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Beaker vs. Straight Tube: Getting The Perfect Bong

You’re trying to decide between a beaker and a straight tube bong because you want to get your money’s worth and enjoy your herbs. Both bongs are excellent in delivering smoke, but we’ll talk about the differences to help you decide which one will be the perfect bong for you.


Beaker bongs got their name because they have the same shape as those scientific glass equipment that you use in high school. The base is a flared cone shape that gives it a wider surface area on the table or countertop. The bong also becomes bottom heavy when you add water to it, turning it to the most stable bong you’ll ever have. It won’t topple over easily, making it suitable for clumsy or rowdy moments. It can also handle the weight of an ash catcher that pre-cools and cleans your smoke before it enters your bong.

Straight tube bongs are classic water pipes that are long and cylindrical. Tall and slender, these types of bongs can be easily knocked over compared to a beaker bong. Some straight tube bong designers do away with this by creating a thick, substantial base for balance. This type of bong is popular because the design is simple, straightforward, and all about efficiency.

Water level

Beaker bongs, because of the wide chamber, has more room for water which. This high water capacity allows you to enjoy your session longer without having to change the water in your bong frequently. It’s also a plus if you want to add ice for a cooler smoke. As the ice melts, water falls down and fills the beaker bong’s water chamber. The wide capacity lets your bong take in more water without overfilling too soon.

Straight tube bongs don’t have the same flexible capacity. You can only have a limited amount for optimal function. Add too much, and you’ll get a nasty backsplash, or your bong will spill over to the stem. Because of the limited amount of water, a long session with friends using your straight tube bong means frequent water replacement. You also need to spill out excess water in case you use ice.


Some like the way beaker bongs produce bigger bubbles. This is due to the wide water surface area of the beaker bottom. If you add a diffuser downstem to your beaker bong, you’ll get good turbulence that will mix the smoke within the water.

Straight tube bongs, on the other hand, produces more bubbles because you have high water level within the chamber and tube. Instead of the gurgling sound that you get from a beaker bong, you get a gentler “purr” with each pull.

Both bongs can have a pair of percolators on top of the other. However, straight tube bong can accommodate 3 percolators at once (not counting the diffusing downstem).

Chugs and Pulls

You’ll notice that the beaker bong constricts at the neck. This “tunneling” interferes with the smoke path. Some find that you have to add a bit of pressure with each pull to get the smoke out. Others don’t mind the extra pull, but those with weaker lungs as well as novices may find using a beaker bong challenging. However, there are shorter beaker bongs, or a mini beaker bong like UV Green Pulsar Mini Beaker Bong so that you can get the feel of using one. The good thing about this narrow neck is that it prevents backsplash. If you’re one of those who prefer to pull hard to drive the smoke deeper in the lungs, you should get the beaker bong.

Straight tube bongs allow for easier pulls and clear fast because there’s no bottleneck to deal with. Smoke just shoots straight up once you pull it in. This is perfect for those who have weak lungs or prefer getting easy tokes out of a bong. Fire up a bowl with this massive Pulsar Fat Can Double Slit Matrix Perc and you’ll find that you’ll be able to clear out the smoke with only a slight effort. You just have to be careful with chugging to prevent backsplash because you can also drag the water up.


Beaker bongs, because of the wide base, have a higher smoke volume. A good-sized beaker bong can help create massive smoke with smooth hits due to wider water surface area. Some say the taste is cleaner and smoke is smoother to the throat.

Straight tube bongs, on the other hand, produce thicker smoke, which is due to the low water level. Those who prefer stronger, bold flavors will definitely enjoy a straight tube bong. You may find the smoke a bit harsh if you are sensitive to heat, but a long bong can help increase the smoke path and cool the smoke a bit.

We hope that we helped you make a decision on which bong to get. To help you further decide, take a look at our suggested bongs below.

Beaker bongs

Pulsar Glass 14mm Female Showerhead Perc Straight Beaker Bong 11.5″

This is a lovely piece created by Pulsar, one of the best leading brands in the industry. This beaker bong stands 11.5”, a perfect size for beginners as well as experienced smokers. It’s made with high-grade borosilicate glass and has a wide base for maximum stability. The colorful accent makes it an interesting conversational piece. The added showerhead perc provides filtered, smooth hits for an enjoyable session.

