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Pipes & Smoking Access.

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to enter the smoke & vape shop. All products are intended for use of tobacco and legal herbs only.

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For Tobacco use only!

-American Made
-local artist pieces
-Scientific Glass
-Steam Rollers
-Ceramic Pipes
-Vortex Pipes
-Oil/Concentrate Rigs
-8″ Water Pipes with triple Honeycomb
-Bubblers with Honeycomb
-Gandolf pipes
-Triple chamber bubblers
-Large water pipes
-One-hitter pipes
-Bat pipes
-Acryllic Pipes
-Triple and Double Perculator Pipes
-Colored glass pipes
-Colored changing pipes

-Ash catchers
-Titanium nails
-Quartz nails
-Brass and steel screens
-Pipe cleaners
-Stash box

Herb Grinders
-Aluminium window grinders
-Sharpstone grinders
-5-chamber grinders
-Window crank grinders
-Grinders with screens
-Acrylic grinders
-Wooden grinders

Novelty Pipes
-metal pipes
-Twister/folding pipes
-Super stick pipes
-Highlighter pipes
-Sparkplug pipes

Rolling paper in your favorite sizes
Raw, Elements, Smoking, Rizzla, Zig Zag, Job, OCB, Bob Marley, and more

Portable and desktop vaporizers offer discrete vaping in a variety of forms. We carry popular brands such as Pax, Firefly, Da Vinci Ascent, Atmos, Magic Flight, Puff It, G Pen, VaporX and Encore. For dry herbs as well as e-liquids and oils.

The best head shop in Chicago, off the Red-line Sheridan stop. Water pipes, grinders, dugouts, chillums, Vaporizers, Pax, G-Pen, Atmos. For Tobacco use only