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They simply used some detox products which work by dilution, and then drug tested themselves. They discovered, indeed, if you follow the basic instructions, drug metabolites are not detectable and the sample has the color, smell, and creatinine content of undiluted urine. Dilution is one of the safest ways to pass a drug test because if the sample comes back negative but diluted, the employer scientifically has no grounds with which to claim that you intentionally diluted the sample as simply drinking a lot of water or even the soda they tell you to drink before the test can cause a sample to be diluted. In order to pee on-demand as you have to do for a drug test, you must usually intentionally drink more fluid than you would normally drink, and that can naturally lead to a dilute sample.

However, if you get a dilute positive result, it will look like you both took drugs and tried to hide it, but still, they can’t prove later and you cannot, therefore, be charged with fraud. Cheating a government drug test, if proven, can land you in federal prison for trying to defraud the government of the United States. This does not happen with regular consumers for the most part but can happen with company owners who sell detox products. How to add color to urine for drug test: The basic way to do dilution is to drink 20 ounces of water, an hour before the test, and a booster of 10 to 20 ounces just before the test. You need to add lite salt, b-vitamins, and a normal dose of creatine to the first drink. The b-vitamins will add the color back to your urine. The salt will prevent water intoxication and the creatine will raise creatinine levels, which is used to detect dilution.

You can buy synthetic urine which will pass a drug test. The most popular synthetic urine on the market is Quick Fix urine. However, test makers are playing a cat and mouse game with synthetic urine makers so one can never be sure when they will figure out how to detect the current crop of synthetic urine products. For this reason, Quick Fix labels the version of their product with numbers, the latest version (as of September 2019) is Quick Fix 6.2. Many adulterants used to beat drug tests have been recognized in scientific publications. Klear, Whizzes, Urine Luck, and Stealth are some products that are recognized as able to foil drug tests (Fu) ( Advances in Clinical Chemistry 2016) . These products actually work but drug testers are coming up with ways to detect them. Common adulterants like bleach are easily detected. However, oxidizing agents actually destroy the drugs, so even if the agent is detected, it cannot be proven which drugs were in the sample. If using an adulterant, check your local laws to be sure you are not in danger of being charged with fraud. Another way to adulterate a sample, which cannot be detected as of today, is to take a zinc supplement. Once the zinc is in the urine, it will decrease the sensitivity of the test. In the Journal of Analytical Toxicology , zinc was found to reduce the detection of cocaine and methamphetamine (Venkatratnam and Lents). Adulterants like aspirin are now detectable and will no longer fool a drug test. Make sure you’ve peed a few times before you submit your testing sample. You want your pee to be watered down but contain the b-vitamins and creatinine to make sure dilution is not detected. General Medical Disclaimer: FV KASA is not dispensing medical advice. None of the products mentioned are medications according to the FDA definition of a medication. KASA does not encourage persons to do anything which is illegal in your jurisdiction. No product can guarantee that you will pass a drug test by using the product. Everything to Know About Diluted Urine Drug Test Results. Drug tests are a part of most new job opportunities. Prospective hires know it might be coming, and current employees should be aware that random drug tests are always a possibility. Most employers use a standard five-panel drug test that screens for the five most common street drugs: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines (meth, speed, ecstasy), and phencyclidine. If an employee is concerned about testing "dirty," they might try to cheat the test. There are several ways people attempt to get away with cheating a drug test, most of which simply don't work; but there is one that an employee might get away with, and it involves diluting their urine so that the sample comes out negative (or clean). If an employee provides urine for a drug test and the specimen comes back dilute, it means that the person drank too much water prior to the test and literally diluted their urine.

It could also mean they physically poured water into their urine sample before turning it in. While this latter scenario pretty much confirms that the person tried to cheat their drug test, it's worth noting that in the case of the former scenario, a urine sample could come up dilute simply because the person drinks a lot of water in general, and their urine is probably normally that diluted. Of course, there's a way to measure the sample to confirm that it's indeed dilute. If the specimen has a creatinine of more than 5 mg/dL or less than 20 g/dL, and a specific gravity of less than 1.0010 or greater than 1.0200, it's considered a dilute specimen. Tests for creatinine and specific gravity are routinely run on urine samples, so labs know to look out for this. These numbers don't mean much to most people, but it's obvious that dilute urine provides a hurdle to employers. Dilute drug tests are a problem because it makes it harder to determine if that person is using illegal substances.

A positive dilute always means that you tested positive for an illegal substance, regardless of it being diluted.


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