can vaping set off a smoke detector

I dunked the top (upside down) in hot water to the base of the adapter, where it goes into the atty connection on the device ,and that bit up, tore up adapter is now in the garbage. My SB looks like quite the veteran, with two or three scratches to show for the battle! I was just dabbing hot water around it before – who knew a bath was the answer?! I’m stuck using my beautiful Omega, except its misfiring.

Today while washing out cartos – since I’m gonna be in THAT sphere again – I smelled something that reminded me of the Cinn-a-Bun ejuice I was vaping. I figured it was my imagination and kept on setting up clean cartos on a paper towel. When I reached for my Omega the LR 510 on it was sizzling. It had fired on its own as was hot, hot, hot and it wasn’t the first time this had happened. Two days ago I finished typing and noticed my drip tip was askew. Once again the atty was sizzling on its own, with no intervention from me whatsoever. And, okay, I admit it happened a couple other times as well but I tried to ignore it. Each time I changed batteries (just cuz), swabbed out the atty connector and the atty threads with alcohol and let them dry for 10 minutes before loading it up again. I figured maybe some excess juice had funked up the connection. That or just taking the whole damn thing apart and ignoring it overnight meant I’d load it up and it’d have forgotten how to misbehave.

There’s a video at the manufacturer’s website but I’d hoped NEVER to have to watch it all the way through. While I try to find a hex thingy (on Christmas Eve) small enough to begin the task I’m stuck with my JamBox. It’s a great little device and I love it but it isn’t the same…not after the hot spring + 18650 battery experience. sewknitty 2:36 am on December 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply Tags: Altsmoke, Altsmoke Omega ( 2 ), Altsmoke Silver Bullet, mod ( 16 ), vaping ( 10 ) All about the battery. Love my JamBox and my Big KaZoo but I started to notice how cool the vapor was on them. And, I worried about the batteries less than with the RN 4081s but I still had to swap and recharge during the day. I also got to thinkin’ a metal battery mod would provide better conductivity and therefore warmer vapor at 3.7 volts. In a word, nope, but I did get, basically, metal sleeves that fit either a single 2600 mAh, 3.7 battery that lasts an entire day or two 1000 mAh, 3.0 volt batteries for 6 volt vaping. I’ll find out when the 3.0 volt batteries get here. I posed my new Omega and Silver Bullet from Altsmoke with a 12 oz coffee cup and their box mod siblings to show how demure these babies really are. All the YouTube videos make them both look like carrying them could get you arrested but o’ so not! I had my heart set on a GLV2 from Great Lakes Vapor but the Silver Bullet and Omega fit the bill for someone like me. They’re metal and mechanical, which means there’s no wiring I can mess up. I wasted so much of Jay at Great Lakes’ time I owe him a purchase but even after three mods I wasn’t confident enough in my choices to place an order for a custom device. To me ‘custom’ means specific to my needs/wants and I still don’t know what I want in something built just for me. Any Pax owner understands that you do need to put up a good sum of money for your device. Therefore, it is extremely important that you keep your device safe from damage. Naturally, the best way to keep your piece safe and protected would be to keep it tucked away in a Pax vaporizer case when it is not in use. Personally, I have always been one to use a case for my Pax 3. It gives me piece of mind knowing that my 250 dollar investment is stored away properly so that if I travel with my piece, there is not a chance that is will get damaged. I believe that spending just a fraction of what the Pax costs to ensure that it wont get damaged is worth the investment (even though Paxes are super durable to begin with). Another reason why I love the concept of a Pax case is that these cases are built so that they can store a whole lot more than just your Pax. With some of the cases described below you can keep everything in one place from your stash to your Pax charger, to most other paraphernalia that you would keep with your piece. Not only do these cases keep your Pax safe but they also make storage and transportation convenient. Without further ado however, this post will dive into the absolute best Pax vaporizer cases that you can find to keep your Pax 3, Pax 2 and even the Pax era safe. Containers such as these often have enough space to store your Pax, a charger, and even some herb.

Durable and slim, these cases are great for travel. CLOUD/TEN Pax 2 and Pax 3 Custom Case – Smell Proof Odor Resistant Protective Airtight Carry Box. This case one of the best Pax 3 cases for those who want to store their Pax safely and securely and take it on the go as well. The inner walls of the case are padded with foam to perfectly fit the shape of the Pax 2 or Pax 3 and also a storage container for herb that fits in the case as well. There is enough space in the grooves of the foam also too keep your charger handy in addition. When the case is closed up, your Pax is essentially protected from any shocks or jolts since the Pax is encompassed by a thick layer of supportive foam. The exterior is completely crush proof as well so you wont need to worry about outside force breaking through the case. You can probably run the case over with your car and still find the Pax inside intact. CLOUD/TEN Pax 3 or Pax 2 Case – Smell Proof 5” Container Discreetly protects Pax 3 and Small Accessories.

This Pax 3 protective case is a little bit more compact but still just as secure. Again this Pax 3 case is designed with a dense and rigged hard outer body and on the inside it is lined with a padded foam top and bottom to keep your Pax secure and protected. Not only can the body of the case withstand immense pressure but it is water proof as well.


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