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10 Best Refillable Lighter Of 2020 – [For Everyday Use]

Fire is one of the top priorities for us in any survival situation. In any survival condition, only fire can give you light, keep you warm, provide purify water, make the food, as well as it can defend you and finally it will give you hope to live.

That means you should have any fire starting device with you always as part of your EDC. You don’t know that when you will find yourself in a survival condition. Whatever, the best refillable lighter is necessary for your home in your everyday survival and cooking your food.

We especially suggest you keep a couple of refillable lighters at your home, in your car/RV, office, as well as in your pocket and backpack. It is a very useful device for your everyday life and also any survival situation.

There are various types of refillable lighters available in the market with their own applications and specialty along with various types of uses like a cigar or cigarette lighting to cooking, bbq parties as well as camping, hiking and other outdoor activities time.

Check our reviews to find the best refillable butane lighter, bbq lighter, candle lighter, etc. Our reviews will help you to find the best refillable lighter.

Best Refillable Lighter – Comparisons

1. Zippo 76748 NFL Unisex Refillable Lighter

A lighter is rarely a survival piece of EDC. Zippo is a popular and best lighter brand. They make the best cigarette lighter. Zippo NFL Unisex Refillable Lighter provides a Lifetime guarantee from Zippo. It is a windproof lighter and it licensed by the NFL. This Genuine Zippo windproof chrome lighter equipped with excellent color and design with logo.

The high-quality material and workmanship of this Zippo windproof lighter are durable and the best lighter 2020 . The lighter is empty, it means fluid is not included with this windproof lighter. This Zippo windproof lighter is reliable, convenient to carry, and incredibly easy to operate.

From timeless design to the unmistakable click this Zippo lighter is one of the best lighter for survival. Zippo NFL Unisex Refillable Lighter is the best cigarette lighter as well as best lighter for survival. It is also useful for various types of indoor and outdoor activities.

    Windproof chrome lighter Made with quality materials A lot of colors and degins Best refillable lighter brands Made in the USA Lifetime guarantee from Zippo
    Lighter fluid is not included

2. TOMOLO B07PF4DQ2K Torch Lighter Triple Jet Flame Refillable Butane Cigar Lighter with Cigar Punch

TOMOLO Refillable Butane Torch Lighter make by durable zinc alloy material. This material is more sturdy and durable compared to other materials. The built-in cigar punch design and fully transparent fuselage fuel tank design makes the lighter more practical and attractive.

This is another best refillable butane lighter that comes with high-quality triple jet flames. It has much more firepower than other single or double jet flame lighters. This pocket torch lighter is very useful for men who smoked. It is a cool torch lighter.

This best butane torch lighter can be used in the kitchen, cigarettes, smoking cigars, hiking, and other outdoor activities. TOMOLO Refillable Butane Torch Lighter is one of the best butane torch lighter. It is a perfect gift for men on any occasion.

    Comes with stylish rainbow color Made with high-quality zinc alloy material Windproof triple jet flame Practical fuel gauge window 1 Year warranty
    A bit long

3. Kollea Torch Lighter, Triple Jet Butane Lighter Refillable, High Quality Pocket Lighters with Punch & Gift Box

If you like to buy a stylish and best refillable lighter than this Kollea Torch Lighter is perfect for you. It comes with a stylish rainbow color that shows your unique taste. It made of high-quality zinc alloy material. It is sturdy and durable.

If you need the best torch lighter then Kollea Torch Lighter is one of them. It equipped a windproof and powerful triple jet flame. When you tap the thumb ignition, auto-open lid springs aside and three high-powered flames jump upwards.

This best refillable butane lighter is a great gift idea for men at their birthday or any other occasion. It is one of the best butane lighter and has much more firepower than single, double jet flame lighters. It can be used in the kitchen, cigarettes, smoking cigars, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

    Comes with stylish rainbow color Made with high-quality zinc alloy material Windproof triple jet flame Practical fuel gauge window 1 Year warranty
    Hard to fuel

4. TOPKAY Torch Lighter, Windproof Turbo Jet Flame Torch Lighter, Refillable Butane Torch Lighter

TOPKAY Torch Lighter is a big torch lighter. It has a wide burner nozzle that can produce powerful and stronger turbo jet flame. It has the power to light your wide cigar evenly and quickly. This cigar torch lighter is best for the smoking cigar.

