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You can load up several stems ahead of time, and the Solo 2’s impressive battery is happy to keep chugging along. If you want a vape that you can always have by your side, it has to be durable, compact, and consistent. It needs to be tough enough to slide in and out of your pocket or bag throughout the day without worrying about occasional drops or scratches, small enough that it doesn’t weigh you down, and provide a great experience every time, without having to tinker with settings or adjust any finicky parts. Our pick Planet of the Vapes ONE, compact and versatile. The extremely pocketable Planet of the Vapes ONE would be happy to spend the day with you.

This tough little vape fits easily into your pocket, and heats up super quickly, so you won’t be waiting when you have a moment for a session. When you get home, you can use the water pipe adapter or mini bubbler to settle in for the evening. Even on the road, the ONE happily pumps out surprising clouds of vapor, considering its size. The only part that suffers a bit is battery life, but with the potency and efficiency of the ONE, we think it will carry most light to medium users through the day without any issue. Plus, at just $99 with your choice of glass attachment, it’s a great value. The DynaVap M doesn’t fit what most people expect out of a vaporizer, and that’s one of the reasons we love it. Rather than settling in for a long session, you heat the end of the VapCap for a big, bold hit, any time you like. It’s extremely pocketable, has no batteries to recharge, and there are tons of awesome upgrades and even third-party mods. Buying a VapCap opens a whole new world of fun, and the VapCap M is a great place to start. These are our favorite vaporizers for when you want a quick cloud without anybody asking questions.

That means a vaporizer that fits in your pocket, and the palm of your hand during use, and sneaks back into your pocket when you’re done. It should heat up fast, power through an oven, and then disappear again, which also means it needs to have a great compact heater and an appropriate sized oven so you don’t have to reload often. It fits in your hand without drawing attention, heats up fast, and packs a lot of herb - or concentrates! The PAX 3 is small enough to travel well in any pocket, bag or purse. It only has one button, so it’s easy to turn on without looking, and vibration alerts tell you when it’s time to vape. You can sneak in a quick hit, or a full session, with its 30-second heat up time. The smartphone app will blow your mind, with all its custom options and heating profiles to play with. Whether you chase flavor, clouds, or anything in between, the PAX 3 will fit your style. On top of all that, it comes with a ten year warranty, for long-distance peace of mind. Runner-up Planet of the Vapes ONE - Small but potent. When it comes to compact vaporizers, few are smaller than the Planet of the Vapes ONE. Most average sized hands should have no problem completely concealing it, and its dressed-down appearance blends in with your other belongings. But it isn’t just size that helps the ONE fly under the radar, it also heats up extremely quickly, so you can snap a few quick hits when you find the time. Battery life is an important feature for a lot of people, and for good reason. Having to chase down spare batteries or an outlet can be a real chore when all you’re trying to do is settle in for a relaxing session. These vaporizers can keep running until long after you’ve tapped out, and then some. The Solo II vaporizer has no equal when it comes to battery life. It’s capable of running for three hours on a single charge, without sacrificing flavor or vapor output. The glass stems help your herbs’ natural flavors shine, a luxurious touch that’s particularly nice for home use. If you take it out with you, Arizer provides everything you need right in the box, like extra stems you can load ahead of time, caps to keep anything from falling out, and a holster to keep all your bits and pieces together. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best way to take flavor to a friend’s house, without worrying about charging up first. Runner-up Storz & Bickel Mighty - A cloud-focused challenger. The Mighty falls short of the Solo II’s battery life, but really the difference comes down to the experience. Where the Solo II leans towards lighter, more flavorful vapor, the Mighty’s hefty cooling unit allows for chunkier, thicker clouds, without them tasting or feeling harsh. The Mighty is one of our favorite vaporizers overall, and even though it’s still fairly large, its all-in-one design makes it easier to take with you than the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer. Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise where it counts. There are plenty of great vaporizers under $100 that still pack in premium features, great versatility, and of course, awesome vapor.

One of the reasons we like the X MAX Starry so much is that it offers a lot for less than $100, while still being easy to use right out of the box. It heats up surprisingly quickly, and is almost immediately ready for a light, relaxed session. Swappable batteries keep the party rolling, and digital temperature controls let you quickly and easily tune your hit. The slim Starry offers a lot of great features, which makes it a great starter vape with room to grow into. It’s also sturdy enough to take with you, and compact enough to slide into your pocket or bag without taking up too much room. Runner-up VapCap M (by DynaVap) If you’re looking for something unique, the VapCap M is a great place to start. Instead of warming up for a long session, you heat one end of the VapCap, then take a thick draw off the other end.

It has a strong community of tinkerers and modders who swear by it, and the VapCap M is a great place to start, without spending very much.


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