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The day after I felt OK but about 2 days after that I had terrible anxiety that persisted and just felt off and awful. I’m sure guilt and PTSD has a role to play as well as OCD when you feel this far out of sorts, but it is scary and concerning. I personally blame the MDMA more than anything else on the list for the possible damage to my neurons. I took about .4 in around 2-3 hours time which was probably way too much. To make a long story shorter and get to my point, I basically lessened my canabis intake ever since and have periods of time when I’m fairly leveled out and back to normal again.

I miss the enjoyment I used to have with Cannabis so once and awhile I test the waters to see if I can partake again. I did this last weekend and my DP/DR and anxiety does return from using pot, and I wonder why. It’s not always immediate either, sometimes it takes 1-2 days and it comes back and lingers for weeks/months. I wish I could understand why I am triggered by this, I basically consider my mind as compromised at this point. how much is physiological and how much might be psychological. For anyone else going through this right now its best not to worry too much, find ways to manage your stress/anxiety if time allows. I’ve been trying to conquer this by building neuroplasticity and sometimes you have to put yourself into the uncomfortable situations to fight against the feeling to avoid everything.

That’s my story and I figured I would share so others can consider this. Back when I used frequently it was such a part of my identity though and I definitely in retrospect should have had more balance with it. Now with extracts and concentrates people should be even more cautious. I wonder if butane residue may have started me on a neurotoxic path and lets not even think about the pesticides/ Eagle-20 that I may have ingested with my years of heavy use. Just like any other industry greed for profits is putting people at real risk. In that way legalization and legislation may be a good thing to give us more research and choices as consumers (even if I can no longer consume) ; ) which is a total bummer now that my state has opened its doors for recreational use. Oh well, I can live without it and am no less happy, just miss the social aspect and meditative quality I used to enjoy. “Short-term” psychosis… my short-therm psyhosis now is 7 years old… I used to smoke weed occasionally for 2 years… and I don’t know what happened but i smoked like always and i stuck in loop of high… and it didn’t end untill now. 7 years… not cool ;( wait when u said u were stuck in a loop until now, has it stopped? Nine months ago, I tried marijuana for the very first time. I was with two friends on the beach at the time, and all the sudden, the high hit me hard. I would rock in and out of consciousness, almost blacking out and coming to my senses until I would easily dose off again. I had no control over myself and got extremely scared. After that weekend, I told my friend that I still felt weird after smoking(he is a regular), and he said he did too the first time but it goes away after a few days. A few days pass, weeks pass, and now months have passed and I still feel this was. It wasn’t until about 3 months ago(so 6 months after smoking) that I came across this article. I saw the name derealization and typed it into YouTube to see if that described what I had – and it did. So since my first time smoking weed, I have been in a derealized state. Words cannot describe how much mental illnesses suck if you have never experienced it. I am just waiting for the day that I snap out of it, but at the same time, thinking about it can make it even more engrained into your head. If you have any questions, comments, or are in a similar situation, please leave a comment and I would love to talk with you. Hello , thank you so much for sharing your story i feel about the same, did it get any better with time? My Name Is arsha., I was 17 years old when I first started smoking weed, at first it was cool but the second time I smoked I got stuck in a state of feeling high. I tried so many ways to deal with it but I failed,, it was very scary that I was even admitted at hospital,, sometimes I couldn’t understand what people around me were saying nor to hear my voice when I talking to people..

sometimes I would feel like someone is talking to me or calling my name. it lasted for about a year and six months… after that duration I started feeling myself but not completely so. then around this year I tried it again and got stuck again but this time things are different because I have experienced this before so it does scare me like the first time but the problem now is I can’t reason nor communicate with people. I Can’t determine the level of my voice, sometimes I do feel like I’m talking inside my head but talking out, I can’t understand what people are saying. I had a similar experience this past December, after smoking what was probably a very potent strain of Marijuana. Though very scary, DR/DP are fundamentally symptoms of anxiety. The first thing I’ll recommend to you in treating this anxiety is to stop reading articles, blogs, and webpages about weed induced DP/DR. This will only feed your anxiety, slow your recovery process, and essentially waste your time.

You will only begin to recover after you get off these blogs and get on with your life. What you are experiencing is an acute stress reaction to taking the drug; not a symptom of the drug itself. You will begin to recover after you retrain your brain to handle anxiety rationally as opposed to getting stuck in and endless loop of negative stops that doesn’t allow your anxiety to go away. Also, consider what other factors in your life might be causing you anxiety (i.e. It’s often the case that people who get DP/DR, often have suppressed stresses from external factors in their lives.


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