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I saw such obviously wrong statements being made that I just had to jump in. After a few posts, Rick Ross started deleting my messages, especially when I questioned his credentials and knowledge of A.A., and pointed out that he had the same number of degrees and certifications as I have == none. This is too much: a violent video game from the Religious Right where the players wander the streets of Manhattan and shoot those people who will not convert to fundamentalist "Christianity".

I knew you could say that.) == Here is another hilarious spoof of 12-Step Recovery — "Pigs Anonymous", a 12-Step program for male chauvinist pigs. Just when you think that maybe the Children's Gulags problem is behind us, the sadistic monsters who wear drill sergeants' hats brutally murder another child: == the story of Martin Lee Anderson. Check this out: — James G.'s anti-AA video, "Question Authority". Also see: — his new web site, with more videos and essays. 2006.03.28: A girl is hijacked to a 12-Step treatment center by an aunt, after the aunt gives the girl alcohol. A reader finds another self-proclaimed "expert on addictions" who is trying to make a living by raving about how bad alcoholics and addicts are. The Recovery Propaganda Machine, part 7 — Saturating the Internet with recovery misinformation and quackery. Laugh of the week: — this is allegedly The International Employee Assistance Program Association. (That terminology, "Employee Assistance", is code-speak for "shove all drinking and drugging employees into a 12-Step quack medicine program.") Their web site is so messed up that it looks like they are all stoned out of their gourds on something or other.

Check out their web site, and then ask yourself whether you would trust those people with your mind and your life. South Park did a show that is an outrageous spoof of Alcoholics Anonymous — the most biting and true satire of A.A. You can download the show to your computer and watch it again and again. More unscientific "scientific" papers that try to fool people into believing that A.A. Another old-timer writes about his experiences with "the evil empire". More on the Straights, the child-torturing "drug and alcohol treatment programs" that were run by, among others, former Ambassador Melvin Sembler, who was also a Finance Director of the Republican Party. (Melvin Sembler is the guy whom Gary Trudeau lampooned in Doonesbury for buying an ambassadorship.) Added an "Action Alley" web page — quick, easy things that you can do to make a difference. Right now, you should send an email to your one Congressperson and your two Senators to oppose H.R.1258, which is just another attempt by the quacks to steal some more of your money. One clever correspondent, Rob, got the bright idea of asking the A.M.A. to explain their policy that "alcoholism is a disease". The results are appalling, outrageous, and entertaining — It turns out that the A.M.A. Reworked the web page on "Snake Oil", adding a lot of neat old images of quack medicines. Reworked, rewrote, and expanded the history of the Oxford Group and Moral Re-Armament, and then split the one overly-large file into 34 smaller files, here. Frank Buchman at the 1935 Nuremberg Nazi Party rally, from Henry Williamson, who described how Frank Buchman used his fat ass to shove Williamson out of his seat. Added many more historical pictures of the Oxford Group and Moral Re-Armament, and fascists and Nazis, and Up With People to the history of Frank Buchman and his Groups. A British journalist, Michael Burn, who went to the 1935 Nuremberg Nazi Party Day rally found Dr. Frank Buchman, Unity Mitford, and Lady Diana Mosley sitting together on the bench in front of him. Frank Buchman was, of course, the founder and leader of the Oxford Group and Moral Re-Armament religious cults. The madcap blond Unity Mitford was a passionate fascist and a favorite of Adolf Hitler. Lady Diana Mosley was the sister of Unity, and the wife of the British fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley. Likewise, another British writer who observed the 1938 Nuremberg Nazi Party Day rally noted that Heinrich Himmler "apparently dotes on the Oxford Group and writes to its English members discussing their troubles with them." Lots more letters, files 17 through 21. The debates about the torture and murder of prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison are giving us lots of examples of propaganda tricks like distraction and minimization and rationalization. Alan Bisbort wrote a great editorial on the subject. Cain's magazine articles about Alcoholics Anonymous that he wrote back in 1963 — now have both articles.

Cain was an early critic of A.A., and clearly saw the cultish nature of A.A., even way back then in the early days. More about Bill Wilson's narcissistic personality disorder: Nina Brown's book on living with a narcissist explains a lot of Wilson's behavior. Carolyn See is the stepdaughter of Wynn Corum, who was one of Bill Wilson's paramours, and the author of the Big Book story "Freedom From Bondage" . Carolyn recently reviewed Susan Cheever's book for The Washington Post . Besides verifying her stepmother's affair with Bill Wilson, Carolyn reported that the early A.A. members were so extreme, so fanatical in their opposition to medications that they even bickered about whether taking an aspirin for a headache constituted a slip from sobriety. Susan Cheever's new biography of Bill Wilson, "My Name Is Bill" is quite an apology for Bill.

Sentenced to A.A.: Judges in the Westboro, Massachusetts area are sentencing people to A.A. meetings for everything from exposing oneself in public to stomping heads to being a bad cop who threatened to rape a 12-year-old girl.


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