girl weed accessories

Stylish Weed Accessories to Help You Celebrate 4/20

Like any other holiday, 4/20 calls for an array of chic a ccoutrement s to celebrate. Whether you choose to participate in the day with a smoke break, or simply want to show some green pride à la emblematic accessories, we’ve got you covered with these fashionable weed products. Shop our picks below, and float on your stylish stoner way.

This denim button down hits a high note with a snakeskin leaf patch placed on the back.

Carrying your cannabis has never been more chic with a rosy clutch that says it all.

No need to stow away your smoke accessories when they come in pretty colors. These handmade pipes come in various pastels and are coffee table approved.

Add a luxe element to your rolling game with these 24K papers.

Handcrafted with a hemp-derived cannabinoid extract, this lip balm has benefits like anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and anti-oxidant properties.

This handmade ceramic set is functionality at its finest, complete with a rolling tray, stash jar, and ash tray.

Make your ash tray feel like an art piece with this rose-citrine dichroic glass cast version.

Made with ethically traded ingredients, this creamy dark chocolate is specially formulated for adding herbal butters and oils so you can cook up the high dessert of your dreams.

Keep all your essentials in one spot with this snakeskin clutch, complete with card slots, matching blunt holders and lighter.

These sativa candies are a sweet and subtle way to achieve a euphoric high.

Weed smoker or not, you won’t be able to stop spritzing this this alluring, floral scent.

This high tech vaporizer takes both dry herb and extract, and shows heating status, battery life, and temperature settings through an LED light.

This art deco case is a chic way to keep your joints safe and tucked away.

This gold monogram necklace gets a second when you open up the pendant, giving you a grinder whenever you need.

Ensure that your rolling technique is on point with a little help from this lavender glass tip.

Formulated with aroma therapeutic effects that help compliment your cannabis experience, add one to your bath for the ultimate way to unwind.

Light up with these compact, rechargeable lighters that come in an array of sleek colors.

Add a subtle leaf touch to your look with these pave diamond hoop earrings, available in 14K rose, yellow or white gold.

These grinder cards seamlessly fit in your pocket or purse, so you can grind up your greens in transit.

This standing glass pipe feels all grown up with its elegant wood touches.

Keep your smoking habits natural with these rolled filter tips, hand-planed from slabs of maple wood by the New York design studio Harold.

This kit has everything a smoker needs when traveling: rolling papers, an acrylic box for storage, Japanese eyedrops and lighter, all put together in a sophisticated leather pouch.

Fight shine and foster smoke with makeup blotting sheets that double as rolling papers.

Indulge in the best 4/20 has to offer with these stylish accessories.

The Cutest Cannabis Accessories for Stoner Girls

If you’re a female cannabis user then you know there is a lack of girly cannabis accessories on the market. Luckily this is slowly changing, I’ve searched the internet to find the best cannabis accessories for stoner girls.

In this blog post you are going to find feminine smoking pieces, tools, fashion, and more! Alright let’s get into it

Crystal Pipe

Want to smoke out of something magical? Then grab one these beautiful crystal pipes

Santa Cruz Shredder

Cheap silver grinders are so boring! Get a high quality grinder in your fave color, like purple or pink.

My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase repurposes vases into smoking pieces. I just love how elegant and incognito they are! Truly a perfect piece for any lady cannabis user.

Herbal Vape by Pax

A lot of herbal vaporizers are masculine looking and lack atheistic but not the Pax, it looks good and vapes even better!

Graphic Rolling Tray

Roll up your joints or blunts on one of these cute trays

The Cutest Cannabis Accessories for Stoner Girls If you’re a female cannabis user then you know there is a lack of girly cannabis accessories on the market. Luckily this is slowly changing, I’ve ]]>


how to scrape a bong

Weediquette – Learn to Scrape a Bowl for the Apocalypse

This week, after years of speculation about what the American people want, need, and deserve, a black candidate got a second chance. But more importantly, a green candidate got a second chance, and no, I’m not talking about Jill Stein. I’m referring to a homey you have actually heard of.

