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BOUNDLESS Tera review | Portable weed vaporizer

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The Boundless Tera, the new 100% convection vaporizer from Boundless has finally arrived and is available in stores.

After the problems of the first launch and its recall, now this vaporizer is back with an improved design; it has all the credentials to be the new reference in its price range: let’s see how it is done and how it goes this portable vaporizer.

Boundless Tera – main characteristics

    • Vaping method: Convection
    • What can I vape?: Herbs and oils
    • Heating speed: 30/60 seconds
    • Battery life: 90 minutes
    • Warranty: 3 years

BOUNDLESS Tera review | Design and portability

The Tera is characterized by a modern and ergonomic design, it is similar in size to the other convection vaporizer from Boundless, the CFV, and slightly smaller than the CFX; it weighs 317 grams.

If you look at the images on the opening gallery you can see the actual size of this new device.

The OLED display is located in the upper part of the vaporizer near the mouthpiece: the current temperature and the battery charge status are indicated.
There are 3 buttons, one for switching on and off, two for adjusting the vaporization temperature.

It must be said that speaking of portability, the Boundless Tera is not really a lightweight: it is quite corpulent, but it is easy to handle.

As for discretion, this vaporizer can be exchanged without problems for an electronic cigarette, given the finishes and shapes similar to the latter; as said before, however, does not disappear completely in the palm of the hand.

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BOUNDLESS Tera review | Vapor quality

As already mentioned, the Tera is a vaporizer that makes use of 100% of convection technology, to guarantee a vapor with an “authentic” and tasty flavor; above all there is no risk of combustion, even minimal, even at maximum temperatures.

Speaking of temperatures, the maximum that can be set is 230°C. The heating speed is not exceptional, from 30 to 60 seconds, but also some of the most expensive portable vaporizers have a similar heating speeds.

The brazier is made of aluminum, and has a capacity of 0.5 grams, a larger quantity (almost double, depending on the model with which it is compared) of most portable vaporizers.

In the package there are two mouthpieces of different materials: a glass one and the other is made of ceramic.
Another accessory already included in the package is a reducer to use the Tera with our water pipe; lately it is more and more frequent to see the bong-coupled vaporizers of every shape and size, this to maximize the positive characteristics of the vaporizers (smoke weed without combustion), moreover cooled properly through water filtration.

Here are two accessories with which Tera goes great, the Honey Bubbler [info and prices] and a Bubbler [info and prices] universal glass.

BOUNDLESS Tera review | Battery

The battery, or rather the batteries, are a distinctive feature of the Boundless Tera. In fact this vaporizer is powered by two classic 18650 batteries, which are therefore removable and rechargeable even through a wall charger.

The advantages of this constructive feature are clear: it is possible to buy more sets of batteries, which have low prices (here are some examples of 18650 batteries), in order to always have available an energy source when you are away from home; it is useful to change worn-out batteries easily, without disassembling anything.

The duration of a set of batteries depends, as we always specify, on the temperature used; the Boundless Tera has an average duration of charge that is around 90 minutes.

BOUNDLESS Tera review | The choice

It seems that while designing this vaporizer at the Boundless hq, they keep in mind all the requests of the passionate weed vapers for a perfect vaporizer, which are: a convection vaporizer, replaceable batteries, capacity of the brazier and compatibility with water pipes.

This vaporizer contains all the characteristics that are most appreciated in the world of vaporization, including a vapor quality that I would certainly put among the best around, at least in this price range.
The Boundless Tera pays a little pledge in size, and in the heating speed, characteristics that all in all can be considered marginal.

The Boundless Tera, the new 100% convection vaporizer from Boundless has finally arrived. This vaporizer is back with an improved design. It has all the credentials to be the new reference in its price range.

The Boundless Tera Recall: Why Sometimes it Pays to Wait

Boundless Tera Vaporizer Recall

Update: This Article is Contains Outdated Information and the Boundless Tera V3 production issues have been fixed. Please Read our Updated Review of the Boundless Tera V3 Here.

Boundless Technologies is a proven name in the portable weed vaporizer space. Their vaporizers have been received well by the vapor community and the economical price point at which they are sold make them great entry level vaporizers. Boundless garnered most their industry clout for the Boundless CFX – an ideal beginner vaporizer for someone who wants quality but cannot or will not spring for the more pricey top tier vaporizers.

