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Chillums are nowdays used by stoners everywhere, but orginally were used in a spiritual manor by Hindu priests. Chillums bring the hot smoke straight to you lungs. The larger the chillum is, the cooler the smoke is.

Thick glass chillums with animlas from our production are very sturdy and heat-resistant because of the used material, which is called Pyrex . All of our animal chillums are silver fumed so they provide really nice color changing glass effect . You can choose either the smaller one or bigger one but all sizes are just perfect to fit in your hand or pocket. Animal chillums are decorated with beautiful 3D animals in lovely colors. Animal chillums produced by our skilful glassblowers come in three different sizes. All of them are heavily silver fumed and decorated with absolutely amazing 3D animals. You can choose in our online smoke shop from a lizard, snake, octopus or a frog. It is also possible to choose color of the animals by simply making a note in the order form. Fine hand blown chillums with heavy speckled inside out working with intense silver fuming to give it deep color changing properties.

The chillum tapers heavily just below the bowl and is adorned with a hand-worked animal across the mid-section of the piece. Very original chillums in unique shape of a dollar sign are made from strong and durable Pyrex glass, which is also heat resistant. Dollar chillums come in either plain glass or gold or silver fumed glass, which provides nice color changing effect so you can have a different piece after each use. Our dollar chillums are hand made by our own glassblowers and are of excellent quality. The best thing about our dollar chillums is that they are made as pendants so with the leather included, you can wear them on your neck as the perfect accessory . You can not lose it and its always ready to be used. Only 2.36“ length makes it the flawless accessory for everyone. Make your friends happy and get them great present. You can get only one piece or buy our deal Set of 3 Dollar Chillums and have a different dollar chillum every day. Ceramic can pot pipe will give you stoner nostalgia. It's well established that stoners are engineering geniuses when it comes to smoking weed and no pipes or papers are handy. And an age-old example of that ingenuity comes in the form of a simple beer can. If you have no papers or pipe in sight, a slight modification to an aluminum can will create a perfectly capable smoking apparatus. Although, let's be honest, it's usually used by high school kids who have no other means to get high. So in order to bring you back to your better years, a Portland-based ceramics company has created a more permanent version of the classic pipe. The fully functioning pipe is made by Candy Relics, and is actually created from a slip cast of a real aluminum can. T he can's opening functions as a mouthpiece, and what would once be the side of a can has an indented chamber where your pot will go. As any seasoned stoner knows, you'll need a carbonator, which is located on the side of the can towards the base. Unfortunately, the handmade item has a price tag that's a little bit more than your average canned beverage at $60 plus shipping. But, you're an adult now, and adults don't smoke out of aluminum cans unless it's an absolute emergency. A video posted by Mashable Watercooler (@watercooler) on Jun 6, 2016 at 1:32pm PDT. Ce n’est pas une can… Ever since high school you’ve been able to turn a coke can into a pot pipe in under 10 seconds flat. It’s a skill maybe mastered only out of necessity, but mastered none the less.

The problem is, in these days of legal cannabis and a plethora of pristine perfect pot products, pulling a coke can pipe out at a party might get the wrong kind of attention. Like “who brought the slob?” or “don’t you know weed is legal now?” or “it’s ok let’s smoke later, I’m not that desperate.”. Sure, there’s a lot of great new ganja gear out there, but you miss the feel of a good classic can pipe: the pin poked holes; the carved out carb, the premade mouthpiece perfect for “sipping” the smoke. If only someone somehow somewhen made a new classy version of the coke can pipe. Well wait no more, cuz Candy Relics from Craft & Caro have created the elegant “Can Pipe” to appease your nostalgic needs and affirm your adulthood, all at the same time. Made from ceramic instead of aluminum (which is probably waaaay better for your lungs), Candy Relics ‘ Can Pipe looks like some sort of post-modern work of art in a pre-modernist art gallery. Perfect for the next white sculpture exhibit your significant other drags you to, where you definitely need to smoke to enjoy anything there. You can puff a few tokes just before heading in, then rest your can pipe on one of the stands in the gallery. You might even get a few offers to buy your “inspired” piece of art.

An ethereal impulse that drives us to put thought into form.


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