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The next person names a new band, and play proceeds as before. You can also play this game with movies, actors, countries, elements on the periodic table, polyhedra, or, to make it really hard, Dungeons & Dragons monsters. Before you start, agree on a penalty (e.g., watching Sex & The City, rolling the next joint from their own stash, making a prank phone call, or washing the supper dishes). When everyone’s plenty high, call out “Straight-faced stoner!” After that, no one’s allowed to smile. If someone cracks a grin, they have to perform the penalty.

Before you go running for your scale, this game has nothing to do with mass. It’s really a variation on the idea that someone can’t hold their liquor (they’re a lightweight). While you would NEVER, EVER want to play this game with alcohol (death is imminent, boys and girls), playing it with cannabis is much more forgiving (naps are imminent, boys and girls). Some of you may know this game as Last Man Standing, but that’s a bit of a misnomer. For another, standing isn’t going to be an option when this game is over. The last person smoking (or awake) is crowned Heavyweight Champion of the Joint .

It’s best not to play this game when you’ve got other things to do (unless you really want to miss them) because 1) you’re going to forget, or 2) you’re going to sleep right through them. Manhattan T3-R Review: A Near-Perfect Freeview Play Recorder. When most tellies in the UK already have a Freeview tuner built-in, is there still a reason to buy a dedicated Freeview box? The Manhattan T3-R 4K Freeview Recorder tries to answer that question – with an exclamation mark. This Freeview Play box has a super-fast interface, smart recording of up to 600 hours and the ability to pause live TV, all the main catchup apps and even support for UltraHD (4K). So, the Manhattan T3-R is currently the pinnacle of Freeview boxes. As always, there are a few missing features I’m still hoping for, but at this price, this is the Freeview Box to beat. The main question, of course, is whether this is the right Freeview Box for YOU. I’ll try to answer that question in this review of the Manhattan T3-R. Who Is It For: People who are looking for a much-improved Freeview experience, with recordings, apps and a fast interface. Very fast, easy to use interface Excellent recording quality (depending on your reception) "Smart" recording features Most of the major UK TV catchup apps, integrated with the EPG 4K / HDR Support. No Netflix / Amazon Video / NOW TV apps Can't search for shows within the EPG Good price, but not a cheap device. Video Quality : 4K (2160p), HDR10 & HLG Support Sound: Dolby Digital Plus Channels: 70+ SD Freeview Channels, 15 HD, 25+ Radio Stations Recording: 300 SD hours on 500GB , 600 SD hours on 1TB version Dual Tuners : Record from 2 different channels at the same time Apps: BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5, UKTV Play, CBS Catchup, Horror Bites, YouTube EPG: 8 Days (7 days backwards) Connections: HDMI, S/PDIF, Aerial Input Internet: Ethernet + WiFi Extra Features: “Learning” Remote can control TV, personal on-demand watchlist, YouTube casting from your smartphone. The best Freeview recording device available today, with support for FreeviewPlay catch-up apps, 4K (which is mostly for the future), and a very fast, slick interface. No Netflix/Amazon apps, so you can’t use it as a complete streaming solution. All TV sets sold in the UK since 2010 already have a Freeview tuner built-in. But a FreeviewPlay Recorder like the Manhattan T3-R adds two main features that are usually absent from tellies (even “smart” ones) – the ability to record shows from all the Freeview channels, and the ability to watch streaming shows via FreeviewPlay , which is an internet-based catch-up service that integrates with your Freeview Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Established in 2002, Freeview is the United Kingdom’s digital terrestrial television platform. The service provides access to free-to-air TV channels and radio stations, including more than 70 standard channels and 15 HD channels – and that number keeps growing. Some of the channels you can find on Freeview are all the BBC channels (including HD), ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, The Food Network, CBS Action, QVC and many others. And the important part: there’s no monthly cost – you buy the equipment once, and can enjoy the free programming forever.

You do, however, need to pay the yearly TV licence fee in most cases. In order to be able to watch Freeview, you need two main components: A TV Aerial ( see the ones I recommend here ), and A Freeview Receiver. For Freeview Play, you also need a broadband connection. With Freeview Play, you get the normal EPG, which you can use to switch between “live” shows – but you can also use that same guide to jump directly into streaming apps like BBC iPlayer, to watch past programmes on-demand. The T3-R comes with a number of TV apps pre-installed: all the major TV catch-up apps – BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and more, as well as a YouTube app. Sadly, there are no Pay-TV apps for the time being, so no Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or NOW TV. And then there’s the recording feature: without it, a Freeview device only lets you watch “live” shows, as they are aired.

But with a Freeview Recorder, you can use the EPG to pick programmes to record (just like a TiVO device, if you remember those).


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