Citizens of Colorado and Washington State earned the right to use marijuana recreationally on Tuesday, and I could not be happier. Though both states are on the other side of the country—by my estimation at least a grueling three-to-four-hour drive from New York—their relaxation of marijuana laws suggests that many more states will someday ease restrictions on getting and burning cheeba. At least, that’s would you would think.

The West Coast has been more progressive about decriminalizing marijuana and moving toward its legalization (big up, California). And Tuesday’s vote was proof that such good temperament will forge on. However, let’s not get too hopeful all the way out here in the East. While Massachusetts has decriminalized small amounts and New Jersey has legalized medical use, New York, the only place on the East Coast that really matters, remains fairly dick about it.

Rather than moving forward as a civilized city, we are a police state where smoking a J on the street can land you in jail. That is, until shit gets apocalyptic. Sure, New York banded together after 9/11 and turned into a party after the 2003 blackout but Hurricane Sandy showed us a different side of things. If you were anywhere near the Alphabet City projects or Far Rockaway or Staten Island, you saw the potential for Mad Maxism bursting at the seams of reality. Fuck laws. This is the world we are headed for New York.

In the future, the West Coast will enjoy 60-degree winters with blonde bombshells holding surfboards while smoking Swisher Sweets filled with fantastic, affordable weed, while we on the East Coast will be engulfed by Frankenstorm after Frankenstorm until nothing is left of this city but towering concrete skeletons and smaller, human skeletons. Survivors will have no choice but to forage for sustenance—potable water, non-perishable foods, and whenever possible, a little bitty something to puff on. The bowls and pipes of yore, abandoned but caked with resin, will become tiny treasure chests waiting to be found by starving, bored New Yorkers and gently scraped for their sweet tarry filling.

Resin, my friends, is the new black gold, and the survivors will smoketh upon it with great zeal. Will you survive? Will you be one of the resilient few who battles forth for your existence? Even if you don’t, it couldn’t hurt for you to learn how to scrape a bowl.

When you find a nice resin-caked bowl, you’re first instinct will be to set it on fire and shove it into whichever facial orifice it can fit into. Remember, by this point you haven’t eaten or smoked anything in weeks except for human flesh (which, incidentally, you have both eaten and smoked). Restrain yourself, for there is an art to the artless act of smoking the remnants of better times.

Grab a thin piece of metal, like an unraveled bobby pin or paper clip. Hold the pipe over the fire and melt that resin as much as you can without burning it. Then shove the metal piece into the pipe about two or three hundred times, shaking, blowing, and pulling out the chunks of resin that accumulate and come loose. If you do a really good job, you’ll have enough resin to get you really dirty stoned for at least a week. Finally, you’ll be able to forget the troubles of post-apocalyptic New York, like the lack of a balcony in the abandoned penthouse you’re squatting in.

If you do it right, the process will go something like this.

Another huge plus of finding a sticky pipe and having the skill to scrape it clean is that it gives you the will to live. If Survivorman taught me anything, it’s that giving yourself something purposeful to do in a survival situation is paramount, tantamount, and Mount fucking Kilimanjaro.

Good luck out there. And if we run into each other at the end of the world, I’ll probably kill you and eat your eyeballs.

Resin, my friends, is the new black gold, and the survivors will smoketh upon it with great zeal. Will you survive? Will you be one of the resilient few who battles forth for your existence? Even if you don’t, it couldn’t hurt for you to learn how to…

How to Get Resin out of a Bowl

Last Updated: April 21, 2020 References Approved

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Resin buildup can make your pipe look grimy and taint the taste of new cannabis. Cleaning the bowl of your pipe regularly will help reduce buildup and practice resin sustainability. Whether you want a fresh, clean pipe or you want to get the most out of your stash, you can clean out the resin by soaking it in alcohol, freezing it, or boiling it in hot water.

How to Get Resin out of a Bowl. Resin buildup can make your pipe look grimy and taint the taste of new cannabis. Cleaning the bowl of your pipe regularly will help reduce buildup and practice resin sustainability. Whether you want a fresh,… ]]>


diamond supply co rolling papers


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24k Gold Rolling Papers release tomorrow at 12PM PST online and at our LA store.

