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They're more reliable and efficient, safer, and less wasteful. Instead of using fluid or friction to start a flame, these lighters, which contain a lithium ion battery, create a small electrical "arc" that's much hotter than an open flame. To ignite it and light your candle, all you do is hold down the button — you'll hear a kind of high-pitched zapping noise and see a bright line of light at the head of the lighter — and lower it to the candle wick. Since it's hotter than an open flame, it lights your candle faster. The lack of open flame also means you can light things even under windy conditions, making it perfect for outdoor needs.

Ultimately, I landed on one with solid reviews, priced at a very reasonable $10.99: the Ronxs USB rechargeable candle lighter. This lightweight device has a long, flexible neck and a handle with a child safety lock, USB charging port, on/off switch button, and hook. After charging it fully (it comes with a USB charging cable), which takes up to a few hours, it's ready to use. The safety lock solves the worrisome issue of children playing with matches, but once unlocked, the straightforward button mechanism makes the lighter easy to immediately use. The flexible neck can be rotated in any direction or configuration, keeping your fingers safe and allowing you to even light things upside down. No matter the shape or depth of my candle, this smart, safe design could handle it. With one full charge, the lighter can deliver 500 ignitions. This is already higher than traditional lighters, but the beauty is that you can get your next 500 simply with a recharging session.

While a four-pack of Bic fluid lighters is a few dollars cheaper than this Ronxs lighter, they're not refillable or reusable, resulting in both plastic and financial waste. Compared to other lighting methods, a rechargeable arc lighter is also more reliable. Fluid lighters can go mysteriously kaput for no real reason or take multiple tries to ignite, while poor quality matches or poor match striking form are another battle to fight. My Ronxs rechargeable lighter does its job every time with a satisfying consistency. I wish I had bought the Ronxs rechargeable lighter earlier because it would've meant less waste, less frustration, and more time spent basking in the warm glow of my candles. I'm glad I finally have this efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional lighters in my possession now. Based on how quickly I'm tearing through my candles, you can tell it's being put to good use. Sponsoring a DC Candlelighters event is a great way to generate positive brand awareness among your customers and our supporters. When you sponsor a DC Candlelighters event your name and logo are included on program materials. DC Candlelighters accepts monetary donations as well as donations of goods and services. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, call us at 202-747-7191. Sponsorship opportunities include: Mother-Daughter Spa Night Father-Son Sports Night A Day at the Pumpkin Patch Halloween Party Winter Holiday Party. Employers, schools, church groups and scout troops can build team spirit while supporting DC Candlelighters! Organize a coin drive, dress-down day, bake sale, carnival, raffle or talent show. Employers can tie fundraising for DC Candlelighters to meeting wellness goals. Help with our holiday party by purchasing gifts or gift cards for members of a family struggling financially as they care for a critically ill child. Sponsor a collection effort at any time of year to gather toys, books, games and comfort items for our New Patient Care Bags. Collections make a great community service project for scout troops, honor society and other clubs. View our Tiny Box Company range of multi-purpose one piece flat-packed gift boxes in various shapes and sizes. There are so many sturdy and versatile boxes to choose from, whether you are looking for simple Basics Kraft box or whether something glossy or textured suits your product better. These boxes look great on their own or can be paired with tissue paper and ribbon for a distinctive look. Take a look at the great prices we offer these gift boxes for and please click on the individual products to display volume discounts.

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