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Best Hookahs to Buy – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

By Steven Johnson | Last Updated: October 18, 2020

Last year I spent $1000 to choose the best hookah on the market, and I found that there are a lot of awful products which can make one thing: pain with losing money.

So I made this guide to help you to buy the right hookah and don’t waste your time and money 😉


What is the Best Hookah (Shisha) to buy on the market in 2020?

1. Khalil Mamoon – Best Hookah Brand

Khalil Mamoon is a popular brand. ThisEgyptian Amoun is a mini nargileh shisha. It has a beautiful Khalil Mamoon vase. The set comes with an authentic bowl, ashtray, and a big hose.

The set also comes with a pair of tongs that are extra strong and durable. It is made of copper with massive rod shafts.

The bottom is made of a glass base that keeps the hookah sturdy. The size is large enough to hold tobacco for long hours of smoking so that you can enjoy the experience more.

You enjoy this hookah because of…

The hookah allows the tobacco to burn slowly, which makes for longer smoking sessions and greater enjoyment. The smoke is good, producing beautiful clouds. Wouldn’t it be nice to impress a girl?

The pull and the smoke itself are smooth; hence, you’ll not feel stress on your chest.

Long Hose for Long Sessions!

The hose is long enough for ease of use without worrying about knocking the hookah over when passing it around. The length is also just enough to allow some movement without coiling or getting in the way as you smoke.

All the parts are hand-crafted and hand-painted to produce its exquisite design. Old world artistry is used in creating this outstanding hookah.

Khalil Mamoon hookahs can be configured by changing the hose and the vase. There are many designs available from Khalil Mamoon range of products.


If you are into doing group sessions, this one’s highly recommended, but this is not for beginners.

This is more of an investment piece and not as a one-time-only use or a trial set. The Khalil Mamoon hookahs are built to last. This is best for those who are serious about hookah life.

    Excellent customer service Exquisite, old world artistry Great smoke
    Hose color may not match the entire set up (can change the hose but will have to buy separately)

2. Tianyuan Glass Hookah – Best Colorful Hookah

Tianyuan is a Chinese company that has become internationally known for producing high-grade glass pipes and tubing. Their line of hookahs is constantly changing, having new styles and colors constantly being added to their lineup.

This 14-inch product, referred to as the All Glass Hookah offers a travel-friendly package and body that’s easy to carry around and store when not in use.

A Travel Case to take With You on the Go

The first thing you’ll notice is the case itself, and it’s exterior having a carrying handle and two small combination locks placed on the latches. When you set it, simply turn the square-shaped knobs to open. Seven individual foam slots encase all glass pieces, with the tube held down on the lid by Velcro straps. Setup is a breeze and involves placing the bowl and tube over the larger glass housing. The LED light fixture should go at the bottom.

Set Your Mood with the Remote-Controlled LED Display

As you fill-up the hookah with water and get ready to smoke, dim the lights and activate the LED by pressing the remote control’s “on” button. Illumination is bright enough to make a small room visible and sets a mood that’s comparable to being in a hookah bar.

And don’t be afraid to move it around; the short height helps to avoid accidental brushing, so there’s no need to find an awkward space for you to smoke. The base is very thick and makes up the widest point on the glass itself, with no wobbling or slanting.

Where Things Could Improve

If you’re the type of smoker that likes to put a lot of tobacco in your bowl, you’ll have to adjust to the depth of this Tianyuan product.

It’s slightly shallow, making it likely that smoking will be done alone. If you do plan on using this for multiple people, keep in mind that there are no mouth tips.

Try to purchase some beforehand to keep things sanitary. The strongest disadvantage to the Tianyuan is the same feature that makes it unique: the glass.

Glass hookahs are extraordinarily fragile and will surely break if dropped, even from a low elevation. Get in the habit of placing it back into the case when not in use. And be careful when washing. Cracking could occur if you use water that’s too hot or cold.

Is It the Right Hookah For You?

The Tianyuan Shisha is undoubtedly a step up from an ordinary gas station pipe. The aesthetics of smoking from a well-designed hookah that lights up to changing color spectrums make it a go-to piece to break out during social events with family or friends. It’s not perfect and will need to be handled with care during use, unlike hookahs that use plastic.

Although the remote could be improved in terms of durability and signal strength, there are few reasons not to consider this as the next smoking accessory to add to your collection.

    Since it’s made from glass, rusting will not occur The Case (included with the product) is child safe and features combinations locks on the latches Lots of different color display combinations to choose from Thick, weighted base keeps the hookah sturdy on any flat surface The Hookah is compatible with other bowls that have a 19 millimeter joint Unlike taller Hookahs, short height on this product is easy to pick up and move around
    At times, the remote for the light display has difficulty finding the signal to change the light or turn it on/off As the product is glass, the risk of shattering is increased during cleaning; fragile Short bowl depth

Final Thoughts

As shown, glass hookahs make excellent showpieces that are attractive to smoke from and assemble. So long as care is maintained, they may even last a lifetime that’s approximate to brass hookahs.