It is a refillable torch lighter and it features a thumbwheel flame size adjustment. You do not need any Screwdrivers to Regulate the flame anymore, the flame size is very easy to adjust with one hand. This pocket torch lighter is a little big than other lighters and a cool torch lighter.

This is one of the most durable and best refillable butane lighters that comes with a button Ignition Style and makes it easy to handle and ignition efficiency. This cigar torch lighter is one of the best butane torch lighter that comes with efficiency and comfort design.

It is one of the best refillable grill lighter, it can be used as Fire Lighters, Cigar Lighters. This cool torch lighters are also useful for lighting your Gas Stove, Candles, Hob, Fireplace, Welding, Multiple Camping Applications, Jewelry Making, and many other places.

    Multipurpose butane torch lighter Efficiency and Easy to handle It is very good looking Comes with a deluxe gift box 1 Year guarantee
    Sometimes it doesn’t work well

5. GUEVARA Cigar Lighter Torch with Cigar Stand Windproof Single Flame Butane Refillable High Quality Scorch Lighters

GUEVARA Cigar Lighter Torch is one of the best refillable lighter that is Windproof and High-Quality Scorch Lighters. This best single jet torch lighter made of Sturdy and top quality metal body with Fuel Level Window and universal Refill Valve. The flame height of this refillable butane lighter is adjustable.

The butane does not include with this lighter due to Mailing Regulations. This best refillable butane lighter is a strong and Super Powerful Flame. It has a large Flame Base gives you a wider surface area. This refillable butane lighter is suitable for kitchen, BBQ, cigar, cigarette, hiking, camping, etc.

This is another best refillable bbq lighter as well as the best refillable grill lighter. It provides a single flame that is strong and windproof. This best refillable bbq lighter comes with an elegant gift box that makes it a great gift idea for men. Also, it is the best refillable lighter for weed.

    High quality sturdy metal body Comes with universal refill valve Windproof lighter
    Looks very expensive Powerful and Large flame base
    Refill is a bit tricky

6. TECBOSS Multipurpose Lighters Adjustable Butane Lighter Jet Flame Portable Refillable

A butane lighter is really very good for your daily life household or outdoor works. It is refillable (Butane not include). You can easily adjust the flame height by rotating its wheel. Tecboss lighter has passed 20 process quality inspections. It has three layers of safety protection.

This grill light is safer, durable and can provide long-time service. It is made with a high-quality zinc alloy that is really a durable metal. It has a simple squeeze and the powerful torch jet flame emerges from it. It can easily handle the breeze and provide you a good flame.

The design of this lighter is very fashionable, it is slim and rounded. This lighter is very lightweight and easily portable. It can increase your smartness if you are a smoker.

This refillable lightweight lighter can easily fit in your pocket or purse. It comes with an exquisite gift box and it is a great choice for any occasion gift. This is one of the best refillable butane lighter that can provide you an excellent service.

    Precision mechanical design Adjustable gas valve Anti-Scalding and Windproof Safety design and the powerful ignition Stylish and Long-lasting
    Gas not include

7. Foxfires Butane Lighter Long Lighter Refillable Lighter Adjustable Jet Flame Torch Lighter

This butane lighter for those people who love the party. This lighter specially made for the grill stoves. It also can use in various conditions like your kitchen, camping, and other places. Foxfires Butane Lighter has some great features. It can be rotated and bend to different angles. It can meet your various lighting needs.

The unique long neck design has its own personality. It can prevent your hand from burning when you lighting the bbq stove, gas stove or other fireplaces. One of the excellent features is that this refillable bbq lighter can be used as its universal fuel valve. When you need to refill it, follow the user manual.

Due to DOT and USPS Safety Regulations, this torch lighter does not contain butane. The fuel adjustment valve can meet your different requirements and can easily adjust the flame level.

The tank will full in 5ml gas and it can provide 500-1000 times flame at the lowest setting and when you need continuous lighting 60 seconds nonstop flame in the highest setting. All of its features make it the best refillable bbq lighter. You can see the user manual for more information.

