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Berner has about half an hour before a video crew shows up to record an interview about The Jacka, whose shooting death in Oakland was a year ago Feb. “Wassup,” he says, drawing the fist to his nose and inhaling deeply. He opens his hand: another handful of beautiful, exotic-looking nugs.

“Gelato #41,” he says, before offering two of the strangers on hand at the store a free Hemp2o from the fully stocked refrigerated case. “Please,” he says, a salesman's twinkle in his eye, “I'd appreciate your honest opinion.” A few days before, Berner's biggest move yet was announced: the show at the Graham with Cypress Hill. He's recorded with B-Real before and opened for Cypress Hill at the Regency Ballroom — “for free,” he notes — but this is the big one. He's producing the show, which means he has to sell 8,500 seats.While breaking up the nug to roll another fattie — the first one ever smoked inside the store, he swears — he admits he's stressing about it. It's a big step up from the small clubs he was playing just a few years ago, which were themselves light-years away from buying dime sacks from the crew he's now jetting to Vegas with. And one second after saying he's worried about selling tickets, he's selling them. “I don't even really realize what it is until we do a show. It's like a movement.” Best Ways To Use Male Cannabis Plants.

Male cannabis plants sure don’t have the best reputation. In fact, what most growers learn early on is to spot them and toss them out to avoid pollination of their precious ladies. The truth is, male cannabis doesn't deserve its poor image. Before you discard them, learn some good uses for male cannabis plants. Male cannabis plants are normally seen as something undesirable, at least if you ask the average cannabis grower. No one wants their precious crop accidentally pollinated and then ruined, as we’ve learned will happen if we don’t separate the males from the females early on. This negative stigma and the hassle associated with male plants are the reasons that feminized seeds have gained popularity. The thing is, male cannabis plants don’t really deserve the poor image that they have. They have some valid uses, which you may want to consider before you go tossing them. Here are some of the best ways to use your male cannabis plants. Yes, growing cannabis is awesome, and very few would question such a fact. But growing pretty much the same identical bud from clones may not be the most interesting thing for you, the cannabis enthusiast. How about breeding your own, top-quality cannabis strains? For more advanced growers, breeding new strains can well become an exciting passion. Imagine creating your own special bud that is more flavourful, more resinous, has better yields, and delivers a better high. You can achieve this when you combine the best qualities of different strains with careful breeding. When you start breeding your own top-shelf bud, the male will contribute 50% of the genetic material. It just makes sense that you’d want to select the best male that you have as the donor. We don’t smoke males, so it’s harder to find the perfect plant with the best flavour. Usually, breeders select their male through process of elimination. Here is some criteria to help you determine which one to keep, and which to discard. Most of the time, these plants may be lacking when it comes to the quality of their bud. Eliminate those male plants that flower too early, and rid yourself of those that autoflower. Plants that flower at unexpected times may have a higher chance of becoming intersex. One thing that breeders do is select good males based on their stems.

Large, hollow stems are normally a good sign, while you should toss those plants with a pithy stem. Experienced growers say there is a positive relationship between the type of stem and THC content. Eliminate those male plants with an airy bud structure and keep those with dense and tightly-packed buds to ensure good yields. A simple sniff test is yet another easy but effective way to find a promising male.

Unlike other plants that can grow both male and female flowers on a single plant, cannabis is what’s called a dioecious plant, which means the females and the males grow separately. Always eliminating the genetically distinct males at the earliest time leads to decreased diversity. The presence of the males is important to the continued strength and vitality of a strain. Many hobby growers use one single feminized strain, or base their entire grow on essentially identical clones. This lack of diversity leads to weakened defences and an increased sensitivity to diseases and pests.


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