Many enthusiasts agree that part of the enjoyment of smoking lies in the quality of tools that are readily available to the smoker, making the experience more relaxing and pleasant to do at home. And you’ll find this especially true with glass hookahs.

3. Lit Premium – Best Glass Hookah

The Lit Premium Original Glass Hookah is a critically acclaimed item in the industry for several years now. Among its many selling points are its exquisite novelty design and functionality.

Would you believe that they have a team of thinktanks composed of engineers and designers that work to create this? The result is an elegant and exquisitely-designed glass hookah.

Besides, this team of professionals makes sure the hookahs are safe for use. The materials used are the best in the industry. Manufacturing processes and designs are up to par with industry standards.

The Feature You Would Appreciate

This hookah is hand-made, applying top-notch artistry. Only the best artisans can add exquisite details to this hookah.

The high-quality glass was used in this Lit Premium glass hookah. This is the strongest among the types of glass currently used in the industry today.

Best Hookah Brand in 2018

  • The glass parts of the Lit Premium Hookah include the head and body, the down stem, detachable purge valve, and male to male adapter. There are a few non-glass parts, for better functionality and practicality of use. The non-glass parts are the hose, the box carrying case and the tongs.
  • The food grade black silicone hose comes with an aluminum handle. This material used for the hose is among the top rated in the hookah industry.
  • This hookah has a wide base which ensures that you have a sturdy and stable set-up. You don’t have worry about the hookah toppling over.
  • The removable check valve allows for easy conversion into a 2-hose hookah. The metal tray that comes with the hookah eliminates the need to use foil. These features take the hookah experience a step further towards greater enjoyment with less hassle.
  • The pull is smooth and no resistance is felt. You won’t feel the usual heaviness in the chest after smoking for extended periods. There are also no coughing fits following a hit.

The glass parts are easy to clean. But, make sure you still exercise caution when handling this glass hookah. In the event that some glass parts broke, immediately contact the company’s customer service. They will send a replacement promptly.

The fast, responsive customer service is one of the many reasons why users are satisfied. Replacements for broken pieces are sent quickly. Some replacement parts are even given for free, isn’t that great?

Assembly is a breeze. In case you encounter problems with setting up, the company will readily help to guide you.

Professional experience with Best Hookah on the market. Ultimate Guide for Traditional, Modern Hookahs. A wise choice with our Expert Review.

Best Hookahs

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If you’re looking for a smooth, tasteful hit, you’ve come to the right place! Hookahs have become incredibly popular over time due to them providing a tasteful and pleasant hit, plus the social aspect of them. There are several facts that support the social atmosphere for the hookah.

They offer a larger bowl to allow for easily smoking among several people. Although some complain about the larger bowl, most enjoy the low maintenance it offers while smoking. With the larger bowl, there is no need to pack it several times over, as everyone can enjoy a hit or two. When we say everyone, we mean it. The hookah can come with two or more hoses so more than one person can hit it at the same time. Put the bogart on the back burner and take your turn.

10 Best Hookahs in 2020

1. Micro Modern Acrylic Cube

Even though this hookah set might look a little bit out-of-the-ordinary with its square shape, this option is one of the best alternatives for starting the party right. One of the Modern Acrylic Cube set’s most desirable features would be their heat management system, which can be easily controlled by opening and closing the air vents! Here are some extra benefits regarding this unique set:

Nice and Modern

This product is in a beautiful design, emblazoned with an acrylic undertone along with a design in a unique LED style.

Pulls in Well

If you are looking for a well to liven up your experience, then the tremendously large clouds of this product set will definitely be the life of the party. Couple this with the fact it is easy to assemble and disassemble and you have yourself a winner.

Appeals to Today’s Enthusiast

It is made out of clear acrylic and endowed with a multicolor LED base. It will come with a remote control, and these two together will ensure this hookah will provide both a great decorative touch and interesting entertainment for many years down the road.


  • Almost unbreakable
  • Lightweight


  • Small opening
  • Hard to clean

2. G Star Premium 1-Hose

This one is a notable product line indeed. This is because G Star has been well-respected in the industry for delivering high-quality products. This model-along with the sister model mentioned later in this-has a very laid-back design that will add to a festive atmosphere. That’s just one benefit of this product. There are several others, including the following:

No Difficulties Here

This set is easy to assemble and disassemble. Keeping it clean and maintained is a breeze. Finally, when you are done using it for a while, it is easy to keep in storage too!

