebel yell, it sticks out, clearly exclaiming that it is not a cigarette. Here’s how you can craft your own perfect joint.

A step-by-step guide to roll your own cannabis cone joint

First things first: choose your favorite cannabis strain.

Keep in mind that cones aren’t always mondo-sized behemoths with gram after gram of fancy weed inside. They come in pretty much any size, so try using the same amount of cannabis you’d put in a typical joint, then adjusting to your preferences. What makes a cone a joint is the shape, not the size (though they tend to lean a little girthy).


  • Cannabis strain of choice
  • Rolling papers
  • Crutch or filter tip
  • Pen or toothpick (used to pack down the weed)

Directions for a hand-rolled cone

Step 1 — roll your crutch

Roll a ½” diameter crutch with lightweight cardboard or purpose-made tips. Hold it on the rolling paper in the fold or crease with the adhesive gum at the very top

Step 2 — fill your roll

Sprinkle your desired amount of well ground flower along the centerfold, this can be anything from a half gram to an entire eighth.

Step 3 — shape your cone

Fold the excess paper up over the crutch and the flower using your thumbs and gentle pressure. Using a motion similar to snapping your fingers in slow motion, tuck the paper into the flower as you begin to form a joint.

Step 4 — twist it up

When you creep up to the top of the paper, lightly moisten the gum strip. Quickly finish the twist upwards to seal the joint. Tuck or twist the tip and you’re ready for fire.

Tip: If you usually roll with your fingers evenly placed on the paper, then to get a cone shape it’s helpful to position them much closer to the edges. Some people make an angled crease in the paper before beginning to create a guide, maintaining a tighter wrap on the bottom with a slightly loose arrangement on the top.

Play with the tension you use at the top. Just like any joint, tight is good, but too tight means a sub-par burn. Conversely, if you roll or pack a cone too loosely, you’ll end up with a floppy and unreliable joint.

Directions to fill a pre-made cone

Step 1 — funnel your cannabis

Using a creased business card or sheet of paper, create a funnel for your herb. Depending on the size of the cone, you will need between ¾ gram and 2 grams of ground material to fill it up. Use the funnel to add a pinch of flower at a time into the cone.

Step 2 — pack it down

Using a pen or toothpick, push the ground material down gently, without too much force. Continue to add and pack the flower until you reach the tip.

Step 3 — twist it up

Twist or fold the last ¼” of the cone into itself to create a bit of kindling for the flame of a lighter, match, or hemp wick.

The pros of cone smoking versus regular, uniform thickness joints are strictly personal. One doesn’t burn better than the other as long as they’re rolled proper.

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

This method of rolling is preferential for anyone invested in the aesthetics of smoking, as the cone joint is a counterculture icon. ]]>