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How To Vape Hash The Right Way

The recent resurgence of hash is a bit of an odd yet welcomed phenomenon. The often-overlooked cannabis concentrate was the first extract ever cultivated. But since the introduction of shatter, honey oil and distillate, it fell out of favour.

Now with the health and purity concerns around other concentrates, the solvent-free extract is once again a sought after commodity. Hippies of the ’70s rejoice!

Long gone are the days where hash was exclusively smoked via joint or tobacco pipe. Thanks to the introduction of vaporizers, the new question is around how to vape hash, especially since it’s a healthier and tastier method.

Vaping hash is a culmination of new and old, bridging the gap between oldtimers and the new generation of cannabis enthusiasts.

With that said, it’s not as easy as you think to vaporize hash. Using this method, your vape will survive the ordeal.

Before we get into how to vape hash, let’s take a quick peek at the history of hash and what exactly it is.

What is Hash?

Hash, also known as Hashish, is a potent cannabis concentrate made from the trichomes, also known as kief and resin glands of cannabis. To make hash, you either apply heat or water pressure to the kief, causing them to mould together.

Applied pressure tends to form a stickier, gummier concentrate, which most would call “Afghani Hash,” while the water pressure method produces a crumblier version. This method was first introduced in Morocco and then tweaked in Europe.

Today’s hash market is more or less variations of both methods. With Bubble Hash, produced by cold water pressure being the most popular in North America.

One of the first recorded encounters with hashish is in the legendary Arabic book, 1001 Arabian Nights. The book portrays the story of a once rich man who squanders his fortunes on women. After spending his last penny, he ventures into the desert a poor man, until he finds himself in a Hammam (A Turkish bath). He then proceeds to eat an entire ball of hash and strip himself naked. During his experience, he envisions himself again a wealthy man, until he wakes up to realize the locals are ridiculing him. From that moment on, he began to regain his dignity and pride.

While a great wives tale, it’s validity is murky, to say the least. Yet, that didn’t stop hashish from spreading from the Arabic world to Europe.

How to Vape Hash and Tips

Vaporizing hash is the healthiest method to enjoy the concentrate. Not only is it healthier, but it retains the flavour profile, creating an authentic cannabis experience. However, if done with reckless abandon, it’s a great way to find yourself shelling out $200 for a new vaporizer.

Hash is a resinous product, and by using it in a vaporizer, you run the risk of getting resin where it shouldn’t be. This includes the battery and wiring! Follow these easy steps and you’ll save yourself from troubleshooting your vaporizer.

Pick the Right Vaporizer

Common sense says using a concentrate vaporizer is the best choice. Not so quick. Concentrate vaporizers are designed to vape shatter and honey oils. Hash’s consistency isn’t ideal for them. Thus it’s best to use a dry herb Vaporizer.

Look for vaporizers such as the Pax 3, Arizer Air and Firefly 2+. These are high-quality products, but most importantly, they include temperature control.

Hash requires a higher temperature to vape than cannabis, and if a vape doesn’t reach 180°C, you essentially wasted your lovely product.

If you want to “dab” hash, that’s also an acceptable method. Dab rigs work well for the hash, but require cleaning after every session.

2. Choose a “Crumbly” Hash

As previously mentioned, hash is available in a variety of consistencies. For the sake of your vaporizer’s longevity, select a hash that crumbles, vs. one that is sticky and resinous.

A couple of varieties that come to mind and work wonders are Bubble Hash and Pollen Hash. Both are crumbly in texture and also easy to source. Most cannabis retailers will carry at least one, if not both.

3. Use Degummed Hemp Fibre

Possibly the most crucial step and a revolution in vaporizing hash is Degummed Hemp Fibre. Although the THC, terpenes and cannabinoids in hash will vaporize, the resinous product melts at high temperatures. It then leaks into your vaporizer, destroying the piece.

This is where the Degummed Hemp Fibre comes to save the day.

Degummed Hemp Fibre is similar to wool, except made of, well hemp. Lay a little layer on the bottom of your loading chamber to protect the vape from the melted hash. Once you’re done the session, throw away the Degummed Hemp Fibre and give the vape a little clean.

4. Break the Hash into Small Pieces

While it’s much easier to throw a glob of has into the vape, it’s not an effective method for consumption. Selecting a hash crumble is the first step; the next process is to crumble it.

If the hash is tougher, carefully use a knife in a cutting board and chop it into little pieces. If the hash breaks apart quickly, sprinkle the concentrate onto your degummed hemp fibre evenly as to ensure a smooth experience.

If your hash is tough, you can “prime” it by running a lighter over it a couple of times, making it fall apart easily.

Once your hash is all crumbled and spread evenly on the degummed hemp fibre, turn the vaporizer on to the right temperature and begin vaping!

Vaping Hash Is Easy With Some Know-How And Caution

Now that you’ve got all the steps down, it’s time to give it a shot. Vaporizing hash is easy and an excellent alternative to smoking it in a bong or with tobacco. Your lungs will thank you later.

Here’s a quick recap to summarize it all up.