Convenient Parts

The parts of this example are pretty straightforward. This hookah consists of a glass vase, a shaft and a down stem, a leather hose, an ashtray, and a couple of tongs complete with a poker.

Easy Size

One disadvantage that many hookahs have is that they can be hard to move around. Not this one, though, because it is small and compact. You can easily take this with you on the road or for a weekend excursion, and you won’t strain your muscles having to lug it around.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact


  • The hose can be difficult to use

3. VeeBoost Mya Eq

It doesn’t matter whether you are fully experienced in hookah use or just experimenting with it for the first time, this product wants to be your premier example for years to come. This isn’t just a hookah; it’s also an accessories kit, and it won’t be long before you figure out that it’s a wise investment.

A Fully Organized Kit

This set comes with 30 coal tablets, 50 mouthpiece accessories, and 100 foil covers. This means you will be fully prepared for all of your smoking needs at all times. Do you have friends dropping by for an unexpected visit? It’s okay because with this set you will always be ready.

Disposable Plastic Mouth Tips

These disposable mouth tips will quickly become a lifesaver for all of your needs. They are BPA free, and their ends are not only of the “male” version, but they are thicker and longer as well. They also are bright and colorful, giving you and your guests outstanding eye appeal and enriching your experience that much more.


  • Designed to save you time
  • Made of fully recyclable materials; eco-friendly
  • Easy set-up


  • Handles can be faulty

4. Acrylic Book Hms

This acrylic hookah might be somewhat out-of-the-box, but it will give you a whole host of advantages. First of all, its unique design will make it much easier to store and easier to assemble and disassemble. Traveling with this acrylic-style product will definitely be a breeze as well. Here are some extra benefits to consider:

Quality Craftsmanship

Having one of these is valueless if it isn’t designed well. But don’t fret, because this model is as close to unbreakable as you can get. It is made with a plexiglass housing that is crack and shatter-resistant. This example also comes with all of the necessary rubber seals.

Flat Book Design

The fact that this one comes in a flat matchbook design means that you will be able to save the flavor much easier. The juices will be less likely to spill out this way.

Excellent for Shisha Smoking

The flat box design also lends itself very well to Shisha smoking, simply because the shape is more conducive to holding in the taste for a longer period of time. In many parts of the world, Shisha smoking is a popular way to smoke tobacco and other herbal condiments.


  • Vents open and close for easy heating control


  • Traditionalists might not care for the design

5. Habibi Single Hose

This single-hose set will meet all of your hookah needs quite nicely. Perhaps one of the best things about this one is that the setup is fairly easy. It doesn’t come with too many parts, and it’s fairly straightforward putting them all together. Moreover, the Habibi set has a nice and charming look to it, sure to evoke memories of all of those good times in your first apartment or dorm.

Nice and Tall

This product is very tall, which many think is the way that they all should be. Standing at twenty-four inches, it will quickly become a party favorite! Just make sure you properly disassemble it after each use so that it doesn’t get broken!

Uniquely Designed

Another reason the hookah connoisseur will enjoy this example would be its impressive design. It is emblazoned with a beautifully colored blue base with alternating black painted stripes.

Great Cloud Production

If you and your friends are the types of people that enjoy the big clouds you can get from a hookah, this example would be the one for you. Some of these clouds are so big they will completely cover your face!


  • A great cosmetic buy


  • Grommet tends to be faulty

6. G Star Premium 2-Hose

This one is rated for its popularity due to the complete set that it comes with and also its stylish , laid back look. The glass bulb is beautifully sculpted for a water pipe taste and a long smooth hit that you will get, every time. Topped with a massive bowl and two hoses, this hookah is made for the social party of a lifetime.


It has been designed and created for easy use and easy cleaning. The purpose behind this is to make the product incredibly efficient and keep great timing when putting it together. With the ability to assemble this hookah quickly, it is just as easy to clean, making it an all-time favorite.

Double Hoses

Having a smoking device that can offer more than one person a hit, is the way to go. This hookah offers a great opportunity to smoke with your friends and enjoy the smooth taste through one of these long hoses. Featuring two hoses, it is ideal for double smoking.

Cost and Value

The value that has been built into this product is beyond amazing. Enjoy a hit with friends and enjoy the social life that comes with it. Being a water pipe, each hit will be smooth and tasteful, while allowing you the ability to relax. Take your time, smoke a bowl, and enjoy the peace that this product has to offer you.


  • Double Hose
  • Easy Assembly
  • Large Bowl
  • Stylish


  • Case Not Included

7. Still Cool Mini Portable

This mini hookah pipe is a great option for a quick pull and easy use. Being a smaller style, you will have the ability to pack a bowl and smoke within seconds. Easy to clean and durable, this mini version is the way to go.

