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These minimalist, hardy lighters come in a bunch of cute colors and will last way longer than some cheapo lighter from the bodega. Hey, maybe your friend won't lose this one as easily either! These gorgeous concrete pipes look more like modern art than marijuana accessories. These rollings trays could also be used as serving trays—they're that gorgeous.

The 25 Best Weed Gifts for Occasional Smokers and Dedicated Stoners. Keep them puffing, dabbing, rolling, and toking in style. And the stoner in your life can’t possibly enjoy marijuana to the fullest without the latest and greatest in weed paraphernalia. Whether you’re hunting for the best grinder, vape, or cool smoking accessory, these 25 gifts will help any kind of marijuana-partaker elevate their weed game. This little guy is a flame-free way to light up with a rechargeable battery supply—and it beats the hell out of a bodega Bic. Doesn’t get much better than this adults-only cookie jar. For the culinary mastermind, a book all about cooking with cannabis is perfect.

Contain the mess in the hypest of all ash trays—one from Noon Goons. A new activity for after they smoke—instead of putting on The Office for the 800th time. If their grinder is usually the centerpiece of their coffee table, may as well make it a sexy rose gold one. This bamboo tray, with all the compartments, holders, and stands, is an organized stoner's dream. For the weed enthusiast who prefers a bong, this handcrafted ceramic piece is a refined, mature option. The GR8TR V2 is a real upgrade for folks whose current weed grinder is just-okay-enough. With two plates, it lets you choose the fineness of the grind, it stores plenty of leftover bud, and it'll break down into a smaller three-piece grinder for easy portability. By Leslie Gornstein on January 12, 2016 at 3:37PM PST. Of all the dragons across all media, Smaug may be the one who sticks with fans the most. It's not his sparkling personality--greed blackened his heart long before Bilbo ever heard of him. His hardiness isn't particularly impressive (there's no way a single arrow could fell a dragon from, say, Inquisition). It's his utter epicness --his mountain lair overflowing with gold; the vicious, unforgiving intelligence, which leads to one of the most memorable conversations in The Hobbit; and the one tiny flaw that, in the end, allows a brave hero to slay the beast. (Photo by: New Line) The 6 most badass dragons of recent memory. If you listen to the critics, there aren’t many reasons to go see “Seventh Son,” the new fantasy flick in theaters Friday. No reason, that is, unless you really love dragons — in which case, go buy a ticket immediately. Normally, dragon aficionados would be all over this. But in these visual effects-heavy times, we’ve become spoiled for choice — a cooler, more badass dragon always seems just on the horizon. Let us now reflect on and appreciate the greatest dragons that Hollywood has given us in recent memory. Diaval in ‘Maleficent’ An update on the Disney classic “Sleeping Beauty,” “Maleficent” shocked us by having not its titular villain transform into a ferocious dragon, but her shape-shifting sidekick, Diaval (Sam Riley). Bewilderbeast in ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ Trying to pick the best dragon from “How To Train Your Dragon 2” is a real “Sophie’s Choice.” On the one hand, Toothless is an adorable puppy-like dragon who totally redefined what being a dragon in this industry means. But on the other hand, Drago’s gargantuan mind-controlling Bewilderbeast is like the end-all, be-all of dragon power. “The Hobbit” series’ villainous dragon Smaug was such a badass, he didn’t even die at the end of the second movie like he was supposed to. Viserion in ‘Game of Thrones’ As The Post has made abundantly clear before, dragons are definitely the most terrifying thing on this show (see also: most important, most interesting). Because we’ve watched them grow up in front of our very eyes, obviously Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons are the best of the best. The brown and gold one, Viserion, comes out on top over the siblings — because, come on, it’s named Viserion! The dragon tattoo in ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ If you really think about it, would anyone even care about Lisbeth Salander if it weren’t for the dragon on her body?

Wethinks not — after all, no one would have read a book or seen a movie called “The Girl With Perfectly Unmarked Skin.” Imagine Dragons. But could the boys of this rock band really have found this much success without using the most badass creature of all time in their name? Here’s a little secret about Spinfuel Vape Gear Reviews ; on average, it takes 2 or 3 weeks before a brand new, mainstream product review catches on with mainstream vapers, especially if the product reviewed is so new it hasn’t reached vendor shelves and vape shops. We might pull in a couple of hundred readers a day for that brand new review, but that’s about it. Once the product gets out there, once mainstream vapers begin seeing it on vendor sites and vape shop shelves, then the review regularly pulls in a couple of thousand readers every day, sometimes for months. Mainstream vapers are people that don’t turn up their nose at mid-range vape gear from companies like eLeaf, Aspire, Innokin, Joyetech, and SMOK. ( WISMEC, a part of Joyetech, produces slightly more advanced vape gear, so mainstream vapers aren’t so quick on the draw to read or watch a review based on a WISMEC product, according to our analytics anyway ) eLeaf iSticks, Joyetech eVics, and others are very popular with mainstream vapers, whereas advanced vapers are more interested in the latest RDA’s, RTA’s and advanced mods with YiHi or Evolv chips inside. Still, no matter how ‘mainstream’ or ‘advanced’ the product being reviewed, the newer the product the longer it takes to catch on. Spinfuel published our eLeaf iPower review on July 15 th of this year. That’s just 24 days ago, but in that time the review hasn’t once shown up in our Top 10 daily review recaps via analytics.

The iPower is averaging less than 80 readers a day, a dismal showing for a new box mod from a major manufacturer. Whenever that happens we know that the device hasn’t drawn much interest anywhere , and it will most likely be a forgotten mod in less than 6 months. That is very disappointing to this reviewer because I sincerely enjoy the iPower mod . Maybe the reason for this dismal showing is that too many vapers think “iStick” when they think of eLeaf mods , or maybe eLeaf hasn’t done much to promote it on their own ( reviews are the cheapest, and most effective advertising for manufacturers like eLeaf but there is more the story ), or perhaps this wonderful box mod was caught in the onslaught of devices hitting the US shores before the FDA Deeming Regulations kick in. Let me ask you ; is anyone talking about the eLeaf iPower in your circle of vapers?


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