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Arizer V Tower is extremely easy to use and it has no learning curve. In fact, I would say that this is one of the simplest vaping units that I have reviewed so far. With minimal dedication, you’ll grasp the basics in no time. The first thing you need to do is load the herbs into the cyclone bowl. Next, make sure that the white end of your cyclone bowl is properly attached to the device and connect the tube adapter to the bowl.

Now, turn on the device and choose your optimal temperature. That’s it – as soon as the unit heats up, you are ready to vape. Unfortunately, the cleaning and maintenance part is a bit more tedious than it should be. You will need to disassemble the unit to clean the crucial parts (elbow adapter, mouthpiece, tube, and cyclone bowl) properly. Once the device is disassembled, make sure you soak each part in isopropyl alcohol for about 30 minutes. After that, you can remove any residue by rinsing those components with warm water. If some residues still persist, you can use a regular cotton swab (previously dipped into isopropyl alcohol) to remove them. As I said, the whole procedure is not as easy as it should be, but if you know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to do it painlessly.

Arizer V Tower has no room for additional accessories. The product comes pre-packed with all the accessories that you’ll ever need to use the device. If you need to replace the default flat screen or the dome screen, you’ll get spare alternatives in both cases. If quality and affordability are your biggest concerns, you should definitely give this vaporizer a try. Even though Arizer V Tower is a low-end product, it can easily outperform many high-end alternatives. With its sheer simplicity, great functionality, and a superb price-performance ratio, Arizer V Tower is one of the best stationary vaporizers for both experienced customers and newcomers alike. Despite being a great product overall, Arizer V Tower is not perfect. If you don’t like long and tedious cleaning sessions, this might be a deal-breaker. Moreover, I should also point out that the reach is quite subpar and the vital parts are fragile. Keep that in mind before deciding whether you should purchase Arizer V Tower. The product has an outstanding price-performance ratio It comes without a steep learning curve The unit produces outstanding quality vapor It has outstanding durability The device has optimal heat-up time. Cleaning and maintenance are quite tedious The vital components of the vaporizer are very fragile The overall reach is subpar. Arizer V Tower is a very worthy investment that will pay off in numerous ways. For a relatively small price, you’re getting one of the most functional vaping devices on the market, a durable product that should serve you well for decades. Since released in 2007, the Arizer V-Tower is still in the market today. Holding a decade-long reputation, the V-Tower consists of exceptional and reliable quality together with a fantastic price tag for a desktop vaporizer. The best thing about the V-Tower is that you can set the shut-off timer, so you may sit back and relax on the couch with the long whip. The Arizer V Tower is the smallest, most inexpensive desktop vaporizer available from the Canadian company, Arizer. The company made a name for itself when it released the Arizer Extreme, which was a larger vaporizer that featured a simple construction and a powerful fan. Arizer has made updates along the way, including the ever-popular Arizer Extreme Q. There are many qualities that these Arizer vaporizers share, especially the way they look and the single letter in the name. The V-Tower is their answer to those who liked the Extreme or Extreme Q but need a lower price point. Thanks to the well-known quality of Arizer, this is a hard deal to miss.

Thick, Efficient Vapor Quality Arizer takes great care to use only inert materials in their vapor path. So, when the heat gets turned up, the vapor won’t taste strange, because Arizer uses high-quality glass pathway. Also, it includes a ceramic heating element to ensure that all of the internals match the same medical grade quality. The V-Tower’s temperature adjustable at 1° increment, much like the Extreme Q, and the default range is between 122°F to 500°F. The temperature is adjustable with a bright LCD screen on the front of the device. The Little Brother of the Extreme Q Knowing that they should release a no-frills version of the Extreme to grow their user base, Arizer came up with the V-Tower.

There are a few differences between the two that are important to remember.


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