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20 Best Enails and Why You Need to Get One – The Ultimate Guide!

If you’ve been asking yourself the question, what is an enail, then you’re in luck. This article is going to educate you on enails and highlight some of the best enails out there today. To begin, let’s start with breaking down the word into pieces. The “e” in enail stands for electronic. So an enail is an electronic nail and it’s one of the newest and more popular ways to smoke concentrates and dabs. Before the electronic nail became the latest dab tool to hit the market, people traditionally used a torch to heat up a titanium or quartz nail, which would then vaporize their dab, wax, or shatter and allow for consumption.

Now, with an enail you can leave the butane torch and tricky dab nails behind and simply plug-and-play. Or should I say, plug-and-smoke. Because an enail is electronic, you can plug the device into the wall, set your desired temperature and wait a few seconds or minutes for your unit to reach that temp. You can even dab several times without having to reheat the nail because the temperature control maintains itself. One of the best benefits of dabbing with an enail is consistency. Since the temperature is controllable by you, your dabbing experience will be smoother and the flavour of the concentrate won’t be jeopardized.

For a deeper explanation on enails and to see all the pieces that make up this device, check out this video:

All of the best e-nails are great companions for whatever type of dab rig you\’re working with. Now that we’ve had a short introduction, we will dive into some of our favourite enails on the market this year!

High Five – LCD E-nail with Heater Coil – $159.99

If you’re looking for a trusty e-nail, High Five has something for you. They’ve got a variety of sets you can buy, including this e-nail with LCD display and a heater coil. The heat displayed is the one that the vaporizing surface has reached, which is convenient when you’re heating up your concentrates. Often other e-nails will tell you the temp of the coil, so make sure you know what you’re reading. A few other highlights include the temperature range that goes from 0-1000 degrees Fahrenheit, a 5 foot long e-nail coil, and a cleaning mode.

What we love:

  • Maintains steady temperature
  • Compact design with LCD screen
  • Accurate temperature readings

For those seeking a fast and efficient way to heat their concentrates, the enail could be just what you're looking for! The items on this list are some of the best because they heat quickly, some are portable, and they will all heat your dabs in such a way that you enjoy a smooth and flavourful toke every time!