Unique Design

This little dude is one of the best little pipes to add to your collection if you’re a pipe enthusiast. The little bubble bulb holds your water to allow for a smooth taste while the long stem offers a smooth, clean hit.

Dual Purpose

This awesome little product allows for a double technique. If you want the smooth, cooling taste of a water hookah, just add a little water into the bulb and enjoy. For those that prefer to smoke without water, just pack your bowl and toke. Remember to change the water frequently for a long-lasting, great taste.

Cost and Value

As previously mentioned, this is a great pipe to add to your collection. Featuring a unique design, this pipe offers a dual purpose, smoking method. Use this mini hookah as a water pipe or as a regular pipe, making each hit enjoyable and satisfying.


  • Dual Purpose
  • Smooth Hit
  • Clean Taste
  • Unique Design


  • Difficult to Clean Stem

8. Lit Premium Original

Looking for a stylish piece to add to your collection? Check out all of the benefits and features that this one has to offer, and you will be sure to enjoy everything ! It comes with every part needed to make a functioning pipe. It is a hand blown pipe with a sleek design and will impress everyone.

Two Hoses

This hookah gives you the ability to make smoking social. It comes with two hoses so you can smoke with friends. All you have to do is remove the one valve and plug in the hose, and you’re good to go!

Hand Made

One of the best things you can get is a handmade item. Handmade items typically are of higher quality, excellent and attractive design, no matter what it is. Each glass item on it is carefully designed and handmade, leaving it unique and well functioning.

Cost and Value

This social product is one of a kind and highly recommended. Being that it has two hoses, toke with a friend, or toke alone. Either way, the enjoyment and large hits that come from this bad boy are one of a kind. At a great price, this handmade item is the way to go.


  • Hand Crafted
  • Hand Blown
  • Dual Hoses
  • Large Bowl
  • Attractive Style


  • Hoses are Difficult to Clean

9. 4 Hose Shisha

If you’re looking to party, this is the one for you. The four hose hookah allows you to smoke with many friends and enjoy a great night of toking. It is incredibly stylish and gives off an elegant feel while maintaining a low maintenance feel. Cleaning the hoses is as easy as wiping the mouthpiece and running water through the hose. With one this easy, you can’t pass it up.


This Midnight Chill is just as the name says, chill. Offering four hoses, for the ultimate, social experience, these hoses also have a smooth, laser-cut finish mouthpiece to make smoking the most enjoyable. Easy to clean, these hoses are low maintenance and allow you to just rinse out in the sink.


Having everything that you need plus more is just what you get with this one. It features many items that you would normally need to go out and buy as an extra. Here, you will get it all. This one also offers the wind covered bowl, poker stick, metal tongs, and your charcoal screen. As soon as you receive it, you will be good to go.

Cost and Value

This tall, beautifully sculpted piece is made for the social party. Featuring four attractive hoses, it is ready for instant use. Easily maintained, all you have to do is pop the hoses off, rinse, and empty out the water bulb. At a great price, you will have long, enjoyable nights of smoking.


  • Attractive Style
  • Four Hoses for Social Smoking
  • Large Bowl
  • Easily Maintained


  • Larger, Making it Difficult for Travel

10. Mya Petite 1-Hose

This cute little hookah is a must-have for your smoking tool collection. Short and sweet, you can add up to two hoses to make it a social smoking event. Made with a thicker glass, it is not only durable but also made to last. Standing at eight inches tall, it is discreet and easy to transport.

Discreet Size

As mentioned, it is incredibly discreet, standing at eight inches. This makes it easy to take out and pack a bowl, and just as easy to put it away. Tuck it away and travel, or leave it out on the table with taking up little to no room!


It offers an excellent, airtight seal that will give you a smooth, large hit, every time. The added grommets are placed in all the right areas to make sure that smoke doesn’t escape and each grommet is incredibly durable to maintain that seal for long periods of time.

Cost and Value

Available in many colors, it’s made for everyone. If you want to smoke with a friend or smoke alone, you have to option too by just removing the valve and placing another hose in. The hose that comes with it is a massive, six feet long, making it easier to kick back and smoke. Great for personal use or as a gift, this piece is great for all smokers.


  • Discreet Size
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • Thick Glass Bulb for Durability
  • 6 ft Hose for Easy Smoking


  • Smaller Hits

Our Conclusion

After reviewing the top-rated options offered here, you will learn that there is a hookah for anyone and everyone. Being as the product has become a more social smoking event, many people love to burn using them at parties and just kickin’ it for the night. Each hookah has incredibly beautiful features, making it an attractive centerpiece for your coffee table. They are priced right, making them an affordable enjoyment centerpiece.

Searching for the best hookahs available online in 2020? Check out our list of the top rated plus pros, cons, comparisons and more….