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Scenario 4 – An experienced cultivator using 1000-watts. Finally, imagine a very experienced cultivator with a 1000-watt lamp and a growing area of 1.5 to 2 square metres. Top-quality material, ideal climatic conditions and culture which goes as well as possible without any problem.

The grower will use advanced cultivation techniques such as CO2 enrichment, hydroponics and automated climate management. This last cultivator could reach a record harvest of more than 650 grams per square metre. How many grams of cannabis per plant can you harvest? As promised at the beginning of the article, here are some crop estimates per plant, based on different growing conditions. These estimates are presented in the form of scenarios, as in the previous section. Imagine a plant grown indoors with a 400-watt lamp and a growth phase of only 15 days. The cultivation space is 1 square metre, and the plants occupy all the available space during the flowering stage. A short growing period shortens the total growing time. For a variety that flowers in 50 days, a growth of 15 days will allow harvesting in just 65 days or just over two months. The downside is that you will need many plants to fill a space of one square metre!

In this configuration, if the grower takes care of the plants properly and there are no major incidents during cultivation, a cannabis plant can produce between 15 and 30 grams of cannabis per plant. Let’s take an indoor plant again with a 400-watt lamp but now with a 40-day growth phase. During these 40 days of growth, the plant will have had time to develop a very dense root and leaf network, especially if the weather conditions are good. Some varieties will quickly reach a metre in height in 40 days of growth. The production of buds from a single plant will, therefore, be much higher than the previous scenario. You can expect between 40 and 80 grams of cannabis per plant if flowering takes place under optimal conditions. Scenario 3: 600-watts and 30 days of growth indoors. Growing a plant with a 600-watt HPS lamp with a 30 day growing period. The 600 watts will simply give you explosive growth. Indeed, you can virtually see your plant growth with the naked eye between morning and evening. You will have the opportunity to train your plant to give it the shape you want and to maximise the occupancy of the space. With this method, yields can reach up to 100 – 120 grams per plant. There are enormous variations in terms of potential harvest per plant ranging from 500 grams and 3 pounds. This is a complex topic and there are many other factors that can affect yields, such as hydroponics, which minimises the likelihood of errors and the type of seed used, which also has an impact on the amount of harvest. Some strains are much more high-yielding than others. Big Bud and Girl Scout Cookies, for example, are famous for their huge buds and generous yields. Reading tip : check all our high yielding strain seeds. by Bonza · Published November 26, 2017 · Updated January 29, 2020. How Much Weed Can One Marijuana Plant Yield?: We all want to get the biggest yield out of our marijuana crop especially since growing it requires hard work. But more importantly, we want to be able to enjoy its benefits as much as we can. To help us achieve this goal, we need to have a baseline on how much weed to expect come harvest time. Ultimately, this information will help guide our work to get the most out of the crop. So, exactly how much weed can one marijuana plant make? Interestingly, there are many answers to this question. But the biggest determinant is the light that nourishes the cannabis plants.

Typically, a brighter light will encourage the plant to produce bigger and denser buds. Similarly, a spacious grow area will help the roots grow longer which results to a more productive crop. Not surprisingly, using high-quality soil and fertilizer will also lead to bigger yields.

As we can see, many variables can affect both the quantity and quality of the weed we can harvest. Therefore, we will focus on them to get the nearest estimate of the yield. So, this article will cover the many ways to gauge the yield of marijuana based on the environment that we provide.


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