big budha bags

I used to like to go into an empty walk-in closet and cut a hole in a glowstick and spray the shit all over the walls and cieling. put one of the speakers inside and close the door and trip the fuck out. After a little while you feel like you are floating through the galaxy.

I think I've only had a long term trip by myself once on shrooms. I ended up in the shower, with Dark Side of the moon echoing off the tiled walls. I think I've only had a long term trip by myself once on shrooms. I ended up in the shower, with Dark Side of the moon echoing off the tiled walls. I think I've only had a long term trip by myself once on shrooms. I ended up in the shower, with Dark Side of the moon echoing off the tiled walls. my favorite thing to do is to turn off the lights in the bathroom, bump some infected mushroom, shpongle. (this can be a very sketch/dangerous thing to do but if you feel comfortable AND safe while doing it.

it can be freakn awesome) the hot water running down your head to face to the rest of your body while peaking feels sooo good while closing your eyes in the pitch blackness. just watch the beautiful OEV and CEV merge together into one. the whole atmosphere stimulates your senses in some way. the hot water tocuhing your skin, the colors and shapes you see, the music thats playing. a shower with the lights off makes it a must thing to do while tripping. pros and cons for winterizing/extracting with ethanol vs iso. Was just wondering what is better to use for winterizing & extracting , I always thought it was better to use ethanol (ever clear) rather than 99.9 iso , But I was trying to find a thread that answered this question and could not. TBH mate, One of the absolute hands down best ways is this. Extract your entire lot with ISO, or Ethanol works too, we are filtering out polar molecules regardless! And in the end, unless you are going for a fully separated THC, CBD, and CBN then you need absolutely a laboratory lolol and a chromatography experience. Really those two alcohols make zero difference, Ethanol just isnt poisonous and is 100% clean. ISO evaporates 100% clean to but is highly poisonous, np there! BTW this is not to deter use from iso, ive used it for years on my extractions and it works TRUE WONDERS! and is 100% safe, clean, and secure for you to use! But alright, lets say you got a nice chunk of resin now. Its best to let that ISO sit longer then youd normally want (Normally youd wanna leave it there til the liquid itself gets a medium tan colour. Leave it too long and your Hash becomes full of chlorophyl and immense plant fats. ) For this case, you wanna leave it for "too long" simply because of the fact you want to ensure that you are getting 100% of all required materials even plant fats and chlorophyl and other stuffz, because thats to ensure you dont need to do any more then just One single pull the first time. But it helps to keep pulling more out of the material, there is always Resin heads attatched that arent dissolving/breaking off. Then what you truly want to do, is get one of those injecting things that you inject turkeys with flavour. What you want to do, is place a cotton ball (tear off a smaller piece! not the entire cotton ball!) in the end of the tip lightly so you have something to final filter any junk out before you squeeze your solvent/cannabinoid and plant fat mix out through. Then get yourself some Activated Charcoal from like a drug store ANYWHERE haha. And you may have to repeat this a few times, but place about half a thumbs worth of charcoal into the injector on top of the cotton ball! Here is where it gets fun, this isnt dangerous in any way shape and form, except for the toxic fumes of iso alcohols.

But anyways, you want to dissolve your hash into your ethanol or iso, whatever you have. Then little by little pour your alcohol mixture into your injector, put the top on, and slowly, press the plunger down as you push your alc extract out! Repeat that a few times but it will clean your plant fats and waxes out. Btw i saw a thread on here from like 5-6 months ago, that was like a bunch of peeps debating whether or not plant waxes are harmful for your body or not.. A plant Wax is a fat, its just like the fat we have. And regardless, 100% of cannabis is safe and healthy for all of us to eat, smoke, and enjoy. But still wax is in NO WAY unhealthy for you at all. Im a chemist myself and the science of it truly is, is that its a PLANT WAX.

Plant waxes are nonharmful in any way, depending on which ones you mess with, some are harmful but then again its cause the plant itself is harmful from where you are trying to ingest its wax. And if someones lungs are hurting after a "proper" extraction they probably didnt do it proper. Please please make sure your solvent is fully dried out of the mix, and fully taken out.


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