boundless tera review

Boundless Tera Review

A solid portable vape capable of pumping out BIG clouds.

  • High-quality, robust feel
  • Included water pipe adaptor
  • Great-tasting vapour clouds
  • Rapid heating time
  • Not quite pocket friendly
  • Battery life could be better
  • Poor vaporization of concentrates

Posted on May 19, 2020 January 16, 2020 by Peter Mattsson


With its distinctive design and incredibly solid feel, the Boundless Tera portable vaporizer could very well be the only vaporizer you’ll ever need. With the potential to produce hugely impressive vapour clouds with its full convection heating system, the Tera encases two replaceable batteries and an almost unbeatable heating time.

Performance & Vapour Quality

Perhaps the most stand-out feature of the Boundless Tera is its superb vapour cloud potential. Offering unparalleled cloud quality and allowing experienced vapers to produce thick, continuous clouds with every session, the smooth refinement of this vaporizer’s vapour is not to be passed-up.

Complete with a well-rounded stainless steel oven specifically designed to provide quality convection throughout, even heat is distributed to ensure maximum extraction and great taste during your entire session. With each draw, clouds are sure to increase in volume and size with the right technique, making the Boundless Tera a powerhouse in vaporizing herbs.

And whilst this vape is also compatible with concentrates, this aspect is where its performance slightly lacks. The included mesh concentrate pads are a little too compact, and their absorption isn’t quite as good as it could be. However, if you have other liquid pads you can try (such as those from Storz and Bickel’s Mighty), concentrate performance is likely to be slightly better.


Specifically designed to be carried around and used without being confined to your home environment, the Boundless Tera is a solid portable option. However its size and robust, somewhat bulky feel makes it a little tricky to comfortable fit into most pockets – and it certainly isn’t the most lightweight vape out there.

But provided you have a pocket large enough or are willing to carry it in a purse or bag, the Tera is perfect for use away from home. And as the mouthpiece has been designed with a useful swivel mechanism, you can swiftly close-in the mouthpiece when the device isn’t being used to ensure no potentially uncomfortable protruding parts whilst in your bag or pocket.

Ease of Use

As with most modern portable vapes, the Boundless Tera is simple to use and doesn’t require you to read complex instructions for operation as you would with some desktop options. Featuring a useful LED screen and just three buttons, you can switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, change temperatures and switch the device on and off with ease – just using those three buttons alone.

And due to the superbly easy operation of the Tera, using it during group sessions is simple! Requiring virtually no specialist technique to take a hit, passing this vape around multiple people won’t be time-consuming. The durable, weighted feel of the Tera makes it equally great for at-home use as well as when out and about, giving it truly versatile qualities.

Battery Longevity

The Boundless Tera features two replaceable 18650 batteries, leaving many assuming its battery life is likely to rival the heights of the Arizer Solo 2. However, the overall battery life extends to 50 minutes of continuous vaping which definitely isn’t bad – but could be considered a little disappointing when taking into account the weighty feel of this vape. And as the Tera isn’t equipped with pass-through technology either, you can’t use it during its 3-hour charging cycle.

But both batteries are fully replaceable, meaning provided you have a couple of spares in your bag when on-the-go you can easily continue your session. Simply switch-out the dead batteries for two fully-charged ones, and you’re able to continue with ease! So as long as you’re prepared and keep tabs on the battery life of the device whilst using it, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue.


A real powerhouse in terms of vapour cloud quality and overall performance, the Boundless Tera is a force to be reckoned with. Offering a great set of features for its price (including a free water pipe adaptor and fast heating time), you’ll never be left waiting for your session to begin. Ideal for experienced vapers who want something a little more than the Boundless CFC 2.0 but don’t want to spend a fortune on a premium desktop vape, the Tera offers great performance for a portable option.

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Boundless Tera

The Boundless Tera is an elegant convection vaporizer coupled with enormous power. It features a massive capacity of 2500mAh generated by two removable 18650 batteries. The best part is, it comes with a water adapter that attaches it to most bongs for an extra smooth vapor. Moreover, it is capable of holding up to 0.6g of herbs.


Boundless Technology is known for its remarkable quality for their vaporizers. The developers usually combine both functionality and style without sacrificing quality. You will never get any less than perfect vaporizer from Boundless Technology. The same rule applies to the new Tera. Like other Boundless vaporizers, this device comes with an unobtrusive design. It features an impressive convection heating method derived from the Boundless CFV. So, you can be sure that the Boundless Tera produces pure and flavorful vapors you will love.

Design with a purpose
Constructed with the best material, the Boundless Tera features an innovative steel chamber. It reflects and distributes the hot air throughout the material for even heating. Featuring a water adapter, you can use the Boundless Tera with any bong you like. Thus, eliminating impurities and cools the vapor at the same time.

Stronger than ever
The Boundless Tera boasts a huge battery capacity of 2500mAh. It is the first aromatherapy vaporizer that has two removable 18650 lithium-ion batteries. A USB cable is provided to recharge the batteries hidden in the powerful magnetic sleeve.

Full control
First of all, the Boundless Tera comes with an easy to set in temperatures and haptic feedback. It has an easy three-buttons-operation and a large OLED screen. You can choose a temperature between 140°F to 428°F and watch the temperature rises. The vaporizer will vibrate when the set temperature is reached. You may also skip the temperature setting as it remembers the last used temperature. So, all you have to do is to fill it up after a session.

Boundless Tera Video

The following video is an unboxing video of the Boundless Tera. You may see all the cool accessories it comes with. Get ready to be amazed.

The Boundless Tera is an elegant convection vaporizer coupled with enormous power. It features a massive capacity of 2500mAh generated by two removable 18650 batteries. The best part is, it comes with a water adapter that attaches it to most bongs for an extra smooth vapor. Moreover, it is capable of holding up to 0.6g of herbs.