24k Gold Rolling Papers release tomorrow at 12PM PST online and at our LA store.

Paper Planes Covert Coup Diamond Supply Grinder Combo

  • Sold for

/ Please Ask All Questions About Any Aspect Of The Listing Items Or The Terms Of Sale Before Purchase Be Sure To Check Out Our Other Listings Paper Planes First-Class Fight Size Papers are The World’s FIRST Medical Grade Rolling Papers!! These are the Best Hemp Rolling Papers You Will Ever Smoke!! And The Most Creative Pack You’ve Ever Seen!! DaFlyGuyz have worked on The Planes for over a year to ensure that their quality is unparalleled!! Made by the same manufacturers of Wiz Khalifa Brand rolling papers , Paper Planes are Super Premium 100% All Natural Hemp, Slow Burning, Ultra-Thin and Light Weight. They are also First-Class Flight Size (aka King-Size Slim 107mm X 44mm) which gives you plenty of room to pack in your favorite flight material !! PAPER PLANES ARE A LIMITED EDITION series of 5,000 PACKS this makes them extremely RARE & EXCLUSIVE! Duh! Spitta Smokes Paper Planes Too Foolie!! Stay Fresh in Flight Like Chinky-Eye Spitta What Makes Paper Planes Rolling Papers Medical Grade ? Paper Planes Rolling Papers are Chemical and Chlorine Free. They are made from Premium Un-Bleached Hemp Fibers and refined to 14 grams per square inch. This allows us to have 33 Ultra-Thin, Samurai Sliced sheets of Sheer See-Through, Light Weight Papers. In addition, we have selected a 100% All Natural Arabic Gum that was chosen to match the burn rate of the paper. This All Natural Gum burns clean and leaves virtually no ash. – Take a moment to look very closely at the picture titled “Ultra-Thin Sheets,” where we placed one sheet Over the Pack & You Can See Right Through It!! Last, and most important, our papers are 4 & 1/2 inches long. This length allows you to use a filter tip which Greatly Reduces the amount of Tar while allowing you to better enjoy the true flavors of your Flight Material. We recommend using Raw Perforated tips (available via ) Buy An Authentic Pack From The Distributer Every pack of Paper Planes Rolling Papers comes with a Serial number and Certificate of Authenticity that contains information on how to register and authenticate your pack. In addition, each pack is signed and hand numbered. The Certificate, Serial Numbers, Signature and hand numbering is our Guarantee that you have purchased an Authentic Pack of Paper Planes. Therefore, any Pack missing any one of these elements are FAKE and Unauthorized for sell by DaFlyGuyz. TGODxJETS Foolie!! Remember

We Supply The Plane, You Supply The Cargo LIMITED EDITION ROLLING PAPERS Only 5,000 Packs In stock and Ready to be shipped!! Thanks For Viewing & Stay Fresh In Flight With DaFlyGuyz TERMS OF SALE Payments should be received within two (2) days of the close of auction, please contact us through eBay via email if there are circumstances that will delay or preven. read more

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review.

If you are the originator/copyright holder of this photo/item and would prefer it be excluded from our community, contact us here for removal.

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Paper Planes Rolling Papers & Diamond Supply Grinder Combo Brought to you by DaFlyGuyz The original sellers of Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers on Ebay When Spitta released Covert Coup, he teamed up w…from ]]>


how to vaporize hash

How To Vape Hash The Right Way

The recent resurgence of hash is a bit of an odd yet welcomed phenomenon. The often-overlooked cannabis concentrate was the first extract ever cultivated. But since the introduction of shatter, honey oil and distillate, it fell out of favour.

Now with the health and purity concerns around other concentrates, the solvent-free extract is once again a sought after commodity. Hippies of the ’70s rejoice!

Long gone are the days where hash was exclusively smoked via joint or tobacco pipe. Thanks to the introduction of vaporizers, the new question is around how to vape hash, especially since it’s a healthier and tastier method.

Vaping hash is a culmination of new and old, bridging the gap between oldtimers and the new generation of cannabis enthusiasts.

With that said, it’s not as easy as you think to vaporize hash. Using this method, your vape will survive the ordeal.

