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The Theseus chubbler (spoon bubbler combo) is the ideal solution for those looking for the perfect glass companion. For the adventurer, the Theseus bubbler is made to be portable like a spoon, but with a complex internal system of chambers that not only filters the vapor and smoke, but is also spill-proof. To use this spoon bubbler, simply fill up the internal chamber with water by pouring through the mouthpiece, just enough so it percolates.

To clean and empty, it's as easy as blowing air through the mouthpiece out, forcing the water out the choke. Cheesemaker Brad Parker traversed the globe to find his true calling as a cheesemaker. As a high school student, he spent time in the Limousin region working as a goatherd, learning the rudiments of raising goats and making goat cheese. Years later during a stint in the Peace Corps in South Central Africa, Brad decided that he would return stateside and milk cows for a living, but was dissuaded by a local farmer who told him that milking cows was too expensive, and that he should look into goats. Brad wrote letters to 10 goat farms that found in a farming periodical he chanced upon at the Peace Corps office, and got a response from one close to Philadelphia offering him a job and room and board. By 1986 (still early days in the American artisan cheese movement) Brad was a real trailblazer - milking 30 goats and selling his cheese to a number of accounts in Washington DC, the home of the French Ambassador chief among them. He and his wife moved their farm to its current location in 1991, and began making cheese there in 1994.

Today he milks around 50 Sable goats, and produces fresh and mold-ripened goat cheeses. 1 Pipe Dreamz (Up Yer Kilt Vocal Radio Edit) 4:01 2 Pipe Dreamz (Original Up Yer Kilt Mix) 4:10 3 Pipe Dreamz (Psychomatic Mix) 4:07 4 Pipe Dreamz (Psychomatic Extended Mix) 7:02 5 Pipe Dreamz (Original Smokin' Pipes Mix) 4:10. Recorded At – Audio Port Studio Phonographic Copyright (p) – Quality Music (2) Copyright (c) – Quality Music (2) Distributed By – Quality Music & Video Manufactured By – Cinram Published By – TBW Tunes Manufactured By – Cinram. Mixed By – Brad Ferringo, John Grenn, Trevor Magee Producer – Yakoo Boyz Written-By – Ferringo*, Magee* Заметки. ℗1995 Quality Music ©1995 Quality Music Distributed in Canada by Quality Music & Video. Clear Chronic is another cart brand that we see making the rounds in THC vaping culture. It appears to be a bogus brand that’s nothing but packaging. There doesn’t seem to be any regulated, licensed company behind it. Yet it’s as prolific as any other black market brand we’ve found. Questions about them come up all the time: Reddit oilpen, one year ago Reddit oilpen, two years ago Reddit weed, 10 months ago Reddit oilpen, 8 months ago Reddit oilpen, one year ago Reddit fake cartridges, 7 months ago Reddit oilpen, one year ago. That last post contains a comment linking to a lab test result. If you scan in that QR code, however, SCLabs will say that “the owner has marked the results as private” and only say that the test was performed on 10/24/2017. Here is one person in Lynchburg, VA, on LeafedIn, which is becoming a mighty questionable site in general. Here is another site with Clear Chronic, this one claiming it’s by “Full Spectrum Concentrate Labs.” That sounds like it should be a legit company, and yet a quick Google reveals this very page as the sole source of the full quoted phrase. And this online seller includes Clear Chronic in its products. One thing we can’t find is a licensed, registered, above-the-counter dispensary selling Clear Chronic carts. One online seller identifies a product as “Clear Chronic – Banana Train Wreck” while showing this packaging shot that looks familiar: That’s because it resembles the Coco Chanel logo, which is also used by another black market brand we’ve covered before: California Confidential. But note the packaging is the long, thin box design which Clear Chronic has kept, while California Confidential typically comes in short, squat packaging. On the other hand, the name “Clear Chronic” Note the final “C” in the name is reversed, signaling a connection to the former (?) Coco-Chanel logo. This could all be a coincidence, or it could be a clue that there’s a connection between these two brands. When we speak of brands being “related,” we mean they could have been both invented by the same packaging printer in China.

Black market cart brands that are packaging-only show this inbred tendency to half-copy each other, knock-offs of knock-offs. Witness the infamous and chaotic Runtz “brand,” which cross-breeds with other street brands including Chronic Carts, which could also be related to Clear Chronic. There are dozens of social media accounts all claiming to be the Clear Chronic brand.

This Facebook account whose “about” section is blank? This Instagram account which posts the same bogus lab result mentioned previously? Of course “official” Instagram accounts always come in twos! There’s all that and much more lurking behind the #clearchronic tag on Instagram. In fact, Chronic Carts are synonymous enough with black market brands that the same tag also fetches images for Dank, TKO, Boom, Mario Carts, and other street makes of cartridge.


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