  • Select a hash that crumbles to save your expensive vaporizer from residue
  • Use a flower vaporizer; not a concentrates version. Selecting a sturdy build with temperature control to 180°C minimum.
  • Degummed Hemp Fibre is your best friend. It will save your vape and doesn’t alter the hash’s flavour profile.
  • Break the hashish apart to help the vaping process and ensure a smooth melt.
  • Once finished, throw out the resin and hemp fibre. Complete the process by giving the chamber a clean and getting it ready for the next time.

There you have it; we hope you’ve liked learning how to vape hash. Follow our blog for more tips and tutorials on anything cannabis-related.

Long gone are the days where hash was exclusively smoked via joint or tobacco pipe. Thanks to vaporizers, the new question is around how to vape hash.

Vaping Hash for Beginners: Hash Vaporizer Top 5

Vaping Hash might look easy but it isn’t. Before you put hash in your vaporizer, you have to know the answers to a couple of important questions. Is it possible to vape hash in your vaporizer? Will it mess up your device? So what is a good hash vaporizer? How do I get it clean again after vaping? All these are questions to which we know the answers. We’ll tell you all about vaping hash in this article and we’ll put together a hash vaporizer top 5 for you!

Can you Vaporize Hash?

Many people wonder whether you can actually vape hash. The redeeming answer: yes, of course! But not every device is suitable. Therefore you must properly prepare before going about it. It would be a shame if you had to throw your vaporizer away immediately. Why?

  • Hash turns liquid. When hash is heated, a liquid substance remains. This can leak through the herb chamber. It can end up in places where it shouldn’t be, such as on your battery or other electronic elements. Your vaporizer will stop working and this form of damage is usually not covered by your warranty. You need a proper hash vaporizer with a sealed, or well-protected, herb chamber.
  • Stubborn residues. Whereas dabs, concentrates or oil vaporize completely, there is always a residue left over from hash. This is a stubborn, sticky and hard deposit which you won’t be able to scrape out of your vaporizer easily. You simply won’t be able to get narrow herb chambers clean again. What you need is a hash vaporizer which you can easily get clean. Or a vaporizer with special tools for putting in hash or concentrates for vaping.
  • Vaping hash is only possible at high temperatures. Higher than for dry herbs that is. If your vaporizer cannot achieve these temperatures then you cannot vape your block of hash. Theoretically, you can vape hash from 180 degrees Celsius. But practice teaches that you only experience the desired effect from 200 degrees Celsius. This also depends on the heating technique and other specifications of your vaporizer.

Do you want to vape hash? Then make sure you buy a suitable hash vaporizer. You will find the best models at the bottom of this article.

Which Hash for a Vaporizer?

Okay, so you can vapourize hash. But not all hash is the same. The best hash for vaporizers can be found in the coffee shop under ‘pollen hash’. You can also easily make this crumbly hash yourself with Hash Press. Crumbly hash is less compacted and consequently easier to vape. It heats up better and more evenly. Break it into very small bits before putting it in the herb chamber.

Sticky, compacted hash is no joke to get into your vaporizer. The compacted bits don’t heat up in the optimal way. The innermost part is often hardly even warm! Not particularly efficient then. Moreover, producing smaller pieces from this sticky stuff is quite laborious. Even if you manage to break it up into small pieces, it sticks itself back together in the herb chamber. The biggest disadvantage of sticky, compacted hash? After vaping it, it’s almost impossible to get the vaporizer clean again. The residue is very stubborn and the chances are that you won’t be able to ever get it off. Fortunately, there is a solution for this: Vape Wool.

Buy Degummed Hemp Fibre

A convenient thing to have around when vaping hash, oil or concentrates is ‘Vape Wool’ from Black Leaf. Vape Wool is degummed hemp fibre which is the ideal solution for vaping hash and other concentrates in a vaporizer. And the best thing about it: you don’t taste the hemp fibre at all. The taste of your hash stays pure and unadulterated.

Vape Wool is so called because the woolly stuff stops hash sticking to the inside of your vaporizer. No more burnt-on residue! Degummed hemp fibre can withstand temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius. After your vaping session, you simply remove the hemp from your herb chamber and make the hash vaporizer clean again in its entirety. In no time at all, you’re ready for the next session. Vape Wool saves you no end of time and energy in terms of cleaning.

Vape Wool is also good for using with oil or wax. Dip a bit of the hemp fibre in the oil or rub some wax on it. Put it in your herb chamber and all you have to do now is switch the vaporizer on and enjoy! An alternative to ungummed hemp fibre is a bit of dried weed as a bed for the hash. But unfortunately the weed does affect the taste of your vapour. So, if you really want to taste the pure hash, the solution is Vape Wool.

The Best Hash Vaporizer

To save you the trouble of looking, we have made a list of the best hash vaporizers. You’ll know that your vaporizer isn’t going to go wrong with one of these models. That’s the main thing. Moreover, we have checked whether it’s practical to vape hash in these vaporizers. Can you clean it properly after vaping? Does it still work properly after a hash vape session? For the sake of certainty, we recommend you always use ungummed hemp fibre. Then you’ll know that everything will stay in order.

