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You need all the T-cells you have right now to fight any infection you are exposed to. HOWEVER, please don't smoke anything while you have mono. I'm betting someone else has touched or will touch your stash and putting your mono-ridden mouth anywhere near it is just begging for a mono epidemic among your Playstation league.

Smoking while you have any symptoms that affect your throat, breathing, or sinuses in any way is a bad idea. Some people answering this question got bits and pieces right. 1) Some evidence suggests cannabinoids have immunomodulatory properties, and while this hasn't been completely hammered out yet I'd hold off just in case it turns out MJ hurts your cell-mediated (antiviral) immunity. 2) If you're still got the sore throat, its going to get a hell of a lot worse. 3) If you aren't smoking solo the combination of infectious saliva + high and not paying attention = more people with mono. Marijuana's active ingredient is tetrahydrocannibinol which is what gets absorbed into your blood from your lungs and your bodys got to filter it out somehow so yeah its probably not to good for your liver.

next time dont go making out with people and you wont have to worry about it. You obviously have no brain, so it doesn't really matter at this point what you do. Oh and hey, maybe while you're at it, you could blow that marijuana smoke in some other peoples' faces. With the Flowermate Mini V5.0 S Pro you can enjoy dry herbs as well as concentrates, oils, and waxes. You find one pod each for herbs and liquids in the delivery. As the name suggests, the Mini is super small and fits in every pocket. Moreover, with a fully isolated air path, this vaporizer utilizes a ceramic heating element and comes with adjustable temperatures. The vaporizer's borosilicate glass mouthpiece can be placed in a secret compartment at the bottom. In conclusion, the device is a great choice for everyone looking for a discreet, easy to use, and affordable vaporizer with full temperature control. The Flowermate Mini V5.0S Pro is a tinier version of the well-tested Flowermate V5.0S Pro. Models of the recognized manufacturer are undoubtedly in the top rankings of the most popular vaporizers. Flowermate Technology is devoted to creating high-quality vaporizer and bringing the consumer an outstanding vaping experience. As a result, its innovative technology, together with the sleek design, the Flowermate V5.0 Pro Mini is a top-notch vaporizer. New pod system This version includes additional pods to vaporize not only herbs but also liquids and waxes. However, if not explicitly stated, ask at the shop if it is the latest version. You can fill the herbal chamber with 0.3 – 0.5 grams of dried herbs. Borosilicate glass mouthpiece The mouthpiece contains the popular borosilicate glass and consequently completely neutral in taste. Additionally, you can store the mouthpiece in the chamber at the bottom. Therefore, you can safely transport it in your trouser pocket without risking to break the mouthpiece. Power like the big brother Although the Flowermate Mini is a lot smaller than its big brother, the Flowermate V5.0S Pro it comes too with a 1800mAh powerful Samsung battery. Use it as a power bank The Mini S5.0 Pro has an incredibly smart dual function as a mobile battery. As a result, you cannot only charge via a micro USB cable. He additionally gives power to other mobile devices, such as the smartphone.

It is, therefore, possible to fully charge your smartphone at least once. Of course, you can charge the Flowermate Mini yourself via Powerbank. Precise temperature control Only in the temperature setting, you find differences between the Mini 5.0S to the Mini 5.0S Pro model. The Mini Pro provides a simple button system that allows precise temperature control. It can be controlled between 104°F and 446°F and changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Depending on the temperature, the Mini Pro needs about 40 seconds to heat up. Read the current and required temperature on the small OLED display. Also, there you can notice the status of the battery. To see the Flowermate Mini V5.0 S Pro in action, we recommend the following video. Among other things, it gives you an idea of its size.

A comparison with other Flowermate models is shown. Furthermore, you see which accessories are included and how to clean the device. 1x Flowermate Mini 5.0S Pro 1x Borosilicate glass mouthpiece 1x Water filter adapter (14mm/18mm) 1x Pod for herbs 1x Pod for liquids 5x Replacement screens 1x Packing Tool 1x Cleaning brush 1x USB charging cable 1x User manual German/English. *valid only with the 5% coupon code: Love5 $ 80.75 $ 85.00.


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