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I've had a good experience with my vape… I've had a good experience with my vape (MIQRO). You have to say this really is a nice looking vape, or er, paperweight. I have been a Davinci ascent user for years, but they not only lost my IQ business but future business as well with this model. Here is a list of what I have experienced so far and tech support will not work with me to replace the unit which is only 3 weeks old and I purchased it here: + The first thing you notice is that the unit gets so hot past 360 degrees that it ruins the whole experience.

+ The battery is not a good fit in this device and when you move the vape, the battery rattles. + The unit itself hisses, which tech support assures me is normal and the unit is not about to explode. + The top part of the vape constantly comes lose so you have to keep it shut or it will then knock the battery out of whack and shut off the vape. + Which brings me to the next point, the vape constantly shuts off 2, 4, 7 minutes into a sessions randomly. No this not due to a preprogrammed setting, it is simply a bad design and poor battery. + And don’t get me onto cleaning this thing, which might be actually easier than dealing with their “support”. + My last point, you will obviously have one of these problems and need to contact support. Good luck getting a coherent response, and then they will make you run through hoops so you give up trying to send it back.

Case in point, they did not believe my vape was faulty and needed video proof! I’ve had the Davinci Miqro for 2 weeks and I wanted to love it, but it’s an awful product. You can watch as many videos on YouTube on how to use it, and it’s still not easy to use. Click 5 times, click once, click up and down to dim the led lights that can be seen from the NASA space station because of how bright it is. -The only mode that sorta works is when you use the boost mode, the other way is a waste of herb. But the problem is how hot the device gets, you need to cover the Miqro with a plastic glove sold by Davinci or it’s pretty intolerable to hold the device while using it. -The battery life says about 30 minutes and it’s more like 20 minute after charging for a long time. Make no sense to me, and it must spend a lot of energy to have a charger on all day. I’ve spent around $180 already on wasted herb, you don’t get the same high as a pipe. It all burned fast in the vaporizer, felt little to no effect, wasted herb. So disappointed, because I thought this was supposed to be the Benz of the vaporizers. From the day I unboxed by Davinci IQ these were my problems: - battery latch is very difficult to shut - battery turns off when you set it down on a surface. Not to mention the disapointing battery life and the unessesarily difficult nature of cleaning this device. Contact 1: Oh yea we can fix or replace that no problem let me forward you to our tech experts! Contact 2: Tech experts demand a video of the device to prove i'm not lying. Contact 3: After they got the video they gave me MORE questions and stupid requests like 'a picture of the serial number'. They could see it wasn't working but more and more is needed. A company that demands this much money and calls itself 'high end' should not be on anyones list of 'best devices'. I'm going back to my more afordable brand Arizer where they answer your calls and treat you decently. Seriously the vapor isn't much better in the Davinci compared to my old Arizer Solo 1. And my Solo takes a few minutes to clean unlike these 30 minute cleaning sessions with the IQ. Terrible to clean, the unti has started turning off when placed down like a feather, or shaken in the hand and to make matter s worse, its impossible to work with the warranty team. After just quitting smoking I'm now forced to smoke as I have no that way to vapourizer, except for spending on another one. To be honest, I don't really understand why people go nuts on the IQ. The ceramic oven, air path, flavour chamber and even mouth piece are pretty nice. Very easy on the lungs even for a cougher like myself, but it's a pure conduction vape, CONTRARY to what Davinci themselves claim: "While all of our vaporizers are actually a hybrid of both heating methods, they are closer to conduction than convection." Seriously, I've no idea what they're talking about.

The Ascent or IQ (Never used the original one) are as 100% conduction vaporizers as they get. Draw resistance was pretty annoying, and it being a conduction vape means you probably want your oven packed, which is why you get the adjustable pearl. It looks nice initially, but I could rarely get it to connect to the IQ on the first go. It's like this App was developed just because the IQ doesn't have the same display as the Ascent, so you can't program the presets unless you use it.

When vaping @ 200C/392F or higher the it gets STUPID hot, and if you think that the OFFICIAL silicone glove they offer helps, you will be sadly mistaken. I cannot even begin to understand why would they make a vaporizer this compact, with an all metal exterior.


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