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Vector Elio Angled Flamу – Best Butane Pipe Lighter. The vector Elio lighter also comes with a nozzle that’s sideways. There are three types in total, one with a grip, polished chrome, and satin chrome. The gripped version is probably the better of the two since its easier to keep steady in your hands when the flame is up. Like the others (except for the Zippo), there is a tamper inside the lighter that extends out when pulled.

It’s the only one available though, so look for more tools if this single utensil alone won’t suffice. This is especially useful if you like to smoke with small pipes, a good way to have control over small segments of the bowl without all the tobacco going up in flames with one inhalation. Furthermore, don’t let the flame sit for a long period. Anything over 30 seconds might cause the handle to become too hot and/or slowly cause damage to the adjustment screw. And get ready to click more than once for activation, especially after you’ve used it for a while. Although it’s not something that could happen with every user, multiple presses with a filled lighter is very annoying, especially when you’re smoking time is limited. Anyhow, the Vector Elio remains a great buy for casual and heavy smokers that like their pipes small.

Has a leather-like grip around the handle that gives the user a better grip during operation Has a built-in tamper for packing and/or cleaning The flame adjustment wheel quickly opens for fast refills Give precise burns that char the tobacco fast with less smoke. Must be clicked several times for it to work on most occasions May malfunction when the flame is lit for more than 30 seconds. The Tobacco Pipe Flint Stone might sound like a pun but it’s certainly not from the era in which the cartoon is fictionally depicted. The outer design has a great pattern that looks durable and easy to grip. As this is a butane lighter, you’ll have to look for fuel that isn’t liquid. When lit, the flame comes are strong, quickly igniting anything in its path. There are a small reamer and tamper featured with this as well. The tamper is used to pack the pipe prior to smoking. And adjustments won’t deviate from their original setting, a problem that’s likely to happen with cheaper butane lighters. You can set it and get the same flame height without moving the screw again until refilled. Find yourself a good screw for this, one that’s easy to use on small plastic pieces. If you unscrew too hard, the cog might break free and require a replacement from the manufacturer. And since the lighter is quite small, refueling is likely to happen, particularly with heavy smokers. But these small hiccups don’t make the Flint Stone any less of a contender among the other lighters reviewed. It’s made to withstand years of use without losing its ability to produce a strong flame for your pipe. And if it does, just clean it up and it’ll be as good as new. The pipe’s tools are well made and will touch hard-to-reach areas of the bowl during cleaning and preparation Adjustments do not change when placed at the desired position; flame strength is not altered (so long as butane is added when needed) Flame adjustment cannot be done by hand During adjustment, the cog may come loose and is difficult or impossible to place back Fuel capacity is small, making repeat refills likely to occur, even with moderate to occasional use. Zahara – Best Plasma Electric Lighter (N/A) The Zahara Plasma Cigar Lighter has several unique features that you’ve probably never seen before. It’s sort of the “e-cigarette” of its class, being entirely dependent on electricity to produce fire. That means you won’t have to spend any money on butane with this product since it doesn’t operate with gas and liquid-based fuels. Instead, simply plug it into the USB port on your computer or portable battery. As such, taking the lighter on an airplane is possible. Just remember that TSA compliance does not always guarantee that you won’t encounter issues, since its something that most agent may not come across on the regular. But even if you’re worried, you could always put it in your check-in luggage. The manufacturer claims that hundreds of lights are possible with the device. While it can be used multiple times without a charge, pipes tend to require additional time to get everything burning.

As a result, you’ll find that the battery will drain out quickly if you’re a heavy smoker. And there’s no way to indicate when the light actually needs to be charged. So if you’re worried about it cutting off, a second butane lighter might be needed.

You cannot use a wall outlet unless you have an AC adapter with a USB port. But with these small faults, the Zahara Plasma Lighter is great for mobile users, something that will surely come in handy in places where carrying around butane is either inconvenient or impossible. The lighter is safe to take on flights; TSA compliant (with check-in or carry-on luggage) Butane free; can be changed in a USB slot The burn is quick produces a flame in less than ten seconds. Two hour charging time There is no way to indicate when the lighteer needs to be charged The flame does not last long, especially for users who like to cover a bowl completely Multiple recharges are necessary, as the battery tends to deplete very quickly. Find a Lighter that’s Long Lasting and Easy to Use.


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