blown glass bubbler

Glass Bubblers

Different types of hand blown glass bubblers

There is lots of styles and designs on the market and few different types of glass bubblers. From the classic glass on glass bubblers, through the rubber grommet bubblers to the fixed pot bubblers. Popular are also hammer bubblers. Hand blown glass bubblers come usually with a classic bowl but that can be changed to oil rigs. Therefore oil concentrates can be used as well as the dry herbs.

Weed bubblers for sale from our glassworks

Our online smoke shop offers hand blown glass bubblers made of durable Pyrex glass and except the glass on glass bubblers they all have a carb hole. Besides the classic bubblers our crafty glassblowers can make beautiful masterpieces. We have few detaily worked-out artistic bubblers for sale which are absolutely amazing. Elephant glass bubblers can serve also as a perfect decoration but they are really functional. As well as the octopus and skull bubblers with cool design.

Hand blown glass bubblers combine the function of water bongs and size of glass pipes. Weed bubblers can be handled with only one hand which is one of the greatest advantages.

American Made

Combine a medium to large hand pipe with water filtration through an internal down stem and you have a bubbler. A bong is a bong while in contrast, the bubbler comes in a variety of shapes. They do not have the large 2″ tube of a bong, and as a result, they have less air mixed in with the smoke. in contrast, they provide a more concentrated and pure hit even though it won’t be as massive as a bong rip. Bubblers are available in stand up Sherlock, Sidecar, and Hammer.

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