baggie of weed

Baggie of weed

We believe that you need the best kit to maximise your smoking pleasure. That’s why we bring you a range of weed baggies, weed bags and smell proof bags, to store your goods safely.

Head Shop World have a range of Baggies available in varying sizes. Choose from traditional Simley Bags, which are available in 4x4cm or the slightly large 5x5cm. We also have the Headchef range of bags available, ranging in size from 4x4cm all the way through to 30x20cm. All our smell proof baggies are grip seal to prevent odour escaping.

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Sentence examples for a baggie of weed from inspiring English sources

He held aloft a baggie of weed , to laughter and applause.

He spent time in jail for handing a baggie of weed to a uniformed cop, but only after the officer said he’d been having a hard week.

He carried a cloth shopping bag containing, for demonstration purposes, a deck of cards, five Powerball tickets, and a baggie of weed .

Because teenage me never snuck into the woods with a heisted six pack, or a thermos full of Pabst and sangria, or a baggie of skank weed , I am now denied doing any of those things as an adult.

Indeed, the days of buying a nondescript baggie of weed from a local delivery guy on a bike are coming to an end.

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When agents stormed into Kirking’s house, they found a small baggie of weed , enough only for a misdemeanor charge.

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