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We've already paid out over $350,000 to our members for helping us maintain the web's biggest database of coupons and deals. Standing out in the Colorado cannabis market is no easy task, especially amongst the premium concentrate brands on the market today. Double Bear premium concentrates makes it look easy with its state-of-the-art facilities and expert technicians . Double Bear is known for its exceptional cannabis concentrates, ranging from a variety of consistencies, potency, and affordability. There is a concentrate for every style of dabber and budget. What sets Double Bear concentrates apart from the pack is its focus on purity and flavor. By working closely with Terrapin Care Station in Colorado , Double Bear has access to the finest cannabis genetics on the market. Each batch of concentrates are strain-specific and packed full of flavor . The extraction methods at Double Bear are finetuned to ensure a primo product with every batch.

Consumers can't go wrong when choosing any Double Bear concentrates as their go-to dabs! Double Bear focuses on premium cannabis concentrates and vape products . Its line of stellar cannabis concentrates varies in consistency, purity, and price. The proprietary extraction processes at Double Bear aim to develop the purest, most reliable concentrate line in Colorado. It is Double Bear's dedication to the consumers, which keeps raising the bar for its product line. Shatter – Double Bear shatter is a translucent concentrate with a variety of strain and cannabinoid options. Its high-THC shatter remains glassy, while its CBD-rich shatter aims for more of a sappy consistency . Wax – The wax concentrates at Double Bear comes in a variety of consistencies: sugar, crumble, and budder . Each texture offers a unique experience to the consumer. Some wax consistencies are great for dabbing , while others are excellent for packing in a vape pen . Each comes in a variety of strains, terpene profiles, and cannabinoid profiles. Sauce – The in-house Double Bear sauce is a fine cannabis concentrate that packs a ton of flavor . It is sold in 1 gram package s and utilizes only the finest cannabis for extraction. Sugar – Double Bear also does an in-house sugar concentrate that packs quite the potent punch. Each batch of sugar test upwards of 90% THC and provides a clean, smooth, and enjoyable dabbing experience. Live Sugar – Double Bear goes above and beyond with its terpene-rich live sugar . The extraction utilizes the purest, fresh-frozen cannabis material to ensure each extraction is full of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes . The end product is a premium concentrate that maintains its flavor through the last hit. Live Sauce – Double Bear's live sauce is no joke when it comes to discussing connoisseur concentrates. It is a clean, potent, and flavorful product great for dabbing with a rig. The THC crystals are pure and tested separately to ensure a stellar cannabinoid potency.

Strain-specific terpenes are then reintroduced to the THC crystals to top-off the mouth-watering concentrate. Double Bear is taking the concentrate market by storm with its premium extraction methods and stellar cannabis genetics. To go a step further, Double Bear developed a line of superb cannabis cartridges and vape pods .

Each vape option is strain-specific and packed full of terpenes. The vaping technology and ancillary Double Bear vape batteries are the finest on the market and provide a smooth and reliable hit every time. The Double Bear Dart Battery is a take on a portable vape pen that works similar to an e-cigarette but only contains cannabis.


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