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Everything You Need to Know About Ice Catchers

If you’ve smoked a bong before, then you already understand why most smokers love them. The water chamber and percolators have an awesome cooling effect, which will give you a cool and great-tasting hit– not to mention that they’re healthier than standard glass pipes.

Ice catchers take this cooling effect to the next level. Bongs with ice catchers have exploded in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. Read on to learn more about ice catchers, and how they elevate your smoking experience to the next level.

What Is an Ice Catcher?

Most smokers prefer bongs to other methods of smoking, like glass pipes. The reason is simple. When you smoke a bong, the smoke cools down, thanks to filtration features like the water chamber, and in higher-end bongs, percolators. At some point along the line, a creative smoker decided that including ice would cool down the smoke even more. But, as the ice cubes melted, they would eventually fall into the water chamber. Ice catchers have changed the game for smokers who enjoy colder hits.

Ice catchers are pinched glass formations inside the body of the bong that hold the ice above the water chamber. They are generally located above all of the percolators in the bong, and are the last filtration stop before the smoke flows into the mouthpiece. Sometimes called ice bongs, bongs with ice catchers are a must for smokers who like their smoke extra-cool. They have also become a standard feature in new bongs.

Why Should I Put Ice in a Bong?

Well, you don’t need to put ice in a bong. But it helps.

Putting ice in your bong takes your bong’s filtration process to the next level. When smoke flows through the body of the bong, it will eventually hit the ice, bringing the smoke’s temperature down to an even more comfortable level. Even with a few ice cubes, the additional cooling power will have a noticeable impact on the smoke.

However, you should keep a close eye on the level of water in the water chamber. Because the ice will gradually melt, you should monitor how full the water chamber is, and empty it as you go.

4 Benefits of Ice Catchers

For smokers that want to bring their bong smoking experience to the next level, ice catchers offer plenty of benefits.

1. Filters Smoke

First and most obviously, the ice catcher is designed to facilitate smoke filtration. While the ice catcher will not do this on its own, the ice it catches will. Adding ice to the equation will help you to enjoy filtered, cleaner and better-tasting hits.

2. Inhale More Smoke

It’s no secret that many bong advocates enjoy taking huge bong rips, thanks to the fact that the smoke is filtered. Because ice further cools the smoke, ice catchers make inhaling large amounts of smoke even easier.

3. Doubles as Splash Guard

Nobody likes anticipating a nice, cool bong rip and accidentally getting a taste of bong water along with the smoke. In fact, bong water splashback turns some people off from water pipes altogether. Ice catchers prevent this from ever happening by acting as a splash guard. With the ice catcher positioned above the water chamber, you can enjoy the cool smoke without ever worrying about this.

4. Awesome Visual Feature

n the bong world, scientific glass is in. High-grade clear glass that allows the smoker to watch as the smoke is filtered has become quite popular. Ice catchers carry in the tradition of this scientific look, and bring your water pipe’s design to the next level.

How Do Ice Catchers Work?

Ice catchers have a fairly simple design and function, despite the creative theory behind them. In most cases, the ice catcher is made up of three pieces of glass that protrude from the inside of the bong. So, the ice catcher keeps the ice elevated simply by keeping it suspended. If you don’t want the ice to melt into the water chamber, then remove the ice cubes after your smoking session. It’s that simple.

New bong technology is pushing these boundaries with a different style of ice catcher. Rather than having pinched glass, these bongs have a trapezoid-shaped ice catcher, which acts as a shelf. It also carries all of the other benefits that standard ice catchers have.

Do All Bongs Have Ice Catchers?

While they have become popular in recent years, not all bongs have ice catchers. If you’re the kind of smoker who likes to improvise, you may be able to create a makeshift ice catcher on your existing piece. But chances are, the ice catcher will eventually break– or worse– your bong could shatter.

If your previous piece broke, or you’re looking for an upgrade, then be sure to check out a bong with an ice catcher. There are even plenty of bongs under $100 with ice catchers.

3 Toker Supply Bongs With Ice Catchers

Ice catchers aren’t reserved for higher end pieces– bongs of all different shapes and sizes have them. Check out some of the examples below.

Super Thick Beaker Bong

Available in several sizes, the Super Thick Beaker Bong takes a simplistic approach to filtering smoke. The downstem feeds directly into the water chamber, which diffuses the smoke. The ice catcher is right above the water chamber, which means you can add a secondary layer of filtration.

Fat Chamber Honeycomb Bong

The Fat Chamber Honeycomb Bong features a honeycomb percolator that goes a long way in filtering the smoke. Thanks to the ice catcher positioned above this perc, you can cool the smoke down even more.

16″ 8-Arm Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong

This scientific perc bong is excellent with smoke filtration. In addition to the multiple smoke-diffusion features, the ice catcher directly above cools down the smoke with great results.

Find a Bong With an Ice Catcher

If you’re choosing to smoke from a bong, you may as well have the best possible experience. Our online headshop carries plenty of options, and we’re committed to pairing you up with the piece of your dreams. Check out our selection, and enjoy your cool smoke!

Ice catchers are becoming more and more popular, and they're here to stay. This awesome feature aids in the smoke cooling process by keeping ice above the water chamber. Read our blog post to learn everything you need to know about bong ice catchers.