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Your cannabis crop is looking ready and smelling good. At this point, you might be thinking about investing in an automatic bud trimmer—speeding things up, saving yourself a bit of manual labor. However, the last thing you want to do is harm those buds you’ve worked so hard on with a poor quality trim.

Time to take a look at the best bud trimmer machines on the market … What are the Best Bud Trimmers? Of course, if you have only a couple of plants, taking care of the job by hand with a good pair of shears is no big deal. Get a two-pack of shears so you always have a backup, or you can work with a friend. However, if you’ve got more than a couple of plants, that’s when you’re going to want to think about getting a machine. To help you decide, here’s our pick of the best bud trimmer machines currently available. Whether you want a handheld bud trimmer, a small tabletop trimmer, bowl trimmer or something more industrial, we’ll help you find just the right machine for you—and your budget. You definitely don’t want a bad one that will destroy all your hard work.

So we’ve done the research and found the best bud trimmer machines for you. If you have just a couple of plants, all you’re really going to need to trim your buds is a good pair of shears. Or ideally a couple of them, so that you can rotate them as the resin builds up on the blades—use one pair while the other one soaks clean in rubbing alcohol. TOP TIP: You can leave the alcohol to evaporate from the resulting mixture, leaving behind scissor hash. Or just scrape the hash off the scissors and smoke immediately. There’s a big debate over whether it’s best to trim wet or dry bud. But wet trimming generally nets you prettier buds in the end. Plus, wet trimming in general is way easier than trying to trim dry weed that’s all curled up. Letting your cannabis dry first can be a good idea if you live in a dry place with low humidity. Letting the weed dry slowly with the leaves on it is a good thing. If you trim the weed first, it might speed up the drying process too much. Even if you’re using a monster trimming machine like the Trimpro, you want gloves. They keep the resin off your skin and protect the buds, too. Make sure they fit well, especially if you are using shears or the Trimpro. GreenThumbPro Hydroponic 2 Pack Straight blade and Curved Blade Flower Leaf Trimmer Pruner Shears. REDUCE HAND STRESS: We know that pruning for long periods of time can take its toll on your hands. These scissors were made to eliminate the day to day stress that comes from long time pruning with our soft grip handles, sharp stainless steel blades and quick release spring. PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Not only is our pruners durable and lightweight they are made with high quality extra sharp stainless steel blades, Soft grip handles for comfort and a quick release spring for ease of use. PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF GARDENING: These extra durable pruning shears are a must have for hobby or commercial growers who care about the quality of their product and prefer to hand trim their flowers. Whether your pruning stems, roots or trimming flowers we are confident that these scissors will get the job done. A MORE PRECISE CUT: Whether you are pruning your standard stems and flowers with our straight blade or need the perfect angle to reach those hard to reach areas with the curved blade, we got you covered. This combo of will get your herbs, bonsai, tomato, roses or succulents looking beautiful and on point. GREENTHUMBPRO QUALITY PROMISE: Don't waste you time on poorly made pruners that break just after a few uses.

This pruner was designed with the quality your looking for, we are so confident you’ll be satisfied that if it doesn't meet your expectations, you can always return it for a full refund, no questions asked. These shears by GreenThumbPro are pretty comfy to use. They have 2-inch-long curved tip blades that make precision cuts easy. They also lock shut for safety, like when you want to slip them in a pocket. Alternatively, a lot of growers swear by Chikamasa garden scissors, because the curved blades give extra shaping possibilities.

Some people use non-stick cookie sheets, some hang them up to dry on clothesline or on a mesh rack. Remember that all the “leftovers” are good for something. The hash on your shears, the resin on your gloves, and the leaves that were trimmed off can all be used for smoking and edibles. It’s as near to hand trimming as you’re going to get without picking up some shears—but much easier and it’ll save you a ton of time. Now let’s continue with our best bud trimming machine reviews.


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