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Rest assured, we’ll use it to buy more Caramel Bugles, Funions, Blow Pops, and Mountain Dew. Brand: DynaVap Brand: DynaVap Heating technique: Conduction Automatic switch-off: No Pass-through charging: No. Portable / Desktop: Portable Compatibility: Herbs (flowers) Delivery method: Direct draw Adjustable temperature: No Replaceable battery: No. VapCap Original (DynaVap) For those who prefer an elegant and discreet non-electronic vaporizer (eliminating the need for batteries or electronics), the VapCap is worth looking into.

VapCap sets a new standard by being very easy to use with its built in temperature click indicator. VapCap is contructed out of medical grade glass, stainless steel and silicone, providing you with pure, intense vapour. The flavour and thickness of the vapour produced by the VapCap is extremely satisfying and has surprised many, especially given the size and simplicity of the vape. Simply remove the small metal cap and load the glass VapCap with finely ground material Close the cap again Apply heat to the side of the cap, while rotating, until you feel or hear the click When it clicks, it’s ready for use Inhale and enjoy! While any flame will do to heat up the VapCap sufficiently, we recommend using a torch lighter for best (and fastest) results. It's a great choice for someone who wants to get into vaporizing, while trying to get as much value for as little money as possible.

It has slight learning curve, but once tamed won't disappoint. It goes nicely with all sorts of dried herbs, is versatile and can be experimented with. Chamber might seem not to spacious, but its size suits one person perfectly and works well even when shared between two people. Definitely would recommend purchasing this interesting device. Pack content: Pack content: DynaVap - VapCap M 2019: A Flame-Powered Masterpiece. DynaVap has applied its yearly update to the VapCap M. This sturdy, pocket-sized device is ideal for travel, easy home use, and discreet public vaping. The highly portable design fits snugly in the hand and can be almost entirely concealed in a clenched fist. No charging is required and no “low battery” warnings involved. A good old-fashioned butane torch will get the job done. Some might view the lack of electronics as primitive, yet the device is highly sophisticated. It takes advantage of conduction (the transfer of heat through contact) and convection (the rising of hot air and the sinking of cool air) heating to provide smooth herbal hits. There are no temperature control buttons either—the flame position dictates how hot things get. The 2019 M features an upgraded extraction chamber. This newer version features a "cutting edge" that makes it easier to load and improves airflow. Designers also revamped the stem, adding a rosette pattern grip that makes the vape that much more pleasant to handle. DynaVap has also invested considerable time into reinventing the carb hole. It now features a larger, milled-in profile and intakes much more air. The addition of facets allows users to locate the carb hole by touch. A larger facet—“the rocker”—has been added on the opposite side of the body. This steel plateau is designed to allow users to locate the carb hole in a dark environment. The helix air channels on the 2018 tip have been swapped out for a serpentine pattern. Owners of the 2018 model will be thrilled to know that the new M is modular. The 2018 tip can be used with the 2019 body, and vice versa. Overall, the 2019 M is a versatile, portable, and superbly designed product.

It is available in four different colours: silver, gold (AuruM), dark grey (PhantoM), and pink (RosiuM). You can choose the style that fits your personality best. THE RQS PACK: GET THE VAPCAP M 2019 VAPORIZER + RQS GRINDER + 3 SEEDS! Our VAPCAP M 2019 Vaporizer Value Pack includes for free. 1x RQS Metal Engraved Grinder 3x RQS Bonus Seeds (Randomly Selected) ***Please note that the VapCap M 2019 is excluded from the Royal Queen Seeds Freebies Scheme *** Skip Hop Baby Travel Bowl & Spoon Set, Teal. Save 10% (price includes saving) Free standard delivery over £50. Designed to make feeding baby easier while out and about, this convenient travel bowl and spoon set from Skip Hop is the ideal pack-and-go companion. The ergonomic shape lets parents scoop in a single motion for streamlined feeding.

It is completed with a spill-resistant lid, plus a spoon that fits neatly inside making this all-in-one set is a parenting must-have. In 2003, new parents Ellen and Michael Diamant were a lot like new parents everywhere: overjoyed with the birth of their son, and overwhelmed with so many choices and so few solutions that satisfied. When they searched for a diaper bag that looked great and worked well, they found nothing. Almost a decade and hundreds of products later, Ellen and Michael are still inventing “everything-in-its-place” solutions that are smart, functional and great-looking for busy parents.


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