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Remember, it’s pivotal to undertake your BHO extraction at a low temperature – ideally at 40°C – to ensure 99% riddance of chlorophyll. It’s because, if the temperature falls to, say 30°C or 20°C, expect more percentage of chlorophyll in your concentrate. After that, the most critical as well as the riskiest process of vacuum purging takes place. It’s pertinent to mention that the presence of chlorophyll will develop glucose under photosynthesis, which in turn will become darker when heated. Therefore, if more chlorophyll is left behind in the initial process of BHO extraction , expect a finely dark shatter in the vacuum purge process.

Always ensure that the gas is purged directly into an open area, or next to a window. It’s crucial to know that “B” in the BHO extraction method stands for the chemical compound Butane. Therefore, you ought to be extremely cautious, since a mere spark by any flammable device can cause a catastrophe. A dark concentrate offers your body a more grounded high; unlike the haze of the ultra-concentrated THC of the light golden shatter . Therefore, if you’re after a high heavily sprinkled with sedation, calm, and pain relieving, get yourself some dark variety . In the galaxy of the cannabis concentrates, dark shatter is the king due to its rich potency. It’s because the extract undergoes an additional filtration process to purge the organically developing waxes and fats. That’s how it packs itself with tons of THC compared to the regular smokable weed which carries about 10 – 25% tetrahydrocannabinol. The dark concentrate variety comes with more fatty acids and terpenes – the principal contributing factors of your high.

So, if you’re craving for a mind-numbing high, go shatter yourself. The dark variety suffers from a “color-bias,” as people are psychologically inclined to pick the lighter color extract, i.e. light golden shatter if the price and THC volume are virtually equal. The additional filtration process required by the dark variant also trickles out the dank hydrocarbons identified as terpenes, which create the flavor and aroma of cannabis. The dark variant comes with more chlorophyll and tar , which gives consumers a rough taste and a grassy feel. The dark shatter also endures a “perception-bias,” as rookie buyers often believe in anecdotal-accounts of people sensing a less-than-expected high. However, there is no scientific validity in this mythical claim, since the darker concentrates consistently rank higher in terpenes and cannabinoids than, say, light golden shatter . An extremely dark shatter that doesn’t shine through or give a dark amber color when held up against the light is the black variety, which should always be avoided. Irrespective of its potency, the light golden shatter reaps a lot of rewards due to its translucent color, as customers at dispensaries are psychologically inclined to prefer lighter shades of extracts. Yet, the underneath myth that the light the color, the higher the quality is, well, just a myth. The BHO extraction process is typically used to produce light golden shatter . More critically when solvents are removed from the extract, the temperature is ideally at a low reading, which makes it rather challenging to vacuum purge the leftover chemical solvents; thereby leaving behind residual solvents in the extract. That’s not removing the possibility of completely clean extracts, but most of them do contain some percentage of contamination. The lighter kinds of shatterare much more smooth and pure in taste and shape because they contain less chlorophyll and tar. The golden shatters contain more cannabinoids than the darker types. The haze and daze of the light golden shatter are energetically cerebral due to its super-concentrated volume of THC. Know that marijuana is essentially a choice of personal preference, and many weed-connoisseurs prefer the psychotropic effects of more processed or clearer extracts. Still, a translucent color doesn’t always transmute into a high-quality product, especially when purchased from a somewhat shady spot with make-believe laboratory testing. The Refine Seattle has conducted over 10,000 tests on cannabis concentrates, and have concluded that a transparent variety such as light golden shatter carries more PPM – plant parts-per-million of the remaining solvents. In brief, the translucent shatter possesses more plant remains than the dark variant, and is, therefore, less pure. The lighter variant is not easy to smoke courtesy of its high evaporation point. Typically, you’d be using either a nail rig or a butane torch that you can steam up to 600°F before vaping shatter. If your light golden extract carries visible shades of green, avoid using or buying it since the presence of green indicates that chlorophyll was mined into the oil. Still, if you’re purchasing shatter from trustworthy manufacturers, it will most likely contain at least 80% cannabinoids. Therefore VBUD your cannabis extract stash today and thanks us on your timeline later! The 10 Best Dab Rigs on the Market [We Reveal the Honest Truth] Initially dismissed as nothing more than a passing trend by some, the popularity of dabbing has shown no signs of abating.

Indeed as the benefits become clearer, weed smokers are switching as they find that it is preferable to lighting up a joint or smoking out of a glass water pipe. Dabbing involves the use of concentrate such as wax or shatter and requires a special piece of equipment. Dab rigs are specific types of water pipes used for smoking extracts, oils or concentrates.

A rig is comprised of a dome and a ‘nail’ which is usually made from quartz, titanium, or glass. Over the last couple of years, an increasing number of scientific studies have shown the benefits of medical marijuana; in particular, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. While the process of smoking dry herbs via joints, bongs etc. is still a popular pursuit, a growing number of people are now looking for even better ways to enjoy the marijuana plant.


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