    Come with flexible long neck 5ml Large gas can It’s has safety lock Good Quality Very Simple to use
    The flame is tiny

8. Magic Flame, Rechargeable Long Neck Plasma Arc Lighters Long, Windproof Electric Long Candle Lighter

So, let me tell about the most innovative lighter technology of modern science. The magic Flame electric arc lighter is a wonderful gift of science that uses more innovative technologies. That technology can optimized durability with great performance.

The manufacturer designed this lighter with a longer handle which will save your hand from the burning when you lighting the candle or grill. The most accretive features of this lighter are, it has a childproof switch that can prevent the accident of your child.

To Create a Plasma Wave Hotter more than fire, it uses the Star Wars Plasma Wave Technology. This rechargeable and refillable lighter are very easy to recharge. It contains a large capacity Li-ion battery that can be charged more than 600 times and you can use any Powered USB Port to charge the lighter.

This windproof and flameless lighter is perfect for the grill and other outdoor activities like camping. This is the best refillable grill lighter that can be used in various conditions.

    Rechargeable electric candle lighter Durable long lighter design Comes with plasma lighter technology Waterproof Best long neck lighter Universal USB rechargeable
    A bit hard to use

9. RONXS Lighter, Upgraded Candle Lighter Camping Lighter Grill Lighter USB Lighter Plasma Arc with LED Battery Display Safety Switch

RONXS candle lighter is one of the great lighter for light the candle. It has Multi-Protect Safety System that ensures complete safety for you. This upgraded lighter has 4 inches or about 10cm long neck that ensure the lighting from the safe distance. It will meet your different lighting needs by 360-degree rotation.

It has a display that shows ou the real-time battery volume. This smart light will show you signal by turn on 5LED light when it fully charged. The safety switch ensures the superior safety of your children from any danger of flame. It also keeps your fingers away from the flame. Powerful plasma lighting technology ensures efficient and quick lighting.

RONXS arc light is very useful to use as BBQ lighter, Camping Lighter, kitchen Lighter, Plasma lighter, Fireplace Pilot Lighter, Torch Lighter, and Fire Starter. You can recharge the lighter with any USB charger when the low battery and it will provide over 500 uses when fully charged.

RONXS candle lighter is the best refillable candle lighter compared with other lighters that make less noise. You will be happy to know that this lighter is wind and splash-proof. RONXS lighter is the perfect lighting tool under any bad weather conditions.

Refillable Lighter Is The Important Lighter For Your Everyday Life and Also Any Survival Situation. Our Team Finds The Best Refillable Lighter For You.

Best Refillable Butane Lighter – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

By Steven Johnson | Last Updated: October 18, 2020

Whether you are a handyman, a cigar enthusiast or a chef, a refillable butane lighter (or torch) is a must-have tool. Offering an astounding level of versatility, devices of this kind can be used in hundreds of different ways. However, not all butane lighters on the market offer the high level of quality that the five products featured on this guide do.

Apart from describing in detail what makes these products stand out, this guide will offer objective insights regarding their pros and cons. As if that was not enough, it will provide useful information about refillable butane lighters and torches in general.

Best Refillable Butane Lighter in November 2020

1. Fat Panda – Best Refillable Butane Lighter for Professional Use

Featuring an unprecedented five-pronged jet flame, the Fat Panda Quintuple Jet Torch Lighter provides a remarkable amount of power. This feature, in combination with its efficient ignition system and outstanding maneuverability, makes this refillable torch lighter a great option for people who need consistency and reliability.

Resistant Materials

Apart from providing a nice heavy feel and making the device very durable, the Quintuple Jet Torch Lighter’s zinc alloy body resists a great amount of heat and has a quick cool down. Meanwhile, its built-in Piezo ignition system is well-constructed enough to be reliable and consistent.

Fool-Proof Ignition

Speaking of the device’s built-in Piezo ignition, it needs to be said that this system is extremely responsive and effective. In fact, the Quintuple Jet Torch Lighter lights up every time you push its ignition button. This is true even in extreme conditions such as powerful winds and rain.

