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Make sure you’re cleaning your glass or acrylic! It’s easy to let your bong get dirty but we really suggest using bong cleaning gear to make sure you get the best hit you can! From brushes to solutions, you can get everything you need right here to make your bong is squeaky clean!

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Genie Alcohol Cleaning Wipes are an essential piece of kit for cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer with ease.

The Mini Rasta Bong Brush is a really handy tool that will allow you to reach to cleaning the most difficult parts of your bong as well as taking care of your most delicate pieces of glassware!

The Oil Slick Slick Shield Bong Condom is the most hygienic way to use a bong.

If you really care about your glass bong then you are definitely aware of the importance of staying on top of the cleaning!

The perfect final treatment after the cleaning process with the ROOR cleaning agent. Removes annoying lime residues and makes the pipe sparkle and shine again.

The Skinny Cotton Tip Bong Brush is the perfect tool for cleaning up your pipe, bong, hookah or vaporizer and taking care of hard to reach areas!

Keep your vaporizers, E-cigarettes, bongs and pipes clean, hygenic and fresh with these Vipes.

The ROOR Cleaning Solution has been designed to keep your ROOR Glass products in tip top shape. Without a doubt the best way to keep your glass bongs clean without damaging them.

Use the Cotton Tip Rasta Bong Brushes for getting into hard to reach places. There’s a size to suit all medium to large sized bongs.

When you have some gunk in your bong that simply wont shift, you may need a slightly firmer hand. Or a brush. That’s where the Firm Bong Brush comes in handy!

Be safe and clean with Dr Green! Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner is Earth Friendly – no fumes and no aftertaste once you’ve cleaned your bong or pipe.

Use the Fine Tip Bong Brush for getting into those awkward bong parts when they need a good scrubbing! Strong nylon bristles make up most of the brush, with a softer tip for accessing corners and joins.

This Cotton Tip Bong Brush is great for getting into those awkward bong parts when they need a good scrubbing! Strong nylon bristles make up most of the brush, with a soft cotton tip to avoid scratching corners and joins.

The Genie Vaporizer/Smoking Tool Kit is the perfect cleaning/maintenance/tool kit for use with all of your smoking paraphernalia.

Keep your nails, bangers and dab atomisers fresh to death with these Glob Mop XL cotton mops.

The LimPuro Bio Cleaner Concentrate 20ml Sachet is a handy single use sachet of the fantastic LimPuro Bio cleaner concentrate,

Keep your water pipe as fresh as a daisy with Kulu Pipe Cleaner. This will leave your bong or pipe sparkling and new!

Limpuro King wipes are a moistened fleece wipe that are specifically designed to tackle sticky resins and tars that build up on bongs and pipes from smoking

These cotton pipe cleaners by Newport are super absorbent, tough and flexible, making them perfect to clean even the dirtiest pipes.

The Dark Crystal Clear Glass Cleaning Solution is natures cleaning solution made from all natural products and is completely non-toxic.

Specially designed for cleaning vaporizers and its most delicate components, the Limpuro Vaporizer Bio Cleaner is made out of natural ingredients and will undoubtedly fulfill the job it was ever designed for!

Anyone who values their glassware equipment enough would agree that staying on top of cleaning is crucial for your bong to last for as long as it should be.

The RAD 10cm Grinder Brush With Cleaning Spike is a simple tool that will efficiently allow you to take the best care of your smallest pieces of glassware and grinding equipment!

Keep your vaporizers, bongs and pipes clean, hygienic and fresh with these Biodegradable Vape Cleaning Wipes by Vipe

Bong & Vape Cleaning Products

Okay cleaning is not the most interesting thing about smoking and we know that it can seem a bit of a chore, but cleaning your bong will give you a better and healthier smoke so we at Shiva have bought together the best cleaning equipment to make cleaning your bong easy and effective. Even if you are using naturally occurring plant material in your smoke mix your pipe or bong will become dirty over time.

