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Weed Etiquette: 10 Rules for the Smoke Circle

Over time, a code of weed etiquette has emerged. This code forms an unspoken set of rules to keep order amongst the smoking circle. The following have become practically universal among smokers.

1. No Peer Pressure

If someone doesn’t want to smoke they shouldn’t have to. Also, if someone has smoked some but doesn’t want another hit them you shouldn’t pressure them into it. Live and let live. Plus, the less they smoke, the more you get to smoke.

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2. Try to Contribute

We all have times where we can bring bud to the circle, but you should still try to contribute. A bag of chips and a two liter is a great way to say thanks and it only costs 3 or 4 dollars. With that said, if you offer to smoke with someone you shouldn’t expect anything in return. Just remember all the times you were helped by friends when the well ran dry.

3. Pass it to the Left

Keeping a proper rotation is important. Always rotating to the left makes it easy. So, just pass it to the left.

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4. Roller’s Rights

Whoever rolls the joint/blunt gets to spark it. Same goes with bowl – whoever packs the bowl get to spark it. From there, please review number 3.

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5. Respect the Space

House rules always rein supreme. If you are smoking at someone’s house please be respectful. This also goes for hotels, parks, or any other place you light up. If you aren’t being considerate then you’re giving all pot smokers a bad reputation.

6. Don’t get Down with the Sickness

If you’re sick do not bring it into the smoke circle. For real! Let the group know and you can smoke a personal pipe that won’t get passed around.

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7. Greens

A green hit is when you smoke a pipe and light green herb as opposed to lighting into a pile of ash and carbon. The first greens is discussed in number 4; however, if you hit a pipe lightly from the rim of the bowl you can leave additional green hits for others. This is always a polite gesture and proper weed etiquette.

8. No Cigarettes in the Circle

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who would honestly claim that cigarettes are good for you, but that’s neither here nor there. If you do smoke step outside or away if possible. If everyone in the circle is a smoker it’s okay, but I still think you would be happier having that cigarette outside.

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9. Two Puffs and a Pass

When smoking a joint or blunt you should only hit it twice before passing. Bowls and bongs are typically one hit then pass it. Of course, if the circle agrees to do it different that’s no problem. Just refer to number 1o.

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10. The Rules were Made to be Broken

Weed etiquette isn’t really rules at all – they’re initial guidelines. They are helpful if you are entering a smoke circle where you don’t really know everyone. Often smoke circles are close friends in which case they may do things totally different.

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Just be chill – that’s pretty much all you have to do to fit into a smoke circle.

Weed etiquette isn't really rules at all – they're initial guidelines. They're helpful if you're in a smoke circle and don't know everyone. Just be chill.

15 Rules to Blunt Smoking Etiquette

There are crucial rules that a person should abide by to respect the blunt smoking experience.

The Notorious B.I.G. Smoking a Blunt

1. The person who rolls the blunt should be the one who lights it. This is simply out of respect considering it takes a few minutes to roll.

2. Pass left. This comes from a Rastafari tradition where Rastafarians would pass their marijuana left in times of peace and right in times of disturbance and war.

3. If a blunt comes to you that you did not plan to smoke, ask if you can smoke, if the person says yes do not exceed more than 2 puffs a time.

4. Normally people take 2 hits of the blunt and pass it; commonly referred to as “puff puff pass”. However, if there is a good amount of product in the blunt or you want to chief simply ask everyone. When there are only 2 people on a blunt or multiple blunts in rotation it is ok to take multiple hits.

5. If the blunt starts to “run” or “canoe”, don’t just keep smoking it. Fix it!

6. Be wary of ash. Nobody likes ash falling on them so keep your blunt clean and ash it frequently.

7. Try to avoid excessive moisture and keep the blunt nice and dry.

8. Never put down the blunt until it is done.

9. Do not allow the blunt to go out. This could result from letting it rest without taking a hit.

10. Ask everyone smoking if they want the roach before disposing of it. Some like to chief on the roach or have other plans in mind for its disposal.

11. If you are being “smoked up”, which means someone is offering you a smoke without asking for money in return, it is only right to smoke that person up in the future. After all marijuana does cost money.

12. It is impolite to leave immediately after being smoked up.

13. It is ok to smoke people up on a blunt just out of compassion, being stingy was never a huge part of marijuana culture.

14. Always return the lighter back to its owner.

15. Lastly, maintain a calm and chill atmosphere. You want to enjoy this experience with those sharing it with you

15 rules on how to properly smoke a blunt with a group of friends. The right way to handle yourself, as well as certain practices to avoid/ ]]>