arizer air portable vaporizer

Available in 'modules' which include a tube and a 'middle' container. Little plastic 'wrench' included - very easy to put together ! Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode.

Well, as many of you know I purchased the Vapor Clean Gaia prior to DF. I haven't had a lot of time to really play with it and get a write up done. So, yesterday it was 75 here in MA and I decided to give the interior of my truck a good cleaning. The reason I purchased the Gaia is due to it's a steamer and a carpet extractor in one. It was recommended by Richy who is very happy with the machine. This is what the machine comes with for accessories (copied from their website) *1 Flexible hose with on/off steam switch & on/off vacuum switch *2 Extension Wands *1 Multipurpose Floor tool for all hard surface floor cleaning *1 Transparent Floor tool for carpet extraction *1 Vacuum driven Turbo Brush with "Beater Bar" *1 Upholstery Tool *3 Incrementally sized squeegees *1 Detail nozzle with crevice tool' *1 Detail cleaning extension *2 Bristle brushes 1 large/1 small *1 Atomizer *3 Nylon Detail / 1 Stainless Detail cleaning brushes *1 Blower attachment *1 Filler Bottle. Here are a couple pics of the machine and the accessories. It comes with a bag to store all the accessories, however not everything fits. Nothing seems to be cheaply made, except this piece. The piece itself isn't so bad, it's when you put the extension (which is shown) on it.

You have to be careful when scrubbing due to it feels like it could break if you put too much pressure on it. Also, note that on the sprayer nozzle portion, it has barbs on the connector so it will only fit the transparent extractor tool (on the right in the above pic), which IMO is too big for interiors. So, I cut the barbs off the piece so I can fit other accessories onto it, mainly the upholstery tool and crevice tool. I realize having to modify the accessory is probably not what most people want to do. Sorry I do not have pics of the extractor in action. I have trouble snapping pics while I'm Since I was doing my truck there wasn't really much for stains on the carpets. So, I managed to find a grease spot under my back seats which I tested this out on. I used the sprayer attachment with the upholstery tools on the end. I pretreated the spot with some of the solution from the machine and put the brush attachment onto the end of the upholstery tool and gave the spot a little scrub. After extracting it I took the sprayer nozzle off and decided to hit it with some steam and the suction to help get the soaps and residue out of the carpets. I've been told that a little bit of vinegar in the holding tank can help reduce the foaming. So over all the extractor portion of the machine works pretty good. I don't think it would hold up to the Mytee Lite or Aztec since those machines are dedicated extractors. However, it does seem to hold it's own pretty well. One thing that I think isn't so great about the machine is that with the sprayer and upholstery tool attached it makes working in tight spaces some what difficult. Just because with the handle on the hose and those pieces it's pretty long and awkward to get into certain positions. My drivers side floor had some salt stains from the long winter we had. So, I attached the crevice tool with the small brush attachment. The crevice tool also comes with a small brush that can be put on the end. These spots were not pretreated and were only hit with steam and the brush. The steam has 3 different levels, as does the vacuum portion of this. I've used the machine for an hour to an hour and half off and on and I barely used any water and the steamer does not loose pressure. It does squirt out a little bit of water when you initially put the steamer portion on, but this seems to happen with most steamers.

Overall I'm very happy with the machine and would recommend it. If your looking at it mainly for the extractor portion of it, you may be some what disappointed as I said earlier I think the machine is mainly made for the steamer portion and not the extractor.

However, the extractor does work pretty well though, just some what bulky and hard to get into tight areas. I also wish that it had just a steamer accessory (similar to most steamers) that you could put the small brushes on. Instead of having to put the extension on the crevice tool.


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