bong snaps

O Snap Bong – 15in

Colorfully accented glass bong that delivers huge, percolated hits.

Donut worry, the O Snap Bong is here to help you snap out of it. The base, built-in donut downstem, and mouthpiece add a pop of color, while the clear glass chambers let you watch as smoke and vapors concentrate and filter through the different percs that make this piece unique. Besides looking cool, these percs use those tiny holes to filter and cool down your hits before they reach the mouthpiece, resulting in fat hits that are so smooth you’ll be saying “O Snap.”

🅾️ POP OF COLOR – Clear Bong with Colorful Accents
🅾️ COOL DESIGN – Built-in O-Shaped Downstem
🅾️ 2X FILTRATION POWER – Two Matrix Percs
🅾️ HIGH QUALITY – Heatsafe Scientific Borosilicate Glass
🅾️ LARGE BONG – 15” Height & 2.5lb Weight
🅾️ EASY TO HOLD – Cylinder Style Bong
🅾️ Female joint with bowl

The neck of this bong also has layers of ringed indents which act as mini-chambers, which create more filtration and allow smoke to concentrate as it passes through. What that means is – super-potent hits for you! If you’re a fan of fashion and function, this is the right bong for you.

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Donut worry, the O Snap Bong is here to help you snap out of it. The base, built-in donut downstem, and mouthpiece add a pop of color, while the clear glass..

Bong snaps

Blistering Sativa on Sale All Week Long at HHH Med

If this bunk-ass weather has got you down and you can’t go where the climate suits your clothes, we’re making the cold rain and snow a little bit better with $150 ounces of Sunburn! It will take you to an upbeat, psy-co-delic place where those chilly winds don’t blow. Patients say Sunburn is an excellent strain for live shows, hot tubbing and apres ski. Agreed!

This is an outstanding strain at seriously low price – why not pick up 2 oz for $300, cook ’em down into butter and make some cookies. You’d wind up with about 300 5mg/THC servings – or a buck a high. At that price cookies and milk should be a new food group. You can also make some sativa tincture that will really give you a pick-me-up till spring. Next week we’ll give you our own secret “Winter Warmer” ganja tincture recipe. Stay tuned.

No offense to Orville Redenbacher but this is the real deal popcorn right here. These are fresh-from-the-grow, non-GMO popcorn-sized buds that are loved for their price, potency, and that they’re at the perfect density where you can just pop them in your bong and smoke away. And you know how you can eat popcorn all day, well, yeah. Don’t make any plans.

We’re now offering Snaps in 1/4 ounces so out-of-state shoppers can enjoy. And at $35/quarter and $60/half for sweet organic nugs, they’re not only fun and easy, they’re a seriously good deal.

Available at Helping Hands Rec only. Strains vary. While supplies last.

A buoyant buzz warms the muscles and makes this ideal daytime medicine. Krishna has an alluring astringent lemon pine cleaner aroma that intensifies when breaking open the puffy warm green buds, covered in orange tendrils scattered along the tight structure.

Your mind and body will enjoy a complex relationship with one another along this floaty high, but don’t be fooled by this lovely Lavender Gupta daydream; it can finish heavy causing your daytime activities to surrender to a nap.

Vote Coming Soon to Ban Rec Weed Stores in Lyons – We’ll Ne ed Your Help
Just when you thought it was safe to get high. . .

Yeah, hard to believe but folks in Lyons, CO will soon vote on whether or not to ban recreational dispensaries in town. That would mean we’d need to close our brand new Rec store, lay off the local staff we just hired and stop collecting more than $400 PER DAY in tax revenue to a town that’s struggling to recover fiscally after last year’s floods.

Not to mention that there’s a Recreational dispensary right on the far border of Lyons that pays no taxes to the Town, but is right on their doorstep and will be providing the evil weed to all their innocent townsfolk regardless. And that’s the tact they’re using – old school Reefer Madness arguments that have gotten some folks thinking twice about having legal weed in their Colorado version of Mayberry.

If you’re a resident of Lyons – whether you’ve been able to move back to town or are still away but have voting rights – we hope you’ll vote against the ban. We’ll be providing more info as we get closer, but we need your help in talking up the cause. Stay tuned. Interested in volunteering to help get the word out. Email us!

Well, if you’ve ever wondered what one of Colorado’s top ten medical marijuana strains was like, you’re in luck because Tangerine Sunrise is on sale at The Bud Depot Medical this week for just $25 1/8 – save $10! And read Tang’s winning review in Westword!

All deals are while supplies last, can’t be combined with other offers, no substitutions. Etc.

Night Nurse – Magic Jordan x Gupta Kush

This week, grow-master-fresh Sam explains a bit about choosing strains for pain management.

“We often get folks asking which strains are the best for pain management. While each person can have different experiences with strain effects, certain rules of thumb apply.

Generally, we recommend indica over sativa for pain, as the heightened mental status evoked from a sativa can often lead to the user to focus or dwell on the pain. Often pain management can have as much to do with distraction as any sort of removal of pain. Indicas can be helpful for this.

Further helping with pain management is the presence of residual CBGs in the buds. CBG has been described as being very effective in ocular and headache relief as well as generally being anti-inflammatory. Two of the strains that have recently tested high in residual CBG’s are the Night Nurse as well as the Krishna Kush. Both represent more of a chill vibe than a sleepy one, making them suitable for daytime pain management as well as end of the day relaxing. While we’re currently out of stock of both kinds of these seeds, watch for their possible return – meanwhile check the HHH Recreational and Medical menus to see when the nugs are in stock!”

It’s ok. We were all lightweights once
  • HHH REC: Dixie One Single Dose Drinks are lightly carbonated beverages infused with just 5mg of THC, the lowest dose you can find. So if you’re new to edibles or want to try them for the first time without chance of overdoing it, these are for you. In a variety of fruity all natural flavors. Just $7.50 at Helping Hands Rec. While supplies last. Great time to stock up!
  • BUD DEPOT REC: 20% off all Wana Magic Bars! 7 layers of pretzels, caramel and weed. Delicious and excellent high.
  • BUD DEPOT REC: 10% off all other Wana products.
  • All items while supplies last.

This famous pastry was fit for kings, but after a few puffs it got destroyed. And they said it was big enough for five rations. That would be five people who weren’t high. By the way (and this is a stretch), but if you’re a fan of Food Network and food travel shows to Europe you might just be able to guess the old bakery it came from. Think you know? Email your guess and if you get it right you’ll get two ten cent joints! Need a hint? Re-read the paragraph – there’s three clues.

Bong snaps Blistering Sativa on Sale All Week Long at HHH Med If this bunk-ass weather has got you down and you can’t go where the climate suits your clothes, we’re making the cold rain and ]]>