Before we get into how to vape hash, let’s take a quick peek at the history of hash and what exactly it is.

What is Hash?

Hash, also known as Hashish, is a potent cannabis concentrate made from the trichomes, also known as kief and resin glands of cannabis. To make hash, you either apply heat or water pressure to the kief, causing them to mould together.

Applied pressure tends to form a stickier, gummier concentrate, which most would call “Afghani Hash,” while the water pressure method produces a crumblier version. This method was first introduced in Morocco and then tweaked in Europe.

Today’s hash market is more or less variations of both methods. With Bubble Hash, produced by cold water pressure being the most popular in North America.

One of the first recorded encounters with hashish is in the legendary Arabic book, 1001 Arabian Nights. The book portrays the story of a once rich man who squanders his fortunes on women. After spending his last penny, he ventures into the desert a poor man, until he finds himself in a Hammam (A Turkish bath). He then proceeds to eat an entire ball of hash and strip himself naked. During his experience, he envisions himself again a wealthy man, until he wakes up to realize the locals are ridiculing him. From that moment on, he began to regain his dignity and pride.

While a great wives tale, it’s validity is murky, to say the least. Yet, that didn’t stop hashish from spreading from the Arabic world to Europe.

How to Vape Hash and Tips

Vaporizing hash is the healthiest method to enjoy the concentrate. Not only is it healthier, but it retains the flavour profile, creating an authentic cannabis experience. However, if done with reckless abandon, it’s a great way to find yourself shelling out $200 for a new vaporizer.

Hash is a resinous product, and by using it in a vaporizer, you run the risk of getting resin where it shouldn’t be. This includes the battery and wiring! Follow these easy steps and you’ll save yourself from troubleshooting your vaporizer.

Pick the Right Vaporizer

Common sense says using a concentrate vaporizer is the best choice. Not so quick. Concentrate vaporizers are designed to vape shatter and honey oils. Hash’s consistency isn’t ideal for them. Thus it’s best to use a dry herb Vaporizer.

Look for vaporizers such as the Pax 3, Arizer Air and Firefly 2+. These are high-quality products, but most importantly, they include temperature control.

Hash requires a higher temperature to vape than cannabis, and if a vape doesn’t reach 180°C, you essentially wasted your lovely product.

If you want to “dab” hash, that’s also an acceptable method. Dab rigs work well for the hash, but require cleaning after every session.

2. Choose a “Crumbly” Hash

As previously mentioned, hash is available in a variety of consistencies. For the sake of your vaporizer’s longevity, select a hash that crumbles, vs. one that is sticky and resinous.

A couple of varieties that come to mind and work wonders are Bubble Hash and Pollen Hash. Both are crumbly in texture and also easy to source. Most cannabis retailers will carry at least one, if not both.

3. Use Degummed Hemp Fibre

Possibly the most crucial step and a revolution in vaporizing hash is Degummed Hemp Fibre. Although the THC, terpenes and cannabinoids in hash will vaporize, the resinous product melts at high temperatures. It then leaks into your vaporizer, destroying the piece.

This is where the Degummed Hemp Fibre comes to save the day.

Degummed Hemp Fibre is similar to wool, except made of, well hemp. Lay a little layer on the bottom of your loading chamber to protect the vape from the melted hash. Once you’re done the session, throw away the Degummed Hemp Fibre and give the vape a little clean.

4. Break the Hash into Small Pieces

While it’s much easier to throw a glob of has into the vape, it’s not an effective method for consumption. Selecting a hash crumble is the first step; the next process is to crumble it.

If the hash is tougher, carefully use a knife in a cutting board and chop it into little pieces. If the hash breaks apart quickly, sprinkle the concentrate onto your degummed hemp fibre evenly as to ensure a smooth experience.

If your hash is tough, you can “prime” it by running a lighter over it a couple of times, making it fall apart easily.

Once your hash is all crumbled and spread evenly on the degummed hemp fibre, turn the vaporizer on to the right temperature and begin vaping!

Vaping Hash Is Easy With Some Know-How And Caution

Now that you’ve got all the steps down, it’s time to give it a shot. Vaporizing hash is easy and an excellent alternative to smoking it in a bong or with tobacco. Your lungs will thank you later.