Astounding Versatility

Perhaps the most useful advantage that this product has is its versatility. On one hand, its elegance and practicality make it great for the type of indoor use that a cigar enthusiast or chef would give it. On the other, this refillable butane torch is powerful, reliable and resistant enough to be used outdoors for camping, hiking or anything else.

    Ergonomic body design. Comes in elegant gift box. Can be used in extreme environments. Features built-in Piezo ignition.
    Expensive. Somewhat heavy.

2. VVAY 3 Jet Flame – Best Refillable Butane Lighter for Cigar Enthusiasts

Despite being compact and comfortable to grip, the VVAY 3 Jet Flame Torch Cigar Lighter is quite powerful. It features three burners. Each of these burners produces enough power to be windproof. What’s more, the three burners combined produce a considerable amount of heat, making this product versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings.

Precision and Adjustability

As previously mentioned, this refillable butane lighter produces three powerful flames that, combined, can create a great amount of heat. It should also be mentioned, however, that these three flames are fully adjustable. Using a small button on the bottom of the jet lighter’s body, you can precisely control the level of the flame according to your needs.

A Great Option For Cigar Lovers

In addition to the adjustment button, at its bottom, this jet lighter features a cigar punch that will often come in handy. Considering that this lighter is a favorite among cigar enthusiasts, this is not a random addition by any means. Whether it’s just a casual thing or a regular practice, the device’s size, grip and power make it a fantastic tool for lighting up a stogie.

Ease of Use Above Everything

The manufacturer’s of the Jet Flame Torch Cigar Lighter clearly set out to create a product that does not produce a headache every time it is used. Far from it, this refillable butane lighter is compact, practical and very easy to use. Largely, this has to do with its design. However, the high-quality mechanism that drives the ignition also plays a huge role in making this device the reliable piece of machinery that it is.

    Adjustable triple jet flames. Comes in an elegant gift package. Features cigar punch in the bottom.
    Clunky ignition. Difficult to refill.

3. Cobber Torch Cigar Lighter – Best Universal Valve Butane Lighter

This compact, sturdy and modern-looking refillable butane lighter does not only stand out due to its design. To the contrary, its performance is what truly makes the Cobber Torch Cigar Lighter shine. With a body that is made of high-quality metal, this lighter has a nice heaviness to it. Apart from giving it a more luxurious feel, the toughness of the metal protects this lighter against impact and other types of damage.

Universal Compatibility

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting features that the Cobber Torch Cigar Lighter has to offer is its universal refill valve. This type of refill valve enables customers to use the brand of their choosing when the time comes to refill this device. It should be noted, however, that it is very important to use only high-quality butane to refill a product such as this one. Using a low-quality valve may damage the lighter’s mechanism and hinder its performance.

Another feature that makes this product stand out among similar ones is its red flame. This flame does not only look cool but serves a very important purpose: To make itself visible in the sunlight.

    Universal refill valve. Built-in cigar punch. Sturdy metal body. Large flame base.
    No safety shutdown system. May leak.

4. Icfun Torch Cigar Lighter – Best Triple-Jet Butane Lighter

Featuring a compact, modern and aesthetically-pleasing design, this product by Icfun is a fashionable accessory. That is not all it is, however.

Its three jet burners produce powerful and stable flames that will stay lit no matter what conditions they are subjected to. This feature makes the Torch Cigar Lighter well-suited for outdoor activities as well as indoor ones.

Easy Refill

Unlike other butane lighters and torches on the market, the Icfun Torch Cigar Lighter is very easy to refill. Its valve can be pushed with ease using a single finger while holding the unit upside down. However, it does not pop out so easily that it gives way to accidents. What’s more, its transparent tank makes it easy to discern when it has been completely filled.

Great Gift

Due to its good looks, high level of quality and usability, the Icfun Torch Cigar Lighter makes for a great gift. Being fully aware of that, its manufacturers decided to include a convenient bonus gift with it: An elegant gift box. As if that wasn’t enough, this product comes with a no-questions-asked 60-day guarantee.

    Three-torch flame. Windproof flame. Universal refill valve. Flame regulation system.
    Somewhat expensive.