Here we have the top 5 Hash Vaporizers:

#1 Storz & Bickel Vaporizers

The German Storz & Bickel Vaporizers are in any case recognised as one of the best brands on the market and that is once more confirmed. This brand has thought of everything. You can actually vape hash with all Vaporizer models from Storz & Bickel (Mighty, Crafty, Volcano Classic, Volcano Hybrid & Plenty). The hash vaporizers are all supplied with Liquid Pads. Metal, heat-resistant pads on which you can put both hash and other concentrates for vaping. It’s really simple. Firstly, allow your vaporizer to heat up. ‘Fill’ your liquid pad with hash or another concentrate and put it in your herb chamber. Vaping hash has never been easier. After the session, extract the liquid pad and clean the herb chamber immediately. Warmed residue is much easier to get off than cooled and burnt-on residue.

Tip: you can also replace the liquid pad with ungummed hemp fibre. It’s also not a bad idea to put an extra screen on top of the ‘filled’ liquid pad. This will stop anything getting into your mouthpiece! With Storz & Bickel you are getting hold of the ultimate hash vaporizer!

#2 Vapcap M from Dynavap

The Vapcap M is a very special vaporizer. In contrast to virtually all other vaporizers, it doesn’t work on electricity. You have to heat it up yourself with a torch lighter! Old school, but really effective. And now the good part: you can also use it as a hash vaporizer. We recommend that you do use ungummed hemp fibre with this vaporizer because otherwise it’s a real job to get it clean. But the quality of the vapour when smoking hash with the Vapcap M is really excellent to put it mildly. According to reviews in various blogs and forums the Vapcap M Vaporizer is perhaps the best one of all for vaping hash.

It’s a bit trickier to fill this vaporizer than other models because the herb chamber is relatively small. Take just a little bit of hemp fibre and place a small bit of hash (0.1 grammes is enough) in between. Place it in the herb chamber of the Vapcap, heat it with a torch lighter until you hear a click and you’re ready to vape the hash. After finishing your session, remove the Vape Wool from the herb chamber and clean it straight away with a brush. It’s as easy as ABC!

#3 Linx Vape Pennen

The Linx Ember and Linx Hypnos Zero, two good vape pens for vaping hash. They are designed for smoking dabs which completely vapourize. There’s not intended to be residue in the herb chamber. Nevertheless, these vaporizers work well if you put a small piece of hash in, as long as you clean them immediately after your session. Don’t let the hash cool down. Or else cleaning them will be no joke. Using Vape Wool is a good solution although the herb chamber is so small that there won’t be much room left over for hash.

For vaping hash in the Linx Ember or Hypnos Zero you unscrew the mouthpiece from the atomizer (herb chamber) so you can then fill this. Please note: the Linx Ember has room only for a very small quantity of hash. Look on it as a one hitter. Fill the herb chamber with hemp fibre and hash, allow the pen to heat up and vape your hash without any problem. After the session, empty the herb chamber and you can easily wipe off the warm residue. The hash couldn’t be nicer because the herb chambers are completely sealed. Thinking of Buying the Linx Vape Pen? Check out the offer!

#4 Dr Dabber Switch

The Dr Dabber Switch is one of the few vaporizers with which you can literally vape everything. And that includes hash! This vaporizer actually has all the elements which a normal vaporizer doesn’t have. It is a unique, induction vaporizer – the first on the market. In addition, the Dr Dabber Switch cleans itself completely. After use, you just press the button to put it into the proverbial ‘cremation state’. Moreover, you can remove the entire herb chamber/cup. Cleaning was never this easy, it does it nearly all itself! For exactly that reason, this is actually the number 1 if you want to vape hash. But it comes at a price.

Want to know more about the extremely multifunctional Dr Dabber Switch? Find all the information here!

#5 Pax 3 Vaporizer

The Pax 3 Vaporizer is one of the best on the market. It is extremely compact and looks magnificent. Anyone not in the know, wouldn’t see that it is a vaporizer. The Pax 3 is suitable for dry herbs (weed), hash and other concentrates. This hash vaporizer is provided with a special herb chamber in which you can vape sticky substances. We have tried it. The vape quality was perfect but cleaning was a difficult task. At least, that was the case until we discovered ungummed hemp fibre!

For vaping hash with the Pax 3, you need a hotbox/concentrates holder, which you only get if you purchase the so-called ‘complete kit’ from Pax. Fill the hotbox with some hemp fibre, lay the hash on top and cover it again with a bit more hemp fibre (make sure the holes stay free). Allow the vaporizer to pre-heat first. Has it reached the high temperature? Place the hotbox underneath the Pax and the vaping hash can begin! After the session, we recommend you clean the Pax as soon as possible. Do you use Vape Wool? Then it’s not a big deal. If you don’t, then cleaning will be quite an effort. Please note carefully: the hotbox is red-hot after your vaping session!

Buying a Hash Vaporizer

Have we convinced you about the possibilities and you’re now going to buy a hash vaporizer? At Dutch-Headshop we have a wide range of hash vaporizers waiting for you. Check out all the vaporizers and search for one of the above models!

Can you vaporize hash? Yes, of course! But you need to prepare properly. Read how to do it and check out the hash vaporizer top 5!