At Shiva we have a wide range of cleaning equipment from brushes to liquids all aimed to make your life easier. The Happy Daddy cleaning tool is ideal whether it is for cleaning a bong bowl, a pipe or a grinder this tool will have it done in a jiffy. The Happy Daddy cleaning tools are high quality tools made from surgical steel. They have been designed to make removing all of the dirt and grime that builds up in bongs, pipes or grinders easy. The Bowl Buddy was designed especially for cleaning bong bowls, pipes and stems. The tool has a curved blade that can scrape all the grime out of bowls easily and it also has a flat blade for cleaning flat surfaces and a thin tapered point for getting into the stem of pipes. The Pipe Pal is similar to the Bowl Buddy, but is smaller which makes it a great tool for cleaning your pipe when you are out and about. The Grindson as its name suggests has been especially designed for cleaning grinders. At one end it has an angled point which makes it great for removing plant material from difficult to reach places. At the other end there is a scraping tool which can remove resin that builds up around the edges of a grinder.

We have a fine range of liquid bong cleaners such as Dr Green Bong and Pipe Cleaner which will clean your bong with no nasty fumes and no nasty aftertaste.

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Keep your bong clean using our wide range of cleaning accessories especially for your bong.

Bong Brushes

Glass Pipe Cleaning Brushes

Our Premium Resolution Bong Cleaning Brushes offer a new innovative spin on cleaning down stems, bowls, and pipes. Helping keep your Rigs and Bongs spotless.

At Resolution, we offer more than just the best liquid glass cleaning gel and cleaning kits to buy online. We also have a selection of the brushes for cleaning those hard to reach places! Browse through our bong brushes and pipe brushes online with us today. Buy our 10 pack set of different sized bong brushes and glass pipe cleaning brushes for any sized glass piece. Our bong and pipe brushes offer a new innovative spin on cleaning hard to reach places including down stems, bowls, the corners of rigs and pipes! At Resolution, we aim to redefine the negative stereotype that goes along with dirty glassware. This is why we have developed and continue to develop the supplies, tools, and natural products you need to keep your glassware free from residue build-up and improve your experience. Combine our pipe brushes alongside our tobacco pipe cleaning kit to scrub and wash away tar buildup. Don’t wait any longer for the dirt and grime to build up even more! Buy our bong brushes and pipe brushes today to get the best and most accurate clean for your glass pieces today.

The Best Bong Cleaning Brush Kit

At Resolution, we offer more than just the best liquid glass cleaning gel buy online. We also have the best tools for you to clean those hard to reach places. Our premium Resolution bong cleaning brush sticks are the best way to get every nook and cranny in your glass bong. Cleaning small pipes is just as difficult, if not more difficult to clean than a glass bong. Get every corner with a bristle brush and get your piece to sparkle all over again. That’s why our bong cleaning brushes also work as a pipe cleaning brush! Pipe brushes are useful for cleaning every small part of a glass pipe to make it look like new. Combine our pipe brushes with our liquid cleaning gel to scrub and clean all the resin and tar build up away. Our bong brushes and bong cleaning kit is the best way to bring back your glass bong to its original, new look! Buy our bong cleaning brush sticks to clean without any hassle or dramatic messes. At Resolution, we aim to redefine the negative stereotype that goes along with dirty glassware. This is why we have developed and continue to develop the supplies, tools, and natural products you need to keep your glassware free from residue build up and improve your experience. Browse through our cleaning tools and liquid cleaning supplies to buy the best way to clean your tobacco or pipes back to the new glass shine! Shop our bong cleaning brush or our pipe cleaning brush today along with our other cleaning products to start your quick and easy cleaning process today! Don’t wait until the build up of grime, dirt and tar becomes seemingly impossible! Buy our bong brushes today!

Resolution offers the best bong cleaning brushes to clean your bongs & pipes. Visit our online store to buy your pipe & bong cleaning brushes today! Click to learn more or contact us today.