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If you're a flavor connoisseur, or are looking for a portable solution with performance, longevity, quality, versatility, and safety in mind, the Molecule22 RDA is for you!! Simply put, there is no oil atomizer that comes close in comparison. We're also introducing a new coil-less technology, our patent pending directly Energized SiC Crucible (ESCC). This is a directly Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible that heats up and rips similar to a coil but with the flavor and ease of cleaning a SiC bucket!! The M22 can be used with its Stainless Steel 360 degree vortex air inlet housing as a wax pen capable of providing very smooth and tasty rig sized puffs.

Use it with the M22 Bubbler as a mini e-rig ( sold separately ) or the Rig Adapter as an enail ( coming soon and also sold separately ). Our 21700 TC mod (sold separately) that has been fine tuned for the Molecule22 is strongly recommended but the M22 can also be used on any regulated mod capable of at least 40 watts. The Molecule22 is the solution you've been waiting for, satisfaction is guaranteed! Molecule22 Rebuildable Concentrate Atomizer features: Premium Gold Plated Stainless Steel 510 center pin, positive post and post screws for more accurate temperature control or wattage mode. 22mm diameter - the Molecule22 is designed to fit on small mods for those that want a truly portable or stealth set up. Made utilizing materials that are durable, clean and configured in a way that is more health conscious. The top cap is constructed of stainless steel with a resin 810 mouthpiece that rests on top of the SS to insulate your lips from the heat but without being directly exposed to high heat of the coil. No hot plastic in your vapor path like many other atomizers. Our unique patent pending 360 degree vortex airflow eliminates leakage and clogging, and best of all keeps your orings clean!

Amazing vapor and flavor production unlike anything you've ever tried. Most affordable quality oil atomizer on the market. (3 year cost of ownership: Device cost x maintenance x coils) Our patent pending coil-less SiC technology will last indefinitely with proper care, it only needs the spring clips to be replaced every few months depending on how often you take it apart for cleaning. We sell premade coils for the Molecule22 as well, or you can buy wire and make your own coil. This makes coil changes anywhere from $0.15-$1.99 on average depending on your choice. You can use 4 new hex core fused coils pre-flattened by us for less then it would cost to change your coil once on most other devices. Using a rebuildable device results in less overall material waste and less pollution than disposable coil heads. This makes the Molecule22 concentrate atomizer better for you and the environment. Non-stick, non-toxic, odorless, medical grade silicone O-rings. This material is used in pharmaceutical and food manufacturing/processing applications. Rosin, Wax, budder, shatter, live resin, distillate and etc). Utilizing the alumina or zirconia ceramic bowl as a heat refractory, the heat from the coil is pushed upwards to the top cap with knurled heat sinks. Air coming in also creates a vortex and infuses with the vapor going out to provide smoother puffs. The colored version of the Molecule22 RDA is a high temperature vacuum plating, 100% nontoxic, and there is no coating inside the chamber. Vacuum plating is extremely durable, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly. 10 x Flat 316LSS Oct-Core Coils 32gx8/37g 5.8mm 6 wrap (≈ 0.40Ω ±0.05) 1 x Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC) 1 x SS Dab Tool. 1 x User Manual - The M22 is a truly unique atomizer and so we wrote this manual. The M22 is easy to use, but we strongly advise you read the manual regardless of experience level. This is an advanced user item, use at your own risk. By purchasing you agree to our terms and conditions and release us of all legal liability or responsibility for any legal consequences, damage, or injury due to improper use of the Molecule rebuildable dab atomizer. Looking for a scary, creepy, or spooky subscription box filled with terror and horror without the scary price? If so, then a monthly horror subscription box is the perfect option for you! Whether if Halloween is just around the corner or if you just need a new boo in your life, these monthly scary subscription boxes are well worth it. Here are the best horror subscription boxes that you must try this month! What’s inside : Get a mystery mix of items for diehard horror fans delivered straight to your chamber door every month. Every crate contains 4 horror collectibles along with a t-shirt.

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