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After attempting to clean it, if it still feels hard to draw, it’s time to replace the coil. I personally replace my coils about once a month, but that will vary by use. You just screw off the old one and screw on the new one. I personally also like to use both the ceramic donut coils and the dual quartz coils. The Evolve Plus is designed so that you can easily change from one coil to the next.

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It helps anxiety, it increases athletic performance and it is the glorious green glue that holds relationships together. Weed is great and there are a lot of ways, in a multitude of different settings, with a plethora of different devices in which to smoke your sticky icky. Sometimes you need a helping hand to find the best ways to consume your weed. vape pen or just vape) as #1 because it is easily the healthiest way to get high. They smell like nothing, all while giving you your most true high. You are simply inhaling the pure vapor of your weed. You’re not putting any of the tar debris into your body. Vape pens were first produced as a healthier alternative to cigarettes and were intended to help tobacco smokers in the seemingly-neverending quest to quit. It wasn’t long before canny cannabis consumers started experimenting and applying the vape pen’s science to their own strain of weed.

These intrepid pioneers quickly discovered that using a vape is better than smoking because vaporizing reduces the temperature at which cannabinoids change from solid or liquid to gas. This lower temperature preserves many of the active ingredients that would otherwise be destroyed when the cannabis is set alight. Vaping literally keeps the good stuff that makes you feel great and gets you high from going up in smoke.


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