Here’s a quick recap to summarize it all up.

  • Select a hash that crumbles to save your expensive vaporizer from residue
  • Use a flower vaporizer; not a concentrates version. Selecting a sturdy build with temperature control to 180°C minimum.
  • Degummed Hemp Fibre is your best friend. It will save your vape and doesn’t alter the hash’s flavour profile.
  • Break the hashish apart to help the vaping process and ensure a smooth melt.
  • Once finished, throw out the resin and hemp fibre. Complete the process by giving the chamber a clean and getting it ready for the next time.

There you have it; we hope you’ve liked learning how to vape hash. Follow our blog for more tips and tutorials on anything cannabis-related.

Long gone are the days where hash was exclusively smoked via joint or tobacco pipe. Thanks to vaporizers, the new question is around how to vape hash.

How To Vape Hash And Which Vaporizer To Choose

Vaping hash can really enhance your smoking experience, but you must know how to do it properly. If you don’t take the right precautions, and use the right tools, a pleasant vaping experience could quickly turn into a nightmare.

Do you want to smoke hashish in your vaporizer—the right way? Vaping hash is both possible and extremely enjoyable, but it is important to understand how to do it properly. In this article, we will recap all the principles you should keep in mind when vaporizing hash—from the basics of which type of hash is recommended to the characteristics of the best vaporizers for hash, and all the must-follow tips to bring your hash-vaping experience to the next level!


Simply put, hash is a concentrated form of cannabis, but it differs from other concentrates because it retains more plant material, which gives it a distinct taste, look, and feel. The starting point of hash are the same cannabis flowers that are harvested, dried, and cured—AKA the buds. When growing cannabis, it is essentially the trichomes on the buds you want to harvest over everything else. Trichomes are small glands holding essential terpenes and cannabinoids, the most notable of which are THC and CBD—two substances you should already be familiar with if you are a frequent smoker.

Hash is basically a way to harvest trichomes through a light and simple process. Traditionally, and for thousands of years, it has been done by hand-rubbing (in South Asia) or by sieving (in the Middle East and Mediterranean), then making it more compact either by hand or by mechanical pressing. Depending on the chosen method, hash takes on different consistencies, e.g. hand-rubbed hash becomes resin-looking (darker colour, malleable) while dry-sift hash is essentially pollen (lighter, yellow-brownish colour and granular structure). This cannabis derivative is easy to store (and to smuggle!), and therefore is one of the earliest forms in which mankind has been enjoying this goodie from heaven. Furthermore, it can potentially last for years without losing its potency!


When vaping hash, you will discover that the flavour is more intense and rich. In fact, you will be able to much better appreciate the taste of fresh hash over that of burned material. Furthermore, vaping is the healthiest way to consume buds, but also hash and other derivatives (such as rosin, shatter, wax, and honey). The vaporizer allows for all the right cannabinoids and terpenes to evaporate, but does not burn plant material. Hence, there is no combustion and no emission of carcinogenic substances. Basically, one can say that vaping is less harsh on your lungs.


Nowadays, a multitude of vaporizer models have flooded the market. And the days of for-buds-only vapes are long over. Nevertheless, not all vaporizers are suitable for consuming hash and other cannabis derivatives, and surely most of them were not designed with hash in mind. Hence, the question: which vapes are best for consuming hash?

There are two models that we definitely feel like recommending:

• The Storm Vaporizer: Sturdy, compact, and with that stealthy look that will allow you to vape on-the-go with confidence—these are just some of the capabilities of the Storm. The Storm Vaporizer handles both buds and hash with ease, thanks to 5 factory temperature settings ranging from 180–220°C. Quality and taste are 100% guaranteed. It is also reasonably priced, which never does any harm.

Follow the link for everything you need to know about how to vaporize hash, and some tips for taking the experience to new heights. ]]>


printed design rolling papers

Contact Us


As the global leader in the custom rolling paper printing space we dedicate all our efforts to providing our valued customers with an excellent product. When your business is working with our business expect quality.


