butane dab torch

Butane dab torch

The Dab Torch is a handy, yet powerful gas lighter, manufactured by Silver Match. The torch creates a precisely adjustable, blue jet flame with a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius.

The Dab Torch is refillable with butane gas. Due to its transport, it only comes slightly filled in the packaging. The Dab Torch has a child safety lock.

Further uses: camping, cooking, welding, creme brulee.

Safety instructions:
– Do not set the flame too large
– Do not let it burn for too long, turn it upside down or drop it
– Store in a cool, dry place (must not be over 50 degrees Celsius)
– Do not store in the sun or near sources of ignition
– Keep away from children
– Never point towards face, clothing or skin whilst in use

This dab torch creates a precisely adjustable, blue jet flame with a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius. Order now!

Dab Torches

Choosing a Dab Torch

So you need a dab torch, but you are not sure which one to get. Well, we are here to help! First off, a dab torch requires butane lighter fluid to be used. They are very powerful, so be careful when using one. We carry them in 3 different sizes:

Large – A large dab torch works for all sizes and styles of dab nails. They heat dab nails the quickest and holds more butane, but the larger size isn’t great for traveling. Large torch options include the Errly Bird “Torch Art” Torch, the Vector Nitro, and the Blazer Big Shot (named “The Best Torch” here at The Dab Lab)

Medium – A medium dab torch works for any size and style dab nail, but takes a bit longer to heat them up. The smaller size holds a bit less butane, but is also better for traveling. Medium torch options include the R Series Mini Torch and the Blazer Big Buddy Torch.

Small – A small dab torch is sufficient for smaller dab nails and will even heat a large 30mm dab nail, but it will take more butane and time to do so. Our best small dab torch is the R Series Micro Torch. We have smaller torches by Vector, like the Torpedo and Vlast, but those are only really good for vapor stone pipes like the ones by Health Stone Glass.

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