5. GD Portable Luxury Fire Extinguisher with Key Chain – Best Collectable Butane Lighter

Perhaps the most visually-attractive item on this list, the GD Portable Luxury Fire Extinguisher makes for a great gift. As its name so clearly indicates, this product looks like a tiny fire extinguisher. This may be a bit ironic as it also produces a powerful jet flame that is perfect for lighting up cigars.

Complete Portability

Being rather compact and lightweight, the GD Portable Luxury Fire Extinguisher can be taken anywhere with comfort and ease. Furthermore, it includes a keychain that will help you hold on to it even if you tend to be absent-minded (or have absent-minded friends).


Despite looking somewhat like a toy, the Portable Luxury Fire Extinguisher is actually a very serious tool. Its butane-powered blue flame is powerful and steady. What is more, it reaches great temperatures and maintains them for prolonged periods of time. All this, in combination with its ergonomic design and its quality construction, results in a great performance every time.

    Exquisite design. Features keychain. Includes free car sticky pad.
    Not for professional use. Not very durable.

Best Refillable Butane Lighter – Buyer’s Guide

Main Uses of Refillable Butane Lighters

Refillable butane lighters are versatile enough to be used for various different purposes. Some of the most outstanding are:


Being reliable, durable and efficient, butane lighters and torches are great for smokers. In particular, cigar enthusiasts will appreciate the stability and overall quality that a butane lighter has to offer.

Making Small Repairs

As many professionals already know, refillable butane torch lighters are a great tool for performing tasks such as soldering, welding, shrinking or cutting rope. As a result, these devices are often used by professionals for both home repair and industrial purposes.

As if that wasn’t enough, using the right technique, butane torch lighters are ideal for removing paint quickly and easily.

Culinary Uses

Being extremely reliable and effective, butane lighters are a perfect tool for being used in the kitchen. On the other hand, torch-style refillable butane lighters are often used for performing delicate techniques such as caramelizing sugar, melting cheese, glazing ham or searing a steak.

Making Jewelry and Other Crafts

People who are heavily involved in the production of jewelry and other types of crafts swear by the effectiveness of the refillable butane lighter. In fact, this type of lighter is the ideal tool for soldering earrings, soldering small links and doing glass blowing.

What to Look for in a Refillable Butane Lighter


Apart from being efficient and powerful, a good refillable butane lighter needs to be ergonomic and easy to use. For that reason, design is very important when it comes to this kind of device. An ergonomic design prevents strain and fatigue from affecting your hand and wrist muscles. Meanwhile, a user-friendly design makes the device easy to maneuver in order to be precise and effective.


Without a doubt, the most important function that a butane lighter has is the ignition. A good butane lighter should be instantly and easily ignited by pressing the ignition button. Conversely, its flame should be immediately extinguished as soon as the ignition button is released. Furthermore, once ignited, the flame should be steady and stable.

Flame Adjustment

All the best butane lighters and torches feature a precise flame adjustment lever or switch. When considering buying a particular model of refillable butane lighter, be sure to test this feature and evaluate its fluidity.

Safety Measures

Ideally, your new refillable butane lighter should have some sort of safety mechanism that prevents it from being accidentally ignited.

How to Use a Refillable Butane Lighter Safely

Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable advantages of using a refillable butane lighter is its level of safety. However, because it is a flammable substance, you should always follow some precautions when using butane in any way.

  • Avoid inhaling the fumes that are released when the device is used.
  • Keep canisters of butane away from flammable or hot objects and surfaces.
  • Don’t smoke near a butane lighter or canister.
  • Always use butane in a well-ventilated area.
  • Don’t store butane in a non-approved can or container.
  • If you need to refill the lighter, make sure it cools down completely first.
  • When using a butane lighter or torch in an industrial setting, wear protective gloves.
  • Keep butane lighters and canisters away from children.
  • Don’t store butane canisters in the same area where you work.


Without a doubt, each and every one of the products featured on this guide is worth looking into. Apart from being reliable and efficient, these products come with the kind of guarantees that only experienced and successful brands can offer. However, the final choice is all yours. Hopefully, this Buyer’s Guide will help you make the best decision for your personal needs.

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