Printing custom pre-rolls and papers for large dispensaries, chains, and brand owners.


  • Printing on any paper; hemp, rice, pulp with varied gsm thickness.
  • CSPC lab safety consumer testing reports, toxicity screenings
  • Rolling Papers, Cones & Pre-rolls
  • Totally Custom Packaging
  • In house design team to assist in editing or creating anything you might need.
  • Samples provided for free

Requirements :

  • Rolling papers with packs
  • Bulk Cones with no packaging
  • Our Box of 24 Pack 10 Papers in each pack Rolling Papers Only.
  • Templates provided by us
  • Artwork required or pay a design fee

Custom Luxury Rolling Papers Requirements:

Welcome to Empire Rolling's custom rolling papers boutique. As the global leader in the custom rolling paper printing space Empire dedicates all of our efforts to creating premium products. Instead of ink, Empire Papers uses edible vegetable oil for a more natural and slow burn.

Custom Rolling Papers

Your own BRAND of rolling papers. Custom LOGO and full color artwork. Many rolling paper choices including 100% HEMP.

  • FREE custom counter-top display boxes 2,000 and more
  • Standard 1-1/4 size or King Slim size
  • Unbleached HEMP papers, 50% hemp 50% flax pulp, rice papers, or unrefined wood pulp

Search the store

Product Categories

  • Bags (4)
  • Herb Grinders (2)
  • Lanyards (3)
  • Lighters (12)
  • Matches (2)
  • Nug Jars (1)
  • Pipes (1)
  • Rolling Papers (2)
  • Rolling Trays (1)
  • Uncategorized (6)
  • Description
  • Reviews (0)
1,000 1,500 2,500 5,000 10,000 25,000
$1.210 $1.173 $0.890 $0.680 $0.530 $0.490

Customized Rolling Paper Content Options

  • 100% Unbleached Hemp (Like RAW Organic)
  • Bleached Rice Paper (Like Elements)
  • Unbleached Wood Pulp (RAW Unrefined)
  • And our custom blend of 50/50 Unbleached Hemp/Flax

Technical Details For Custom Rolling Papers

  • Standard 1-¼”, 40 leaves per book, size 3” x 1.75”
  • King Slim, 32 leaves per book, size 4.3” x 1.75”
  • 100% All-natural Arabic gum
  • Pricing table:

Packaging Details – Create Quality Sleek Custom Enclosures

  • Full-color, custom Hi-Res digital print that covers all viewable sides
  • Templates available for your graphic/logo sizing
  • Digital Art Setup Charge: $40
  • Normal Production time is 4-5 weeks plus priority air freight shipping
    • Priority Air-freight 4day is included in Shipping
  • Rush service is available
    • 2 weeks of production time plus shipping
    • No custom countertop display boxes available for rush orders

Orders 2,000 and more receive FREE custom display boxes for your front counter!

Word of Mouth With Custom Rolling Papers

A group of friends sitting in a circle, chatting about their day….

From all walks of life, they come, but one thing unites them in this circle. They have all come together to enjoy the company of friends and possibly share their herb with each other.

This is their time for relaxing, getting rid of the worries of their day. Many will pull out their book of rolling papers and strike up a conversation about many different things. People with families talking about the latest vacation; A movie recently watched that was really enjoyed. Maybe even a story about their favorite shop, dispensary, or seed company.

Your company or business should be a topic of their conversation, with our help your custom designs can package your choice of rolling papers easily displayed on any counter. Free custom display boxes on orders over 1500 will show off your logo vibrantly.

Carrying different options in your store will show you are understanding of the different tastes your customers will have. We have both sizing options and also paper content options. Our very own blend was created for this reason. Our 50% Hemp and 50% flax pulp is organic and unbleached.

We believe that having your own custom-designed rolling papers will help you reach your target audience and create word-of-mouth for your business. Custom packaged books of rolling papers have become the business card for the Marijuana Industry. They are much easier to slide in a pocket. And while business cards that are forgotten places will get throw away, a custom printed book of rolling papers will get used and exposed to even more of your target audience that may not have even entered your storefront.

