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Atmos Junior Review and Tutorial

The Atmos Junior is a very small and lightweight portable vape pen made for concentrate/wax use. While this unit did work decent for its time it is now completely outdated and no longer worth considering. I have just started testing a few new concentrates vape pens and so far I am liking the Kandypens Crystal the best overall, and I think the Boundless Terp Pen is the best cheap pen.

Atmos JR NOT for Dry Herb

The first thing you should know is that the Atmos Junior doesn’t vape dry herbs . If you use the included honeycomb screen the herbs don’t get hot enough to actually vape and if you don’t use the honeycomb screen then the herbs will combust from sitting directly on the heating element.

I’ve had my Atmos for less than 6 months and the unit has already stopped charging completely and the heating element no longer gets hot enough to vape any materials. The LED light indicator on the bottom is absolutely worthless. It just turns on and off when it feels like it. There’s no indication of whether the unit is actually heating up or not. I can’t recommend this unit because there are many other options out there that will perform much better than Atmos Raw Jr.

If you are looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer I recommend checking out my best dry herb portable vaporizer page which is updated constantly and reflects all of the new vaporizers currently on the market. You can also see all of my portable vaporizer reviews for more options.

Hey guys Buzz here with Today I will be going over the Atmos Raw Junior. The list price at the time of this video is $99.99. You can click the link below in the about section to get the current price. The Atmos junior is one of the smallest pen vaporizers. Although, I use that term loosely because its more of an electronic pipe. I’ll get more into this later.

It’s very small, light-weight, discreet and extremely portable. One neat feature about this unit is that it can be charged using the typical wall charger or a USB port. I found this especially helpfull because some newer vehicles have the USB port option. This just adds to the portability of the unit. So first I’ll show you some of the features and how to use the atmos. Then I’ll tell you what I like and don’t like about it and suggest the best place to pick one up. Before I begin, the Atmos Junior doesn’t work for dry herbs. But if you’re looking to use any concentrates such as waxes or oils, the Atmos Junior will work perfect.

The Junior comes with everything you see here. You get the Atmos Junior itself, the USB adapter plus wall charger, the loading tool, the honeycomb screen, one rechargeable battery and a user manual. The Junior is the newer version of the Atmos RX or what used to be called the Atmos Raw. It’s smaller, lighter, more discreet and they also fixed a few known issues with the Atmos RX. The Junior has a slightly shallower bowl for easier loads with wax/oils and they removed the gimmicky spring. The only downside is the Junior’s battery is about 2/3rds as powerful as the Atmos RX. So you lose a little bit of battery life but the length of the unit drops from about 6 inches to roughly 4 inches. It can easily be concealed for discreet sessions.

The Junior is extremely easy to use. In order to begin heating the unit, you simply press down on the blue power button located on the side of the unit. The blue light is not a very good indicator of whether or not the coils are heating, but it looks cool. In order to get to the chamber, you’re going to screw off the top rubber mouthpiece. As you can see here the coils get hot very quickly so this unit is perfect to use while on the go. While using the Junior with concentrates, I recommend holding down the power button for about 3-4 seconds and allow vapor to form in the chamber and then take your draw for about 6-7 seconds. Release the battery after your draw and repeat the steps above for higher results. You can try different methods to get the best results.

Atmos has included this honeycomb screen as a way to vaporize dry herbs. In my experience, the honeycomb screen fails to fix the issue. If you use the screen and place the dried herbs on top, the unit doesn’t get hot enough to vaporize the herbs. If you place the herbs directly on the coils, they will combust. So, the Junior is very good with concentrates but it fails with dry herbs. The charging system for the Junior is actually very good. In order to charge the unit, you’re going to unscrew the rubber mouthpiece from the top of the unit. You’ll then unscrew the heating chamber and be careful with the honeycomb screen that’s located on the inside. It’s very easy to lose track of this screen due to its size. Now you’re left with just the battery.

Go ahead and attach the USB adapter to the battery by screwing it in and then you can attach both parts to the included wall charger. Or plug the USB into any USB port like a laptop, some cars have USB ports or even other cell phone chargers. So not only can you plug the unit in to the wall at home but you can also use the included USB charger for use while on the go. I’ve found the battery usually lasts about 5.5 minutes of continuous power on a full charge. This is about 33 sessions of powering it on for 10 seconds and then pausing for a bit in between draws. The Junior fully recharges in about an hour. As you can see it’s also very simple to take apart and reassemble for cleaning purposes.

To put it back together, just re-attach the heating chamber to the battery and screw in the rubber mouthpiece. Normally this is the point where I would talk about the pros and cons of the vape, however the atmos raw junior isn’t a true vaporizer. It’s more like an electronic pipe. Even with the added honeycomb screen, your herbs will still combust. With that said, the atmos really stands out with concentrates. It worked really well with the various waxes and oils that I tried. Personally, I can’t recommend this as a small portable vaporizer. Something like the pax will fit your needs perfectly while still being extremely portable and discreet. Now, If you are just going to be using it for oils and waxes then the Atmos raw junior can’t be beat. It’s reasonably priced, extremely discreet, and well built. I just don’t want you to believe the marketing hype. The atmos is not a true pen vaporizer for dry herbs.

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