To no surprise there was a lot of anticipation when Boundless Technologies announced the release of the Tera. The Bondless Tera is an all convection (herb and concentrate) portable vaporizer weighing it at roughly 10 ounces (with the batteries) and stands 4” inches in height, a bit on the heavy side it feels nice and sturdy in the hand. I also like how Boundless designed the Tera’s look – sleek and modern- at $219 it looks more like a $300+ vape.

The Tera Excitement is Justified

Another thing I got excited about was the large bowl capacity of the Tera. They claim it can hold .6 grams of herb. Even better the Boundless Tera will take your Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules. That’s right the easy fill dosing capsules from Storz & Bickel will fit perfectly in your Boundless Tera.

For my first session I put the Stainless steel chamber screen into the chamber. The screen will sit above the lowest part of the heating element. I assume this enhances the convection feature of the vaporizer. Filling the chamber I used a good amount of herb, I would say .3 grams. A confusing part about the Tera was that once it was on I again needed to hold down the power button for a few seconds to reach my desired temperature.

Heat up time was fast, for my first session I didn’t count, but it seemed to hit where I like it at 390 degrees (F) well under 30 seconds.

Boundless Tera Issues

The Boundless Tera had some serious plastic taste coming in with the vapor. I should have done an initial burn off which you are always supposed to do with a new vaporizer, but I got ahead of myself and being late at night I just wanted to use it after waiting for it to charge and schooling myself up by reading the manual.

I was unaware of how widespread this issue was with the Tera. Supposedly a good majority of the units were having similar issues with parts of raw materials of the vaporizer burning off and emitting this into the vapor.

Boundless has issued this statement in regards to the recall on the defective Boundless Tera units

Hey everyone, Boundless Technology is strongly advising to not use any first production Tera units. This is including those units that appear to be gas and smell free. A number of flaws were found and we are taking full responsibility for allowing these flaws to be released to the market. I will be updating with a list of flaws found shortly and return labels will be automatically sent out to all pre-order customers if you have not received one already. As a short-term solution, we are offering to send out any other Boundless unit or offer a full refund. A new Tera will be sent out once we have confirmed these issues have been addressed and a tear down will be released for both first production Tera units and the second edition units to highlight the issues found and to show how these issues were resolved. A secondary quality control will be established and we are currently working on a production guide that will be implemented by our manufacturer. Boundless product and the Boundless brand name have all be affected by this unfortunate situation and we acknowledge that this can not happen again. We are working hard to fix these issues and I am looking forward to sharing updates on when the fixed Teras will be released. Thank you all for the continued support.

Thankfully Boundless and the main retailers who brought the Tera to market are also known for their customer service are helping customers get refunded for their defective Tera vaporizers. The catch 22 here is retailers want to create alot of buzz and hype around a newly released vaporizer. This helps them have the #1 spot in Google and thus sell more vaporizers. However it does looks bad when you hype a unit that has such widespread issues.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

In a lot of these instances customers get mad at the retailers and manufacturers for not working out the issues before the release and hurling even more vitriol at social media influencers, accusing them of being shills and muddling their YouTube reviews in order to get more referral sales. Don’t get mad bro. The pre-production vaporizers that are tested and distributed before hand do have all the issues worked out and function great. The manufacturer and retailers don’t just say, “ Hey Man , these vaporizers are really messed up , but don’t tell anyone that , let’s just hope no one notices” The issues arise when producing on a larger scale and a glitch in the process occurs. I personally don’t know what that could be as I am not a manufacturing engineer.

As we have stated in a previous blog, these vaporizer manufacturers are not Fortune 500 names like Apple or Proctor & Gamble with billion dollar R&D budgets and often the first releases have defects which aren’t picked up on until thousands of customers have them. This was very much the same situation with the Ghost MV1 release in which minor defects have been ironed out and you now have one of the most powerful convection weed vaporizers on the market.

At To the Cloud Vapor Store we want to make sure the vaporizers we are selling have passed with flying colors. That is why we are not first to sell many of the hottest new released vaporizers. We want to make sure we as vaporizer enthusiasts can get behind them and that they are going to satisfy our customers without issue, because a happy customer is a repeat customer.

We will without a doubt be selling the Boundless Tera once the problems are all sorted out and we do highly recommend the Boundless CFX vaporizer in the interim . These Boundless Tera issues will be resolved and the vaporizer will win many aficionados over. We will also make sure to do an elaborate Boundless Tera review at that time to give you an idea of why we liked it so much on initial impression.

The Boundless Tera Vaporizer had some serious off gassing and plastic taste coming in with the vapor. I should have done an initial burn off which you are always supposed to do with a new vaporizer. Read about the Boundless Tera Recall