We use nothing but the highest quality papers at GanjaPrint. Many of our blends can resemble companies’ products that most venues use today. We even carry a proprietary blend that you will not frequently find in other businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about our custom rolling papers.

Available Colors / Paper Varieties for Custom Rolling Papers

  • Unbleached 100% pure Hemp pulp, like RAW Organic
  • Bleached Rice Paper, like Elements
  • Unbleached wood pulp, like RAW Unrefined
  • Unbleached 50% hemp 50% flax pulp, our own developement

Design Tips for Your Custom Product Packaging

Make your design simple and concise

  • Less is more. The most appealing designs are usually quite minimalist.
  • With multiple packaging sizes, you need to contemplate whether your design will look appealing with all sizes. (different rolling paper sizes, as well as the individual packaging, and the display box)
  • Come up with a list of brand benefits – how does your brand help to sell your potential buyer. Don’t confuse a benefit with a feature! A feature describes an attribute of your brand, where a benefit tells a buyer what it will do for them.
    • Benefit – “Only Place around that does [cite a unique value] !”
    • Feature – “Located Right Next to [unique value to your location]. Come Find Us!”
  • Short, concise points make for the most effective product presentation. Rework sentences and points until they flow well with very few words.
  • Make sure your graphics and pictures support your points.
    • 3rd Party accolades
  • Possibly add a barcode to ease scanning and create a professionally created look

Segregate information

  • Put contact information on the back or inside flap of the packaging. (We recommend the inside flap)
  • Use vibrant colors to make your logo pop more
  • Think about using a quip or one-liner on the back of the package that will stick in your customer’s mind
    • Don’t Panic, Always bring a Towel, etc.

Tips For Adding Visual Spice

Use Custom Patterns

  • Patterns will stick in customers minds more than a generic graphic and can also influence how your customers see your brand
  • Maintaining Symmetry throughout your design can register your design subconsciously .

Consider Color Scheme

  • In marketing, colors have long garnered different emotions. When you consider color schemes while designing your custom rolling papers, think about what you want your design to say.
  • Here are some believed attached emotions to specific colors
    • Red implies energy, danger, passion, aggression, warmth, or heat. It has also been found to stimulate appetite, which is why restaurants and fast food chains use it.
    • Orange implies youthfulness, innovation, and forward-thinking.
    • Yellow implies sunny, warm, and friendly. It has also been shown to stimulate appetite.
    • Green implies freshness and growth, while it is also used substantially by the financial industry.
    • Blue has become synonymous with professionalism, integrity, authority, and calm. For this reason, many corporate and government logos utilize this color.
    • Purple throughout history has been tied to luxury and royalty
    • Brown has a masculine connotation and has been used in many outdoor or rural life designs.
    • Pink, with its feminine connotations, can be flirty or fun. It is generally not used unless you are specifically targeting females.

Consider Multiple Designs

  • Don’t stick with only one design option
  • Some businesses have created an overall brand motif that utilizes different aspects of that design depending on the packaging.
    • Using the same font and colors across all custom rolling papers packaging while varying graphics, accolades, and other information on different packaging.
  • Ask as many people, that you trust, as you can about what they think of the packaging. Feedback is precious!
    • Remember what you think is good isn’t necessarily what your customers think is good.

Redesigns of Existing Brands Can Increase Sales

You only have about 3 seconds to capture a customer’s attention while they are browsing. Too often, a company’s brand can become diluted, or fade out and become white noise compared to a newer, different brand.

      • Make sure to review how your brand is being perceived every few years
        • Maybe new competitors have started since your last design and you have too many similarities with each other that customers don’t recognize you as being unique
        • Maybe industry standards have changed and you want to display them on your packaging
        • Whatever the case, you shouldn’t feel like your design ever needs to be consistent throughout the years your business is open.

Information You Need Before the Design Process

  • Pictures and Graphics need to be 300 dpi
    • Most Internet images are usually much lower
  • Colors
    • CMYK values or Pantone Matching Values (PMS)
  • Fonts and Specific usage information
    • Fonts that you own, weight, or kerning (adjustments of the space between letters)
  • Logo
    • Make sure you have the correct format. Or if you can have a vector file ready.

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