Pulsar RIP Silicone 14mm Female Removable Diffused Downstem Perc Beaker Bong 12″

Not all bongs are made of glass. This RIP Silicone beaker bong from Pulsar is made of sturdy, durable grade silicone that makes it suitable for traveling. It’s best for those who tend to drop their bong or prefer an easier way of aftercare.

Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke Attached Downstem Perc Beaker Bong 7.25″

Fans of Cheech & Chong will love using this stylishly decorated beaker bong. It’s small in size, yet delivers one of the best rips you can get. The flared mouthpiece and bent neck design allow for comfortable smoking. No worries about getting the heat of the bowl in your face with this bong.

Grav Labs Boro Glass 14mm Female Fixed Diffuser Downstem Perc Beaker Bong 8″

Grav Labs is also one of the best companies that provide exceptional bongs, and this 8” bong is of no exception. It comes with a 14mm female joint and a diffused downstem for smooth, cool hits. Grav made the base extra thick and wide for better stability and ease of use.

Assorted Glass 14mm Female Fixed Downstem Perc Bong With Quartz Banger 11″

If you’re a smoker who prefers to take dabs every now and then, this is the perfect beaker bong for you. The wide base and angled mouthpiece make it easy to use. The distance of the mouthpiece from the banger makes it comfortable to use despite the hot banger.

Straight tube bongs

Pulsar Triple Matrix Perc Bong 18.5″

Pulsar created a highly efficient straight tube bong with their triple matrix perc. There are maximum diffusion and filtration that gives you a smooth, milky smoking experience. Although this bong stands tall at 18.5”, Pulsar added a wid, sturdy base for wobble-free smoking.

Grav Labs Straight Tube Honeycomb Perc Bong 18″

Another tall bong created by Gravs, this straight tube bong screams simplicity and efficiency. It’s easy to use with a wide sable base. The honeycomb perc diffuses smoke to hundreds of tiny bubbles for better filtration. The geometric ice catcher lets you add in ice for a cooler, smoother hit.

Pulsar Sprinkler Perc Bong with Ice Catcher 17″

Big hits, strong flavors. That’s what you’ll get with this Pulsar sprinkler perc. There’s an extra thick base and a smoothed mouthpiece for easy, comfortable smoking. The pinched neck and ice catcher helps minimize backsplash and cool hits.

Diamond Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Straight Tube Bong 15″

If you haven’t tried a tree arm perc yet, you should start with this Diamond Glass Tree Arm Perc Bong. Diamond Glass prides itself in creating beautiful bongs made of high-quality borosilicate glass that are simple to use yet highly functional. Each hit is smooth and clean with this bong.

White Rick & Morty Acrylic Straight Tube Bong 8″

If you’re looking for an affordable bong, this acrylic straight tube bong by Rick and Morty is a great starter. It’s made with high-quality acrylic material that won’t easily break. The colorful scene makes it an enjoyable piece to use.

Find out the difference bewteen a beaker and a straight tube bong to see which will be the perfect bong for you. Click to read more.

Bongs: beaker vs straight tube??

Moe Danks

first off id say go with an illadelph over a RooR. illadelphs are usually a lot stronger than a RooR for the same price.

and for beaker vs. straight tube.
straight tubes are nice, one solid straight toke.
beakers(what i love) give you a nice little extra rush of smoke when you clear it. i also feel like you get a bigger hit off of a beaker. i say this because most people clear the bong when it is filled up. with a beaker you are getting a lot more smoke than a straight tube.

and for 18” vs 22” or 24” or w/e.
i like the 18”. it seems to be a perfect size. i think the 2 footers are just priced up more and harder to clear.

hope this helps.:animbong:

they call me j

Thanks for the replies. from this I gather that the straight tube will give me a denser smoke but less quantity of smoke compared to a beaker (which is what I’m lookin for). So I’m pretty much leaning to the straight tube, now on to the 18″ vs 22″ question. the shorter version will be a bit cheaper and less prone to falling over, what are the advantages (if any) to the 22″?
For one, I think it might be a better size form in terms of putting the base on my lap and then not having to bend my head over far to take a rip. other than that I’m curious to hear about the quality and quantity of smoke differences.

While I am very open to Illadelph and other brands BUT I can not buy them locally and am not really comfortable about getting one shipped. extra costs and worries about it breaking in shipping (I probably would not bother making a claim with the shipper if it broke). plus I don’t get to hold one in my hand and try it first that makes a big difference to me before I layout a few hun.

I'm gonna throw down some coin for a Roor bong in the near future. I was wondering how a straight tube functions or performs in comparison to a beaker? Also…